Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Around our Summer


Hi everyone.  It is so busy here.  I blink and the day is over.  Today I thought we could play match the bullet points to the photos.  Ahhehehehegg-hemm.  Here we go.

:: I am learning to look on the bright side of the garden.  Flowers are blooming in riotous ways.
:: I am learning to ignore the dark side of the garden.  Weeds are blooming in riotous ways.
:: I need to dig up and rearrange a few things, but try not to think of that every time I walk by.
:: By a few things I mean almost all of it.
:: I have hired Joseph as my gardener.   I love stroking his ego from the garden bench nursing the baby by telling him how awesome he is while he pulls weeds as tall as me from the dirt.
:: I could not be more excited about fabric right now!  (This whole year really! Still two more collections to launch this year. )  My Hand Drawn Garden collection is here, there, and everywhere.  They are a curation of my favorite Garden Party & Drawing Room prints, all rolled into one pretty group of quilting cottons.
:: And that pretty quilt- that's the Flight Map Quilt pattern that has been on hold for developing for like ever. 
:: My life stopped for a bit there, remember?
:: It is starting again, and lots of projects that were on hold are getting their wheels turning towards completion. 
:: I made some Pleasant Pathways Shorts for Juliana from one of the new colorways
:: That's her up there in that riotous Canna.  I can't wait to shed some baby chub and steal them right off her skinny little rear.
:: Oh and not that she needs me to make things for her seeing as how she has her own stinkin line of fabric now.
:: Yup.  It's over here, and it's called Rosette.  And I love it.  Really love it.  Soooo her.
:: We've used it quite a bit already.  Baby dresses. Baby bloomers.  Patchwork.  Window Panels.
:: It looks so pretty with Denyse's Shelbourne Falls which I absoflippintutely adore.  That is most of what is patching that rocker.
:: That is most of where I spend my time. In that rocker.   Nursing.  And watching documentaries on my phone while nursing.  And drinking Pellegrino while watching documentaries on my phone while nursing.
:: Which has a lot to do with why some other things are moving slow.
:: So my downstairs studio got divided into a nursery and studio by way of a new wall and door.
:: It's pretty great I must say.  I got that pretty rug here.  I got that gorgeous Greek Needlepoint on Ebay.  There's another one of a man playing a flute that I am going to frame and put over the piano.  Because flute art goes over a piano, everyone knows that.
:: Juliana has been home all summer which is so beyond wonderful I can hardly express it.  She has been using baby Mary Anna's new room because baby Mary Anna is of course in ours.
:: Everyone else is generally in their own.
:: Though we spend a lot of time (all of us) (yes that's nine people) in the new nursery.
:: We could have a 20,000 square foot home and I think we would still all cram into 50 sq. feet all day.
:: It's weird.
:: I can't wait to show you more pictures of the nursery.  But the young fashion student turned fabric designer turned hey I can throw my stuff everywhere needs to pick up first.
:: She's really not that messy.
:: Roman is learning to take photos. (Find that one!)
:: I have a new class on CreativeBug!
:: I was quite pregnant during the video shoot for the last few classes.
:: I might look particularly tired in this new class, please don't let it distract you from the awesomeness of needlepointing onto a sweatshirt.
:: Cause it is awesome.
:: Jeff put a rope swing onto one of giant cedar trees in the back yard.  The kids go crazy laughy screamy nuts out there pushing each other on it. 
:: It's the terrifying kind of laughter that borders on I wonder if they are enjoying it or are about to really injure themselves.
:: That tree view above is all I can see from my studio window and all the swinging is blocked by branches.
:: I think it's for the best.
:: Also the little Miss smiles all the time the past few days.
:: When she's not crying or puking or sleeping that is.
:: In other words, she is the perfect baby.



  1. You're very amusing. :) Love your fabric, and your daughter's. But I noticed hers costs more per yard than yours! That young thing is doing pretty well for herself! :D

    Lovely baby!

  2. Ah, your description almost made up for the fact that this is NOT my life! Seriously though, I love your outlook on life and so happy you share it with us! Congrats to Juliana and hey, I just realized little Mary Anna and His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge could be playmates! If they moved in next door to you, or you moved to England.

  3. Ok, that kid of yours, well...that OLDEST kid of yours is amazing! Adorable! Talented! Sweet! And I'll be checking out her collection for sure. Good for her.

  4. This is one juicy nugget of an update post!
    Family talents, beautiful gardens... by the way, how do you get your flowers to show so perfectly with your gorgeous prints and fashions? I'm sure I will re-visit this post many times... it is so full, and up-lifting. I smile to think of the pleasures you all are enjoying around your summer.

  5. Love all the bullet points! Every one - esp the super smiley Miss!!!....but, you ran through that one about the other new collections pretty fast! So, maybe you could repeat, with pictures - even ones that Roman takes! - any little tidbit will make us all deliriously delirious!!! Happy summer!

  6. Missed you!! (BUT, I understand.) (And at least we have Instagram) Love the bullet points!! Looks like a great summer!

  7. Oh, congratulations to Juliana on her line! I spotted that Flight Map quilt right away. It has been on my mind. Glad it's still in the works. Take your time!

  8. I just bought some of your daughter's fabric will be an ice cream tunic and is paired with some Denyse Schmidt...she did such a great job. My daughters gasped and had to have it made into something to wear.

  9. I love your posts! I find myself calmed and inspired by the spirit in your words. Thank you for sharing!

  10. it looks like the perfect summer! i am totally digging juliana's fabric designs...i hope there is more in the pipeline!

    1. lots :) thanks for your support of her ! xoxo

  11. MUST MAKE THAT QUILT!!! It is such a striking design!Cannot wait until it's developed! Beautiful!

  12. Wow some amazing moments and photos. Loving the look of the new fabric, Awesome!! Such a beautiful girl you have there, enjoy these moments xoxo

  13. When people have immense houses I have to laugh because happy families want to be within a few feet of each other most of the time, no? Not odd that yours are all crammed in there with you in that delightful space you've created.

  14. liz smith11:36 AM

    perfectly beautiful, lovely, goegeous post. thank you xxx

  15. mailergoat1:10 PM

    Congratulations on a beautiful summer, and a beautiful outlook on life to see it that way! I don't think I know anyone in real life who would see the beauty you describe as overflowing, rather than leaking! I mean, I know lots of happy people but some might mention the hardships of having a new baby, several other children in the house, a busy work life, etc....go you!

  16. I saw your daughter's new line of fabric on an email from Joann's and ordered a yard of each print on a whim. I thought you might like to know (and maybe share with her) that these are the most beautiful fabrics I've ever purchased in my 7 years sewing. I am no expert, but the line feels so non-amateurish and artistic. No polka dots here! The designs seem kind of like Denyse Schmidt, but I really like the more dusty colors and the rose prints. I am making a quilt with them right now. You must be so proud! Congratulations to both of you!

  17. you're the best, love this post, nuff said! wish we were friends so you could teach me all your mothering some awesome sewing on the side :) sweet family, and i think i'm definitely going to sign up for that new class.

    well maybe I said a little more, who cares?! take care sweet anna maria!!

  18. She's adorable! As someone said about my son many, many years ago, "Eat your heart out, Gerber baby!" She really is precious!

  19. Jenny A.9:38 PM

    What a wonderful post! Such lovely photos from a beautiful, creative, talented family. Please keep those wonderful posts coming, Anna Maria! I look forward to every single one. So inspiring! Thank you! God bless.

  20. All of these images are looking so incredible, I really appreciate your whole effort which you made for us. Thanks and just keep up the good work.

  21. all the stuff is really awesome and i will try out in upcoming Summer. thanks.