Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I do this thing where

... I have a list of things to share so long, that it actually grows arms and proceeds to tie my hands behind my back.  So rather than taking the first thing's first approach, I will start with the finished thing first.  (oh so obvious yet so hard for me).

Art.  I made new fine art prints, and I am REALLY happy with them.  Maybe more than the first batch. But then it's all a matter of newness, isn't it.  Maybe.  They are listed over here.  I decided to only do an edition of 50 each on this collection.  I did 100 each in the first batch, and there are some quantities left of those still, but they are getting pretty thin.  Also these are a bit bigger, the smaller being 9x12 instead of 8x10 and the larger being 13x19 instead of 11x17. But the prices are the same.  Yippee!

Items on the to-share-more-soon list include:
*Sew Down Nashville was way too much fun and we made beautiful things
*cross-stitch patterns are arriving tomorrow, kits for them following soon after
*we are bulking the whole embroidery shop soon
*we are bulking the solid quilting cottons in the shop too
*I bulked a bit myself on Easter Sunday with lamb and potatoes though I won't actually be sharing anything to do with that beyond that mere mention there
*My remodel is done, I like it so very much
*Mary Anna is walking at 10 (flipping) months, this will probably have to come with video
*Lots of fabric is on the way, all kinds of it
*Juliana's thesis collection is in the Pratt fashion show which we are going to see next week in NYC
*That has me every kind of proud and glowing, which I might get an image of if the right person has a camera while said glowing is going down

And back to it.
kisses, Anna


  1. Awesome. You are awesome. : )
    Fan from crafty northern-ness. Congrats on everything!
    Monika, Canada

  2. Can't wait to see your fabric and maybe remodel. I remember when my little boy (now 10yrs) starting walking at 10 months - what a shock to the system that was.

  3. Annie Chermak8:33 PM

    Waiting for cross stitch kits . . . foot tapping . . . :-)

  4. Incredibly exciting - all of it!!!! I do this thing where I buy a print I've lusted after when I realize it is for sale ; )

    1. <3<3<3 hooray! thank you & enjoy! xoAM

  5. Yippee on the cross stitch kits. I'm SO excited for those! Thank you. And congrats on all of your good news!

  6. Wow, those prints...they took my breath away. Very, very beautiful.

  7. all my kids walked at 10 months... it was cute for about a week each time then I wanted to tie them down or something...

    Huge congrats to Juliana!! Amazing.

  8. Busy, busy, busy. That little one isn't hanging around is she?! Well done Juliana, you deserve to be completely proud of her.

  9. Enjoy that fashion show, proud mama! I can't wait to hear more about it. xo.

  10. It all sounds fabulous - especially the lamb and potatoes - Nom nom nom!