Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In Care of

I am appreciating the pace of things right now. (Ask me again in a few minutes.) There is as much going on as ever I suppose, but no piece of it is causing me anxiety or impatience.  I am just moving along, feeling as though I have at least a grasp on everything.  You should know this feeling is not typical for me.  I can barely spend a minute basking in the relief of one thing finished before the fear of being behind on 14 others.  Self-employment?  Motherhood?  Both? You know that feeling.
I have found time to put real flowers on cupcakes.  I potted herbs for my new patio shelves.  I went for a good long run with my ipod for the first time in I can't remember.  I rocked Mary Anna entirely to sleep several times over the past few days instead of just close enough to sleep.  That was my favorite.  I laid down last night well before bedtime with only the intent to listen to rain hitting the window. 
In the studio this week, Pierrette and I have photographed, inventoried, cataloged, organized, packed, edited, listed, and launched all of my new cross stitch patterns and kits.  This is a thrill for me!  Really, really.  These little guys took a serious amount of perfecting that was deceivingly simple when I began the design and printing process.  But I am entirely happy with how they turned out, and the project was worth the extra bit of care that it required.  They live in a very freshened up Needleworks section of my shop that now has scissors, hoops, aida cloth, needles and brand new palettes of floss too.
Tomorrow Jeff & I head out very early with Mary Anna to NYC for the big fashion show.  I am learning what it means to be proud.  I thought I knew.  And I haven't even gotten there.  Oh. I feel the butterflies in Juliana's stomach from here.  And I think tomorrow they will all get their flying lessons.
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smooch! Anna
(AND! thank you so much for all of the print orders!  Jeff told me that I found a sneaky way to being an artist, which is both funny and true.  Your support of my art is gilded.  Thank you!)


  1. I love when I'm in that place. Wish it was every day :)
    Enjoy your daughter's show
    Karen x

  2. At our youngest daughter's graduation ceremony in Falmouth Cornwall a couple of years ago, the Dean read this poem, slowly and purposefully, in her lovely Irish accent:

    Come To The Edge

    "We can't. We're afraid."

    "Come to the edge."

    "We can't. We will fall!"

    "Come to the edge."

    And they came.

    And he pushed them.

    And they flew.

    ~ Christopher Logue (b. 1926)

    Your words brought it to mind. So you should be proud - you've done the best job in the world.

  3. Gosh, wonderful poem in response to a wonderful post. Bought a tear to my eye. From another juggling self employed mummy x

  4. The motherhood while trying to pursue you dreams thing can be quite overwhelming. It is nice to have those few moments where it all works.

  5. I've been in that busy zen state lately, too. Just happy doing what needs doing and moving on to the next thing without letting my head get too far ahead. I can't wait to hear about the fashion show - you must be bursting with pride!