Thursday, August 28, 2014

Corner of August

knitting progress
w our baby girls
This month feels like one to remember and savor and I am sorry to see it almost go.  We have been so utterly consumed with the everyday this Summer that I find myself at this computer quite a bit less, which is really good.  I am moving more and sitting less, and that is certainly good.  I am however starting to suffer the side-effects of less posting/writing here and regret that in some ways. Selfishly, I miss the record that I enjoy looking back on of my days.  So I am hoping to get a bit more regular with sharing here in the coming months.  Things are settling.

With school back in, routine has thankfully cleared its throat and made itself known.  Nothing is a bigger deal in this house right now than our young Roman riding the school bus.  Holy.  Moly.  It is the most fun this guy has.  We choose our school clothes at night and pile them on his green painted chair handed down from sister Juliana.  We set his Batman alarm clock to 6:40am which scores various points of effectiveness by the time the morning rolls around.  We pack his lunch in the Spiderman lunch tote each morning, after reviewing a menu which always includes peanut butter, chips and fruit but somehow we still have to verbally clear it with him before we are allowed to proceed. We swarsh around some orange juice and possibly nibble a granola bar or a waffle on our walk down the hill to wait for the most glorious moment of the day.  A yellow bus with a smiling driver lady.  I also sometimes have not so nice moments with cars who do not heed the bus's stop sign.  I mean, duh.  I pity the poor souls who try and fly through then come to a shrieking park right next to my Greek-Anger face while I yell then pause to kiss my son's face before safely escorting him across.  I can reduce them to never wanting to drive again. But. Really. It's a school bus.  We also have two boys in high school, two girls in middle school and one little squishy toddling squabbling pumpkin sweetie pants at home.  She has so much life and sweetness and noise and personality packed into such a tiny little purposeful body that I find myself just staring at her with a smile glued to my face that I cannot unstick.  It almost hurts I love her so much.  It is a very different feeling than I have for the drivers who do not stop for the school bus.  I cannot believe I just put those two things in the same paragraph.

YOU GUYS!  Craft South has been such a fun, fulfilling and amazing experience.  I am very pleased to report that with just one more month to go of our Summer series of pop-ups that I really think we have sent every single participant home happy and inspired.  We most recently hosted the knit sewing classes and my sweet, gorgeous friend Natalie Chanin joined us for the weekend w her darling girl.  We had a half of a second to snap a picture before she hit the road home for Florence.  Click over here to the Craft South blog see more photos of our weekend with her and all of the beautiful things that we made together.  I also LOVED teaching kiddos the hoola hoop weaving class and love it so much when my own kids join me.  Eleni and I were quite proud of our weavings.  I have some more research to do on those techniques to help the finished product lie flat once it is snipped off the hoop.  Anyhoo.  Too much fun.  I am also learning how much we can get accomplished in even the one day classes.... almost as much as a weekend because we tend to focus a bit more in a single day.  I have a couple spots open in the Embroidery one day class next month!  It comes with me, lunch, supplies, skills, stories and finishes with cocktails!

I have colossal news to share on the Craft South front which deserves its own post.... so I'll be back with that next.
xoxo enjoy these last August days
Anna Maria


  1. Sounds like all is busy with you. I hope you enjoy the end of the summer too. CJ xx

  2. :)))) love it! no one messes with a child going to school! <3 God bless the end of this beautiful summer!

  3. Your family painting turned our beautifully! What a great idea.

  4. you sound busy and happy! so much good stuff to report- except the drivers who don't stop. wtf?

  5. Your story of Roman has me thinking back fondly on days when my now High School Freshman (how does this happen so fast?) made me wait before packing his lunch. His sandwich would announce, in a voice only he could hear, the shape it wanted to become before I could pack it safely in his lunch box. Enjoy!

  6. oh, anna maria! so many lovely things have happened thanks to you this summer :) i would love to find you in this space more... i absolutely LOVE reading your writings!

  7. I would love to see your Greek-anger face, really! it must be hilarious!
    love from Rhodes, Greece!

  8. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Lovely lovely lovely.

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  11. Just now discovering your fabric--what a joy to come upon! Thank you for sharing your art through your fabric and blog and all. May I trouble you to ask the origin of the piece of art (lady spinning with sheep) behind the beautiful baby? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Alice! That piece was something that I found on Ebay! It came as a pair with another (a man playing a flute) and they are both from Greece, and are finished needlepoints. If I had to guess I would say they are from the 50's. Hope that helps :)