Thursday, February 02, 2012

Postcards:: day six


(As I wrote this earlier this morning) I am somewhere in the air between Los Angeles and Sacramento right now, and thought I would share my flowery snaps around Beverly Hills. I spent a lot of time in my hotel room watching old movies and working on various embroidery projects. My legs started to go numb so I thought I should walk around. The walk from my hotel to Rodeo Drive seemed a nice distance, and I guess I felt an obligation to see that. Saw it. But I really enjoyed a few stops on the way back - a coffee shop and the Paper Source. I found some sweet Valentine kits to take back for the girls, a stuffed giraffe for Roman, a harmonica for Nicolas, and a mini sound effect machine for Joseph- (the cartoon edition that has like 16 buttons each with a funny cartoony noise, like a bomb exploding, a springy noise + that sound that Bugs Bunny's eyes make as they pop out of his head when he sees a pretty rabbit- those sorta sounds.) I missed the kids so much by the time I got back to the hotel that I got them all on Skype and I showed each of them their gifts so they wouldn't have to wait. Of course Roman tried to reach through the screen to hug his giraffe, so I told him that it was Giraffe's night-night time, and let him watch me tuck him into my hotel bed. He seemed satisfied to let me care for Mr. Giraffe, and kissed my screen face good night.

(As I finish this post) I am unwinding after a talk that I gave at Meissner's Sewing, here and now resting up for two full days of sewing there.... my first official Janome workshop! More about all that tomorrow-


  1. Awesome pictures. Those flower snaps are really nice to see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Skype... what a life saver for a momma missing her family.
    Janome Workshop? This, I need. I look forward to learning more.
    I'm glad you found a good balance between old movies, sewing, walking, and gift hunting.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. Thanks for sharing "eye of the artist" postcards! Beautiful!

  4. Anna Maria,
    You know what I like best about you??? The way you love your husband and your children! Nothing gets better than that!

  5. What a sweet story with Roman. Awwww.... It's been fun to see Anna go on the road!

  6. Awww. I remember when I was out of town at a yarn show and my son made his first basket in bball. I sat in the Target parking lot and cried my eyes out! Coming home is so sweet--I bet they have lots of love notes for you!!

  7. loving those organic lines...beautiful shots!

  8. Jamie3:19 PM

    The fact that you made these images look like little postcards makes me heart you so much. It's the little details, it always is, and you are the Queen of little details. You're wonderful! :-)

  9. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Anna here is an off the wall comment but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your tomato chowder soup recipe. I have made it each winter since you posted it . I am making it tonight for supper and it fills the house with a lovely comforting smell..Great on a cold winter....Izzy

  10. I am a native SoCal girl, living in Texas now. I grew up in Orange County and then lived in LA while I attended UCLA. I really hope you go to the beach while you are there! Manhattan Beach, Venice, Santa Monica... wherever!! Every time I see the ocean I am so overwhelmed with its beauty.

  11. I want to thank you for making beautiful fabrics. I just made my self a little sewing roll, and I used a bit of Folksy Flannel. I happen to believe that your prints are worthy of something grander and lovelier than what I made, but I love-love-love the way my simple project makes me feel when I look at it, feel it... all thanks to your lovely print.

  12. I am loving your postcards! Doesn't California feel like a different country? All the plants look so exotic...

  13. It's great to show some great pictures from your photo album and when you think that this is what i want you make it and convert to postcards and i like your collections of postcards i hope someday i could go to that place and take a visit and have a vacation.

  14. I like the flowers very much!you are so talented,Coming home is so sweet--I bet they have lots of love notes for you!!

  15. Thank you for sharing your journey, it is very inspiring, and I use it to motivate me with my own fat loss journey.