Monday, July 30, 2012

Lights On

It is so beautiful outside this morning.  Sweet summer sounds.  It's not bad in here either.

I wanted to make note over here that today we've launched my new official FB page!  I say we, because creating and keeping up with this involved the help of both of my assistants who are varying degrees younger than me and varying degrees more capable than me of doing these sorts of things.  I did make a sort of obligatory profile a few years ago.  I had a tendency to forget about it.  I'll keep it short and say there are things I like and things I don't like about FB.  Focusing on the good (my mom taught me to do that), I do enjoy the conversation element, the small snippets, and the capability to let all avenues that I involve myself in connect there.  And most exciting for me is to have a good place to share a little of everything including YOU.  Things made by you, thoughts shared by you.  All that.  Good stuff.  I respect you if you cannot bring yourself to FB.  No worries, nothing here (my favorite place to share) will change (XO!).

So we're picking up the Friday giveaways that we've been doing on Instagram and moving them over to FB for the month of August!  So get on over to AMH on FB and like.  You'll automatically be entered to win every Friday in August.

Happy Monday! xoxoAM


  1. K, I'm back.
    I *clicked* over to Like.
    FB is a mixed bag, but good people, like you, make it worthwhile. I loved seeing the post about Field Studies. Hmmm... maybe I should be on FB less, and then I could be sewing something with your beautiful fabric.

  2. I am totally addicted to FB! My sewing studio is down a very similar set of steps to the left, like yours! It's how I get my exercise. Up and down all day long!

  3. I love the Facebook page! There are so many beautiful things to look at in one place!

  4. I love facebook I have to admit. But I got hooked back in college when it was JUST for college students. :) Checked our your page and can tell I will be spending a lot of time there. So beautiful and inspiring. Glad to see you on there.

  5. Thank you for not forgetting about those of us (no matter how few) that are not a part of Facebook. I really enjoy keeping up with your blog and all of your beautiful handiwork! Thank you!

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