Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hotel Texture
Spokane is lovely. Really lovely.
I can't help but think that this hotel made sure that I knew that and won't let me forget.
A hotel is a hotel, but after having been in quite a few lately, I am beginning to really appreciate those that are uniquely comfortable.
These are some of the details of the old charming Montvale Hotel, settled downtown. Each and every little nook, cranny, and floor was entirely different and loaded with rustic antiques, evocative paintings and sink-into furniture. Above is my door.
I felt sure there were ghosts. Classy ghosts with great taste in paintings. It was so extremely quiet, save some creaks in the floor, it seemed I was one of just a handful of people staying there over the weekend. Which of course made all the chairs seem simply occupied by ideas of past visitors instead of present and visible ones.
I was so transfixed by the details and furnishings that I carried my family around the whole place by way of Skype on my laptop to give them a tour.
Upstairs, downstairs, through the 3 restaurants attached which earned several hellos from strangers to my digital family. Hiiiii the kids all said together through the screen.
I held them up close to several paintings, and Isabela would say oooooo pretty.

My time speaking and teaching at the Top Stitch could not have been more enjoyable. Layers and layers of wonderful in that shop and the group of women I spent two days with. Everyone kept thanking me so earnestly for "coming to Spokane" as though no one ever goes to Spokane.

I can't wait to go back to Spokane.

More soon on my time there... for now, lots and lots of here happening.


  1. What a beautiful place to stay. I'm glad you are back safely. I'm earnestly awaiting the arrival of your needlepoint kits. My birthday is in one week and my husband said he would order whatever I wanted. Thanks to your pictures on Flickr, I know just what I'm gonna request! :D

  2. And more sincere thanks for coming to Spokane! The lecture and class you gave were such a special experience and I am so happy to have participated. Thanks for your insight and encouraging words- and for being so nice about my quilt.
    Hope your travels home were smooth and glad you are back with your familia.

  3. Krista7:45 PM

    Yes, I had a wonderful time and left so inspired!

    Curious as to where you guys chose for dinner on Saturday night. I mean really the choices given were so many!!!!

    Much love and appreciation,

    Krista (the Canadian girl ;-)

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    We do thank you for coming to Spokane! You inspired creativity in me and gave "behind the scenes" info that was fun! Take care, Cami

  5. I love the quirks of the hotel! Did you notice that one of the ballisters is upside down in the first picture? I'd love to know the story about it. And I love the close up of the horse drawn sleigh painting!

  6. Thank you for the tour, Anna Maria! You inspire us w/ everything that you do & the pictures are magnificent! I think I would like to travel to Spokane just to stay at that hotel! Penny

  7. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Gorgeous! I love that flower painting and the wooden carving. Glad you had such a great time!

  8. Anna, did you get to visit the Riverfront with THE most gorgoeus waterfalls while you were in Spokane? When I visited there I was just in aw at seeing the falls, but what's fascinating about it is right across the street from the falls is Nordstrom! So you can shop and watch the falls at the same time. :) Happy Sewing.

  9. The carving on the cupboard is really interesting. It looks like a Tudor Rose & the portcullis is like the one that I seem to remember seeing on old British pennies (I think). Wonder if the piece was originally from the UK.
    You are right - easily ghosts, and lots of stories.

  10. My inlaws live in Spokane. Unfortunately, Western Washington gets all of the attention. But the architecture in Eastern Washington is the best! I get house envy every time we head over for a visit. I'm pleased you had a nice visit. :)

  11. What a fun hotel! It's so lovely to stay in a non-cookie cutter place once in a while :)

  12. Thank you for visiting TheTop Stitch Anna. I'm looking forward to a workshop reunion. We'll skype you into our show and tell Patchwork Prism quilt finished projects! Carrie

  13. i live just south in oregon. i have been to washington a few times but never spokane... guess i will have to make a visit :)

  14. I also prefer staying in those "little gem" hotels rather than the generic behemoths that are akin to a cruise ship. It feels like your staying in someone's special place. Carolina

  15. What a magical place! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. What a cool haunt. :)

  17. Lovely pointed out details. Thank you so much for this.

  18. If you are ever in Salem, Massachusetts, be sure to stay in the Hawthorne Hotel. It has the same kind of atmosphere. And ghosts for real!

  19. I love the Top Stitch, Carrie, and Spokane. You also got to hang with one of my bffs Jenn. She was SUPPOSED to skype me in but didn't. Boo! Maybe next time I can be there. Or you can come to Louisiana.

  20. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Thank you so much for those photos... I just LOVE to admire furniture and various other forms of interior design..! This hotel looks absolutely scrumptious! :)