Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The middle four are all home for two weeks of Spring Break.  I have been coming and going, starting and stopping, planning then rearranging plans.  I traveled to my parents house last week to spend some time with them before they headed to Houston to investigate new treatment options for my mama.  My brother and my sister came to do the same.  I think we figured out that it has been about 20+ years since our little Demacopoulos family of 5 has been together - only us together - in one house.  And even longer since the 5 of us have packed into the car to make the drive out to Big Ed's Pizza, where daddy now carefully guards the red pepper shaker to prevent my brother from covertly unscrewing the lid.  It was so good to be together.  So, so good.  Much laughing, card playing, handwork and smokey scotch too.  You can likely sort out who did what.  This week my Eleni, Roman and I are getting over a little bug which put us all in bed with fevers and yuckies.  It didn't keep me down too long, but you know how your brain frets a little when you take away a few days from plans you had made.

Walking down the hall to check on snoozing Eleni yesterday I was ushered by the lazy sounds of a radio playing softly. Arrived to catch this glimpse of Isabela stretched across her bed managing the perfect Spring Break afternoon with a ziploc of potato chips, a sketchbook, markers, and pajama pants.  Her little sister heavy breathing through some much needed sleep in the next bed.  I aspire to have such simplicity, and to remember to just take what's right there in front of you and mess around in it.  Loving it.  Later that night I read Twelve Dancing Princesses to Eleni while she took another rest in the living room.  I have forgotten that I can still read to her now that she is such a good reader herself.  Why did I forget?  We both loved it so much.

back with more going-ons tomorrow, xoxoAnna


  1. my mommie read to me every night until i left for college. sometimes i'm still tempt her to give her call so she can read me to sleep on the phone!

  2. I love finding my children at peace! My three boys and I will head to my parent's house for their spring break and we are all looking forward to it. Prayers for your mama.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    We are about to have spring break here and I am so trying to wrap up my plans but that has been slowed to sicko kiddos on their last week. They are wanting to make it every day we go do something Zoo, Adventure Science, or Parthenon.... I just want to pack up and head to LBL and enjoy my time with them as they are growing older faster then I would like to admit and I doubt my boys call me as much as I call and talk to my mom!

  4. I totally get it...moments like that are so magical! I kind of hold my breath and wait for them to happen when we're all home together :)

  5. And thank goodness for those breaks, right?
    We look forward to ours, but I wish they were all
    going to coincide. Sadly, it's not hard to imagine
    a time in the near future when it will be a rare occasion
    to have all of us together in one home. I look forward to
    more news of the going-ons...

  6. I do love this spot, AM. Your blog, I mean. I may be pulling out my own meaning here, but somehow I drew from this post a certain contentment. This photo of your daughter is so sweet. She is content and I'm sure your heart was very full. I needed this soft reminder to slow down and enjoy what God has given me. And to embrace every moment as they come. Thank you, Anna. :)

  7. i love reading your posts, you are such a good writer...i am not. my husband says i have writing ADD which accounts for my very short blog posts...i am trying to work on it. Today my post was a bit longer...i will be a 1st time exhibitor at Quilt Market and so my post today was a bit longer as I talked about Market. you make Market seem like a breeze...i'm freaking out a bit. So much to do, so much to sew to get ready. I will HAVE to visit your space, would love to meet you. Happy Sewing!

  8. I too love finding my children, crafting quietly. 12 dancing princesses is a favourite in our home too. Both the book and the DVD.

  9. Such a sweet story ~ sending extra thought to your Mom.

  10. We had our daughter 11 days ago (http://makeandshowandtell.com/?p=1120) and I'm feeling the same tug between the excitement of DOING (make something for the baby! cook something nourishing! show her the world!) and the need for REST. I suppose you have to let the resting win so that you have the energy for all the doing later!

    1. Congratulations!!! kisses to the babe :)

  11. What a special time you had with your "first" family, such a rarity these days. I loved seeing your brother on the news, too! You have an amazing family. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Annie C10:32 PM

    LOVE 12 Dancing Princesses! My daughter danced the role of the youngest princess two years ago -- what a lovely ballet it was!

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  14. What a lovely post about visiting your family, followed by your observation of your daughters and the simple pleasures. BTW it was lovely to meet you in Austin last month. I feel certain you will not remember me as you met about a million others, but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture.

  15. Big Ed's is so good! My family always eats there when we're in town for regattas.

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