Monday, June 17, 2013

Fatherhood as captured by my Mother


Southern Greece, 1978

I wonder how she sees us now. Maybe just the same.  I've never thought of her perspective as the photographer before.  But her viewpoint seems so obvious .... and loving and perfect and heartbreaking as I realize it.  No one else could have taken this, just like this.  I'm the round faced one packed in between my brother and sister.

Hoping you all enjoyed your Fathers yesterday! My Dad and Jeff really liked their present this year. With no time for shopping, one little human was all I could manage for them to share.

lots of love, xoxoxoAM


  1. I bet there are versions of this picture that go back to ancient times! It's so amazing and timeless.

  2. Tiny toes and snuggles make wonderful gifts

  3. It's true: Babies are the best gifts to a grandpa! -
    In 1978 I was for the third time in Greece. I loved it.

  4. You are so blessed with your family! I am sure your Mother is praying for you all and delighting in the new child! You were able to give them a wonderful gift for this Father's day.

  5. They were more than happy for your beautiful little gift!

  6. Brenda5:51 PM

    How lovely to have this reminder as well as your father's love.

  7. had your baby?! Yay! Congratulations and happy father's day to your hubby and father. :-)

  8. Wonderful picture. And you have given them the most wonderful gift. Enjoy your week.

  9. Hi,
    I have not commented before, although have been reading for a while...first, my deepest condolences on losing your mother. Your tribute to her was beautiful. And, congratulations on your little girl. Lovely.

    I too was in Greece (Sparti and thereabouts) in 1978. My first trip there to meet my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. And, my parents' first trip back since leaving in the early 60's. It was quite a tear-filled journey! And, yes, somewhere in the photo albums is a photo of me on a donkey! How fun!

    I hope those memories are wonderful for you.


  10. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I love it. Almost like a painting! Congratulations on your new baby!!! And I'm sorry for your loss - I can see you miss her deeply.

  11. There is something SO comforting in this photo. I keep coming back and looking at it. It just hit me - it also resemble flight into Egypt. :) So tender!

  12. That's gorgeous. I love that it says a thousand words of your family back then. Just beautiful.

  13. Such a beautiful post. So interesting to consider the viewpoint of the photographer. In my family, I take most of the photos. This is making me think.

    You have gone through quite the emotional roller-coaster in the past month, losing your mother and finding your daughter. My heart has been going out to you, many times.

    I hope sweet little Mary Anna is doing well and you are replenishing and getting plenty of rest and TLC...

  14. so sorry on the loss of ur mother, such a touching tribute, and congratulation on ur new born baby. visit for more

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