Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rose Soup


I recall a recent conversation I had with Juliana about fabric and prints and why we are so obsessed with flowers to the point where it almost exclusively dominates our decor.  We, being civilization.  The two of us concluded that if one looks to nature as a source of inspiration, what else would you choose, really?  Of course flowers.  They encompass every bit of beauty, architecture, color, repetition, metamorphosis, and perfection one needs to stay inspired and never exhaust the possibilities to portray them some other way.  I find myself trying very hard to exhaust roses in my own work, by playing them out every which way and in various media.  Joyously, I cannot. And so I keep at it.

(Pauses to acknowledge baby girl after a mighty squeal of delight as though she agrees.)

I am starting a new personal project that I have been thinking about FOREVER.  My friend Heather encouraged me to push on and do it about 6 months ago.  I'm so excited to say that I am- limited edition prints of my artwork!  Developing the first release has been really fun, and I will be sharing more soon.  I took a little poll on Instagram, and an overwhelming majority seems to really wanna see Roses, Moths, Butterflies in print form.  What say you?

There will be about 4-6 different prints.  I am hoping to have the final works up for pre-sale as we welcome Autumn in just a couple weeks.  And then we will be shipping them out a few weeks later.  This is something that I hope to do about twice a year, with new editions each time.  I'm really excited and can't wait to show you what I've been working on for them!

Happy Wednesday! xoxo, AnnaMaria

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  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    <3 love!

  2. What a beautiful print! Congrats:)

  3. This is so exciting!! Congrats!

  4. I say...brilliant! It makes so much sense. Can't wait to see your work in this other medium. I have thought the same thing about flowers. Thanks for sharing that conversation.

  5. I can't wait to see what you will offer!

  6. Wonderful idea, well done you. I have been in the garden this week taking pictures of a Rose de Rescht, that has started flowering again. It's so beautiful. Perfectly round buds, which open in a day. So many petals, hundreds really. I will post the photos tomorrow or the next day, I cannot get enough of them. Good luck with your prints, I am sure they will be fantastic. Flowers and butterflies - you cannot go wrong.

  7. Awesome! I have been considering curtains from some of your linen fabrics - a coordinating print would push me right over the edge :)

  8. So beautiful. Everything about this post (but especially that sweet baby girl of yours!) Thank you for always being such an inspiration. Just raw, beautiful inspiration. xo

  9. Moths! Yes! I have loved the moth fabrics from afar but am not a sewer so never ordered. Would be sooo cool to have a print. Looking forward to seeing them :)

  10. Yes, Yes and Yes. Now I can direct here my husband for a Christmas gift.

  11. What a wonderful idea!

  12. This is great post love it