Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Sewing with Sunshine


And by Sunshine I of course mean the little Miss. The sun beaming through the windows on us and this project was no additional trouble however. I lurve the April stack. It is kind of as pale and neutral as this studio is capable of, which feels nice and fresh.   (And because there are 6 solids included, the stack has 14 total fabrics still keeping it in the 30-40$ range. Yay!)  It was high time I actually sat down at the sewing machine and enjoyed one of these Monthly Gatherings myself. Which is good timing for the new couch cover I have on one of the family room sofas. Everything in that room was in need of a good refreshing. Pillows and paint are my very favorite refreshers, probs yours too.  I am not sure if this pillow will stay on this sofa, or go on the cream one, but I do know that I will make another pillow from all the scraps left from this one.

For the flying geese I used the no-waste method of making four flying geese at once, which I describe in this Mother Goose free quilt pattern, but googling that italic phrase up there will take you to several spots where a formula is described for getting the specific size that you want for your geese.  This pillow is 24x24 and I wanted each goose to be 3x6, so I needed a total of 32 geese arranged 4x8.  Whoa, too many numbers.  My process of choosing the color arrangement was a little random and a little planned. By that I mean that I only started with one parameter of sorts, and that was- all of the paler, less bold toned fabrics in the April stack would be the geese (center larger triangle) and the rest would be the background (smaller side triangles).  Then once they were all made, I deliberately arranged them only for balance of color and interest, but no real pattern or reason to it.  The single parameter that I started with sorta helps to provide a unifying element that you aren't consciously aware of, but it's there.  So I am essentially playing mind games with you, snort.

Do you think maybe with all that lingo that I am getting ready for my patchwork class at Sew Down next week?!  Me too.  I also am undertaking the light and enjoyable privilege of hosting about 90 Sew Downers (Uppers?) here at the house.  No biggie.  I also have a surprise for them, I think.  I hope.  It rhymes with Sew Down.

Smooches. AM & Sunshine


  1. No! Not more bluegrass, it isn't fair. I want to come. Gonna go cry now.

  2. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I love those chubby baby legs and toes. This wee one looks like Isabella, I think. Also loving the sunflower and raspberry combo of fabrics in that pillow. So cheery against white.

  3. I love your fabrics!
    Liebe Grüße ;-)

  4. Ahhh! Just bought my little one those same pants. Every girl needs some star pants! I love that the pillow is bigger than your little peanut!

  5. Hoe down?!?!
    Can't wait to see you!!!!!

  6. oh, yeah! I can't wait for this one. "subdued hues" from you made me giggle. currently working on a quilt for my girl in bits and pieces from my stash, all good folks saved from forever ago! I think a fresh pillow is in order here too.... and we have the exact same grey cover on our sofa!

  7. Oh my...thinking I may need a different outfit with this new info. Thank you SO MUCH for opening your home, so looking forward to SewDown Nashville in one short week!

  8. that pillow is wonderful. I need to make some pillows for our couch in the basement - something like that would be great. thanks!

  9. Patricia6:39 AM

    Beautiful pillow, inspired by the company and encouragement of your little Miss. Those leggings!!
    A surprise that rhymes with Sew down... A clown?
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the event! :-)

  10. Love your pillow. Your cross stitching looks like it's over one on 28ct evenweave and it's gorgeous. Your fabric??? I'm addicted to that. You are just so inspirational thank you.

  11. Beautiful baby distracting me from a beautiful quilt :)

  12. Absolutely gorgeous sewing, love the colours. Super sweet baby too. x

  13. I was hoping that sunshine was your sweet little girl!