Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Tassel Tree

It's a Christmas miracle!  Okay not really, but a happy spot anyway- we received the first shipment of my Tapestry Wool Palettes way ahead of schedule!  I of course immediately tore into them and made some festive tassels because, like you, I have absolutely nothing better to do.  And since your just sitting there doing nothing, I'll show you how to make them.  You can do this with any scrap yarn, but these skeins make it particularly easy.
Each package of wool comes with 2 skeins each of 8 different colors for a total of sixteen skeins.  And each skein will yield two tassels which you pretty much make at the same time.  I hate to get all math-y on you (no I don't) but that's 32 tassels per pack.  Here we go.
*First slide off the paper band and open up the skein to a full loop and identify the two loose ends
*With the loose end that is at the outer side of the loop, unwrap about a yard of yarn and snip it off
*Cut that length of yarn into four equal lengths (9" each)
*Tie two of the lengths into loops by knotting their ends together, leave the other two lengths as is
*With the knotted loop, slide it under one side of the open skein and pass the knotted end through the loop end and pull through to cinch the skein until it's taut
*Repeat with the remaining knotted loop at the opposite side of the open skein
*Now you can use the remaining 9" lengths to simply tie around the "head" of the tassel just below where it is cinched together and make a knot
*Repeat this at both ends of the skein
*Then just cut the center of skein in half to make two tassels, trim neatly if necessary
Cute!  I can see some halos and angel wings made of gold and silver pipe cleaners in these tassels' future!
I am wrapping up lots of work in the studio to hopefully make for a few weeks of taking it easy.  There is so much in the hopper right now with work, that while there is loads to look forward to, there is just as much to rest up from finishing.  Its been a busy, busy, full year, that I would now like to put on pause.

I hope you are enjoying the season and slowing down a bit.... (as if).
xoxo, Anna


  1. Your tassel tree totally made my day! I think making a few for our tree may be in order. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eek! Those tassels are just adorable!! Can't wait to make some... xx

  3. It is funny that you are looking forward to your vacation to get away from the studio, and the rest of us are plotting on how we can spend as many consecutive vacation hours sewing/crafting as possible!

    1. Ha- the studio is not all crafting- lots of administration and nit-picky business! I am trying to get to the couch and my knitting! :)


  4. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Thanks for the inspiration :)
    I love tassels and have had a quick bit of fun making one inspired by your post today!
    Merry tasselly Christmas :D

  5. Shalini11:22 PM

    Gorgeous Thank You. My daughters are so gonna love this. :-D

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