Friday, March 28, 2014

Under Construction


We are at a gallop pace it seems. Today is the last Spring Break day for the kids which has been a full two weeks looooong.  I love having them here.  Yes, they drive me half crazy (which really just finishes that job), but that might secretly be the part I love.  We (the royal) have been working on taking down the wall between the kitchen and the family room for about the same amount of time so, yes.  Bad timing by anoyone else's book, but that's how I tend to operate.  Get all the kooky happening at once.  But the change is wonderful.  Wonderful!  The giant window in the family room is getting a french door set into the center of it.  And the more useless smaller door from the family room to the back patio is getting turned into a crafty little octagon window.  I did not bother with the brick rebuilding expense around the new window, but rather letting the old door frame provide a boundary for building some plant shelves.  It's right next to the kitchen french doors, so I am thinking that will be perfect for herbs.  The beginning of last week started with a trip to Florence to see my sweet friend Natalie and (finally) visit her Factory Store & Cafe.  It is everything that you would expect it to be.  Beautiful, delicious, well thought out and inspiring.  I took the little schmumkins with me, and she had all kinds of fun exploring the grounds and being adored, eating sauteed squash, being held and doted on by Natalie and her team.  Natalie and I spent some time going over our plans for teaching together this summer at Craft South.  I treated myself to some cotton jersey by the yard and getting fitted for one of her corset kits, which recently arrived in the mail all cut to my body specs and I cannot wait to get started on something for me!  So excited.  Craft South!!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!  We have been extremely busy getting so much in order for that.  We have taken loads of signups, started a waiting list for some classes, getting close to full on others, and still plenty of room for lots of the one-day classes, and kids workshops.  I am so thrilled with all that is coming up this summer, and will be sharing more about what to expect in all of these workshops in case you need the extra nudge.

We are waiting for proofs of the cross stitch patterns, and we are also getting a huge shipment of floss any day now so that we can begin compiling kits!  The kits will include Aida cloth & a needle as well.  I am also offering just the pattern by itself, but figured some folks might want a little package ready to go.  Yay.  Isabela cut a foot (at least) off of her hair.  This girl, still just 12, had begun turning in to such a lady like looking girl a few short weeks before the cut, then the cut seemed to just push her right into this whole new person.  Sigh.  I am reminded of her here.  Oh the time.  It goes by and you are suddenly parenting a whole group of people that were other versions just a second ago, but still the essence of all the amazing you have known them to be from birth.  Humbling, to say the least.  And there are a million more little changes and growths that aren't as easy to put a finger on.  Galloping, I tell you.

I am so, so glad that spring is here.  I am ready for it.  I usually feel like my garden is taunting me and telling me that I am behind before I even begin, but this year I took a few warm days by force and began digging, dividing and replanting loads of perennials, followed by two truck loads of mulch, which makes me about 1/2 done with Spring prep on the flower beds.  This was of course all promptly covered with snow a day later.  But those perennials are resilient work horses.  Most of them given to me by Mom. Everything is under construction here.  Everything.  Always.  House, Spring, stitching, fabrics, baby dresses, children.  Me.

I hope you are well friends.  Happy Spring! xo, Anna


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    You do it all and you do it with so much laughter and grace and surprise! I am always inspired. Thank you!

  2. I second the first comment. You seem to have a whirlwind of a life, but you are so poised! I'm so excited to see all these goodies develop, and hope to be able to participate in Craft South at some point. With a little one coming in May, I'm sure it won't be this summer! But I am so envious of the rest of you who will be there!
    PS- I can't wait for Pretty Potent!! Will there be rayon? Oh, please say yes!!

  3. isabela is gorgeous, love the short hair. a mini Ginnifer Goodwin

  4. Inspirational indeed Anna Maria, your energy is a wonderful thing to behold. I'll look forward to seeing your garden in the summer.

  5. I love the peeks into your house. Isabela's hair looks gorgeous - she has just the face for it! And you really articulate what I am feeling about my own growing children... my older two boys will be 12 and 13 this year and there are broken voices and enormous feet and rolling eyes but they are still, also, the same dear people. Thank you for your words and pictures.

  6. "It goes by and you are suddenly parenting a whole group of people that were other versions just a second ago,..." so true! My little one has just started school and as per normal is influenced by the new people in her life. It has tweaked her personality - in a good way - but she is subtly different, sigh.

  7. Anonymous2:54 AM

    That bath photo is so utterly sweet! Love!

  8. Love it. I can't wait for the embroidery kits! Will you sell them here?

  9. Parenting is such a wonder! It's like a revolving door of versions of our children and ourselves. One big beautiful blur...we hold on tight and hope we don't miss a bit of it!

  10. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Love the hair cut, very chic! Love all the house improves hope you enjoy the end result, well we are in Autumn but still hot days I'm ready for some cold, living in Queensland Australia we get hot and just need a time for jeans...happy teaching Anna, Lyn

  11. Isabela has a lovely haircut. It really suits her. She is sparkling! This is the best thing about gardens; sharing plants. your mom's garden is there in yours. Happy spring! Here we are having un oddly warm autumn but winter nesting is not far away.

  12. I went through a particularly rough time a few months back, and as silly as this might seem, your blog reminded me to reach out to the one I know would always be in my corner.. my own mother. Something about your loss frightened me to my core.. Why do we have to lose these woman that are so a part of us, and so so special? I remember clinging to my own mother, feeling the pain of your loss. But regardless.. I thought maybe you'd like to hear that reading your blog, especially the last entry, has been so emotional for me. Your mother resonates in every word you write. I see the shift of healing happening, and I am happy you are finding outlets during this time. You are inspiring, to say the least... In about 6 months I'll officially be able to call myself a textile designer as well, and so I guess this just made you more relate-able.. Anyway, I normally don't comment on blogs, but I have felt particularly drawn to your eloquent words..Stay strong, keep stitching, and don't forget that it will all be okay.

    1. Many days have passed since you wrote this kind comment, and I wanted to (finally) take a moment to say thanks for your words :) Truly an example of contribution to my experience here. Congratulations on your upcoming work, very exciting stuff!

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