Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Little Red Pretty Edge
Told you I'd be back.
So.  This scarf.  My new favorite thing. It is just one simple layer of solid cotton voile made interesting and special with a pretty crocheted edge of pearle cotton.  Something about this shade of red does not need to go with anything else that you have on.  It's like the perfect shade of red lipstick, it just works.  The technique is not difficult, especially if you are already familiar with crochet.  The scale of the pearle cotton and the tiny hook takes some getting used to, but well worth it in my humble opinion.  What I love about teaching this technique is that it can be applied to larger yarns and hooks, knitting projects, crochet projects, edges of store-bought items, pillowcases, and all else in need of pretty edgey-ness.

 It is also my newest class available on CreativeBug!  You can have a look at the class overview here.
And below is the little project promo, which I'm sharing because it's pretty and painterly and I'm in charge here.

Would make a lovely gift! xo, Anna


  1. I have been completely obsessed with crochet edging pillow cases and tea towels... always have a wip ready to play with. This looks like such a gorgeous variation! Thanks for the inspiration. Solid cotton voile? Must look into this...

  2. I've been dying to learn how to do this ever since you brought the Paper Fan Dress to Tampa. Looks like I'll be getting a membership at CreativeBug. Thanks, AM! :D

  3. Are you going to have kits? Maybe with the lessfabric with a seam. Linda gerig

  4. This scarf is pretty ~ there are so many things you could do with a crocheted edge ~ something I've always wanted to learn!

  5. That scarf looks very beautiful and looks very interesting! What a red day for you.

  6. I love the scarf, but I'm dying over the quilt! Is there a pattern for it? I've scanned your blog and site, did I miss it?