Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The unknown of today


I got about 12 stitches into this before I needed to put about 6 ounces into her, and now I am stitching again for (hopefully) a few hours next to a snoozing baby. But one never knows. Oh my life is full of grand and adventurous surprises. What would I do without the suspense of it all?



  1. It's going to be lovely. I hope she has a nice long nap!

  2. Treasure the gifts - both baby girl and the stitching. Love stitching with Anchor threads, Anna!

  3. The time spent with her can only be done immediately - sewing can wait.
    Hope the nap lasted at least an hour.

  4. This is a lovely post.

  5. You never cease to amaze me, with all you can accomplish!
    I hope you stitched away to your blissful satisfaction~

  6. i always love your posts. such beauty.

    any way i can get the source of your rug?

  7. that's the best kind of life!

  8. Can completely understand. Though I have only 4....the little ones (9months and the second to little one 2yrs) will always interject one way or the other. I understand that suspense. lol. I do hope you were able to get a little something in. ;-)

  9. Hi Anna Maria. I've been following you for a long time (your blog, fabrics and designs... not you physically, LOL) and I love all your needlework.

    And I feel you here sister, I've got 4 kids, the youngest, Dagur (means Day) is 1 since Apr 2nd... I know the feeling when you (finally) sit down and just few stitches later you hear them call you, phew :) - But I know that one day it will all be over, the friends will have all their attention and we'll miss these days, right? :)

    I look forward to see your next work,
    stitching love from Iceland,