Monday, November 10, 2014

In Classic Form

In classic form, the time of year that has me going in several different directions, mentally and physically, is also the time of year that I almost bonk into where I am headed due to being entirely distracted -transfixed- by the gorgeous thing that happens to Tennessee between October and November. It is that transition that seems to represent the humanness of nature. It burns and burns all summer, full force, exhausts itself, reflects softly on what it has managed, before settling in for a nap....finally being okay with letting things lie a little dull for the sake of a rest.  I could benefit by taking such a suggestion.
We enjoyed such a good time at Quilt Market last month, never less work than the time before though we continually assure ourselves that THIS time we have it down to a science, and the set-up will go SO much faster.  No, not really.  But it doesn't matter. Most of what I enjoy about the whole production is getting the opportunity to speak with shop owners one on one and in the Schoolhouse groups about what I was thinking when I dreamed up this or that.  The chance to clarify my efforts as a designer, and to help them with ideas about how best to use and present my fabrics once they have them in their shops is very gratifying.  It might simply be those lovely nodding heads as I talk that feels a bit more gratifying that the typing noise that I hear now....
It is no secret that I have been over here on the blog less, a lot like the rest of the world and the rest of the world's blogs, maybe.  I am able to get out so many small bits of my day to day words and images on Instagram that my sharing bucket gets filled up in smaller doses, rather than this more comprehensive dose.  And I will admit that the addition of building Craft South, literally and figuratively, over these past months (and more to come) has placed some limits on my time compared to early in this year.  The Spring had us planning it all, the Summer had us doing the pop-up version month after month, and now we are almost to where we will be launching the online Craft South shop in just a few weeks.  We hope for the actual physical shop to be open late March or early April.  In addition to choosing all the inventory and ordering there is so much planning going on behind the scenes that involves all of the workshops/events we will host, space design, branding and packaging goodies, product development and so forth.  In general I have about 8 massive lists.  I think what I am loving so much about this process, despite the load of work, is that a whole lot of it is completely outside of myself and my own brand, and that it is requiring something new of me.  I am acting as a curator of other goods, and it is very gratifying as a lover of so many types of crafting and making.  I love it.  But yes, it is yet another job title.
So.  That's the short story.  In other news I have new fabrics.  A new free quilt pattern.  I am getting deep into work on my 2015 fall fabric designs for.  I am knitting cables.  I am trying to decode Mary Anna's babbles on a daily basis and wishing I had the amount of clarity in understanding them as she seems to have in her delivery.  I am waiting everyday at the bus stop for Roman, and inhaling the smile he has for me as though it were oxygen.  I am cutting Nicolas's very long hair today at his request.  I have caught Joseph who just turned 15 telling Mary Anna how much he loves her when he thinks no one is listening.  I am floored by the amazingness of this coloring book self-published by my Juliana.  I laugh every time someone thinks that my 13yr old Isabela is my college graduate daughter.  I am thankful that Eleni loves taking care of Mary Anna in the afternoons as much as both Mary Anna and I love her wanting to.  And there were some rocks being thrown at my studio window over and over again the other day when the kids were playing out in the setting sun.  As I looked down to shout at them to stop I found my boyishly charming husband standing there instead with a giant grin on his face.  I cranked the window to say something sweet, but as soon as I could hear him singing "In Your Eyes" it was so ridiculously goofy that I just shook my head at him and rolled my eyes.  Returning to my chair with a small jump I my heart and entirely smitten that he is willing to be that stupid for me still.
And so much more. xoxo Hoping you are well, Anna


  1. In Your Eyes? I'm dying. Hysterical.

  2. Absolutely lovely...thanks so much for sharing... :)

  3. You make busy sound so romantic ...

  4. Let me know how the local guild can help you out -- I sent you an email last week. P.S. Every girl needs a little Lloyd Dobler now and then.

    1. Thank you Jenny we cant wait to work w you!

  5. Love the bag the little one is in. :)

  6. Yay! Another blog post! I enjoy your wonderful Instagram photos and words, but I've really missed your longer blog posts. You write so beautifully! Thank you!

  7. That is a lovely feel-good post..thank you!

  8. yes to it all, especially the Say Anything moment. xo.

  9. Lovely pictures. This is my favorite time of the year ;)

  10. I did buy a copy of Juliana's book for my Ginny's birthday -- and one for myself, which I have squirrelled away in my most secret of secret places so I don't have to share. ;)

  11. Oh that fabric stack up top, the solids with bits of pattern. This whole post makes me want to sit and slow down and sew. Also, since my own baby may finally be moving past his painful month of hourly wakeups (!!), to find the brainwaves to learn a portable knit or piece in some way that brings stitching into days that wouldn't otherwise have it. Thank you for this. I don't instagram, so I especially treasure these rare but lovely updates.

  12. What a truly nice post.
    I absolutely adore the way you describe your boyish husband!
    also in love with the beautiful little child , in a gorgeous colours and looking so proud of him(her?) self.

    Sometimes I also do some quilting. You can have a look here:
    And also in all the posts with the label "patchwork"

    Have a nice week,

    Brigitte from Belgium

  13. Such a sweet post. Darling husbands are the best!

  14. Hi Anna Maria, just joined your blog following, and wish I didn't live so far away in Australia, coz I'd love to visit your new shop. Love your reflections so much, they resonate with me immensely.
    Wondering if you could confirm if the back of the quilt in the last photo of this post, has the front of it as a picture in the Hawthorne Threads newsletter that heralds your new folk song collection- I've been looking for some inspiration to make my niece a quilt for a while now- and that is it! Is there a pattern, or guideline for it?

    Warm regards, nives

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