Friday, November 30, 2012

Waste-Not Garland & other bits
NEWS FLASH:  I love makin' stuff.  There is particular excitement with the hey I've got that stuff right here and I could make it into something else variety of making stuff.  Enter my Waste-Not Garland made of small bits of fabric and scrap lengths of 3 harmonious yarns.
These particular harmonious yarns are actually skeins of Anchor's Tapestry Wool, but lengths of any unused skein would do fine. (A real news flash is that I will actually be introducing some palette packs of these beautiful wools similar to my other palettes of perle cotton and embroidery floss at the beginning of the year!  Eight different palettes with 16 skeins in each! Can't wait. Anyway.)
I learned to slipknot very early in life so this process gives me the childhood warm fuzzies.  I didn't know until years later that a slipknot chain is actually the first step in crochet.  This is easy enough to do without a hook, but go ahead and use one if you'd like.

The process is like this:
:: Cut fabric scraps in strips about 1-1.5" wide, maybe about 7-8" long.
:: Trim 3 yarns each to same length of about 10-12 yards and treat them as one
:: Tie a common knot at one end of the yarns, then perform your first slip knot
:: Continue slipping through each knot by reaching your forefinger and thumb through the existing loop to pull up a new knot from the long slack of yarn, some tightening will be necessary as you goto keep the loops small
:: Every 7 or 8" you can slide a fabric strip through the current loop, then slip the next knot so that it tightens the strip of fabric well enough to cinch it in place.
I paired like prints of fabric wrong sides together and used them together so that there wouldn't be much wrong side showing anywhere- not an issue with the solids.  This is fun and pretty much free if you have enough fabric and yarn laying around like me.
Also pretty addictive.

Other bits:
:: I am happy to report that I ran the WHOLE five mile race on Thanksgiving morning.
:: I have never run that far.
:: Right after my near tears of joy I almost immediately assumed the route plotters got it wrong, bc there is no way that I can run 5 straight miles.
:: No way
:: Jeff suggested something like maybe I should just be proud of myself
:: Assuming someone did something wrong just comes more naturally
:: However ever since, when someone asks me how Thanksgiving was they get an earful of bragging about my 5 mile run
:: I'll bet they're really wanting to know how the cooking, family, relaxing, blah blah boring was
:: It was all lovely
:: But mostly because I ran 5 miles first
:: Today after Jeff and I ate at our very most absolute favorite vegetarian Indian all you can eat buffet place in town called Woodlands (which I know of course there are few competitors in that category) we were so full that we got into the car and reclined the seats and just laid there like a couple of satiated lions after a huge kill for about 20 minutes.  Couldn't even drive anywhere.

We are so weird.
Have a great weekend.
Scrap bags come free in my shop with any purchase of 50$ or more starting tomorrow through the end of the year.
lots of lovey, xo, AM


  1. Thank you for this sweet idea! I love using the slipknot for things - so easy and pretty. The fabric strips are perfect for my Mom's Birthday Banner.
    It's great that you ran the 5 mile race and finished - Hooray!!!
    You're not weird, just cute :)
    Janet xoxo

  2. It is a great feeling- the first time that I actually ran 2 miles I was shocked and yes - proud! that I did something that I never thought I could do. Now I can run twice that and once you can do that you feel like you can do anything, which you, our cutely weird sewing guru, show us every day!!

  3. I might have to have my girls make this when they bug me for a craft. Easy, super cute and busy mom friendly.

    I am so proud of you for running that far! The farthest I have ever run is a 5k when I was 13. :)

    I just posted my finish of your Patchwork Prism Quilt pattern today. I decided to use all solid neutrals and entered it into the QuiltCon show. Here's hoping you will get to see it there! :)

  4. Way to go on the 5 miles. A quick sorta funny story: I once entered a 5K and the way they set up the course, you ran 1/2 of the 3.2 miles then turned back to the beginning for the 5K OR you could just keep going for the 10K, all the way around a big loop. Well, I felt so good at 1/2 the 5K that I talked myself into continuing the WHOLE WAY AROUND. I think I was the last one in at the finish line, but that was the first time I broke the 5K mark. It felt AWESOME! I remember sitting in a cafe afterward saying to my husband, "I ran twice as far as I thought I could today," over and over and over :).

  5. You got the bragging rights!
    I'm so excited for you, I'll be
    bragging, too.
    _Well, my blogging friend, Anna Maria,
    well, she ran five miles! And I?
    Well, I knew she could!_

  6. I love that restaurant. It is way too close to me.

  7. Congratulations! And I will brag about you

  8. oh boy, you make me laugh! love your posts, always.

  9. Had to laugh at the description of after the buffet-that's a new one. Of course all of our vehicles are pick-ups so the seats won't recline, even if we wanted to.

  10. What a precious idea. I will take my left overs from your fabrics I have used for my favorite pocket book from your book. My daughter will love it. Do not have a clue about the slip know but will google it. Thanks for the idea. genie

  11. OMG...I just figured it out. I have been making those for years....just did not know that was what they were called. All sewers make slip knots.genie

  12. Bravo to you on that Thanksgiving five miles!

    Isn't this a great time of the year to make use of bits and bobs of leftovers? I very much like the ease of your garland idea, and might try a variation myself.

    I recently bought a paper punch with a 2 3/4 inch scalloped edge circle shape. It has so, so many uses. So far, I punched out a selection of varied old wrapping paper...some bronze or gold metallic, some varying pale ivory shades of tissue weight. Then, I used double-faced tape to attach these to a rolling window shade...I think the random arrangement of the circles looks a bit like a Japanese screen or kimono fabric.

    That punch is going to get much more of a workout in the weeks to come!

    Best wishes.

  13. My Husband and I loved eating at woodlands when we lived in Nashville. It was so nice because he used to work near the Parthenon so it was very close for him. We are coming back for a visit in a week and they are on the list.

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  15. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Way to go on that run! I'm going to do that one day, hopefully sooner than later!

  16. What a great way to use up scraps of all kinds! I, like you, have plenty of both so I must get on making some garland. Congratulations on completing the 5k, takes a great deal of strength and perseverance. You have every right to brag! Awesome post btw.

  17. Happy Christmas Anna Maria Horner! Thank you so much for your beautiful fabric. I fell in love with your Lou Lou Thi designs last year and made my first quilt out of those flannels, which I have enjoyed ever since. Just a few days ago one of your voile's from that same line arrived and I can not get over how soft and silky it is.

    This garland is wonderful too and I will be making one or more.

    And Congratulations on the run!

  18. Love your humurous post. Some blogs I read for the craftu things, other for the beautiful photo's of their corners of the world, yours because I love what you design/create AND because of the way you write!! Thanks, groetjes, Gerda

  19. Anna - I'm a marathoner and it just starts with 1 little mile!!! Congrats!! And just so you know, I run mainly so I can eat more and not be a house! Good for you!!!

  20. You make me smile! And the warmth of your home and life translates across the blog miles and inspires!

  21. I totally can't picture how you are doing this, but I LOVE it. Can you post a short video about the slip knots?

  22. This garland is TOO cute! I think I need to make one!

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