Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Postcards:: day four

This is just one of many gorgeous views Jeff snapped from the highest peak of the San Jacinto mountains. It was a dream for him to be able to plan, look forward and climb that summit. The way he talked about it almost had me convinced to overcome my height squeamishness and tram up for a look myself....but in my generosity, I decided to let him keep that joy all to himself.
Yesterday my crafty friends made mustaches out of my braids. So clever those two. This is Annabel on the left and Heather on the right. Jeff just took this one with my phone, but Alessandra was also snapping away, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of those. Such sweet girls.

Today is the first day on my own, now that Jeff is back home with the kids. Alissa picked me up in Palm Springs this morning and brought me to L.A.- Beverly Hills to be exact- what? I know- so weird. Not a place I ever thought that quilt talks and sewing would ever bring me (our kind are everywhere!), but so far it has been an interesting experience. I know that they make all the movies here, but I didn't expect that every single billboard would be plastered with movie this and movie that. I did expect palm trees galore, glass houses in the hills, and cars that cost more than my house- so that much hasn't been a surprise. Tomorrow I am teaching a workshop at Sew Modern, and then speaking to the LA Modern Quilt Guild tomorrow evening, and I'm really excited to do both.

And now that I've caught up on Downton Abbey online, I can call it a night.


  1. Your trip is sounding wonderful and that is such a great picture.
    I wish I could be there to hear you speak to the LA MQG. If you ever find yourself near Charlotte, NC- we would LOVE to have you speak to our MQG- it would be an honor.
    PS: I love Downton Abbey too. Isn't it fabulous!
    Have fun in LA!

  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wishes I had been at the weekend sewing retreat! Have fun at the LA MQG!

  3. Hey neighbor!
    Well, sort of.
    I kind of like thinking you are *just up the road a piece.*
    Here's one more... wishing I could join the fun. Enjoy the rest of your El A adventure!

  4. I am so sad because I missed signing up for your workshop at sew modern!!!Thanks for the postcards! :)

  5. I am lovin' these postcards. Feels good to have you on my side of the country!

    Moustache braids...so fun.

    Downton Abbey...AmAzing!!!

  6. What will Mrs Bates do now? I think Bates is going to lose his cool and do something bad. He and Anna will never get to be together.

  7. So which Downton character are you? http://entertainment.time.com/2012/01/05/which-downton-abbey-character-are-you-take-this-quiz/

  8. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Your post made me think back to my first ever trip to LA decades ago from my East Coast home. It was the first time in my life I'd ever felt conservative and buttoned down. It's just a different world there. Fun to visit.

  9. So you're a fan of Downton Abbey - just another thing that makes me like you! :-) Have fun in that California sunshine, not that the weather's been bad here in the midwest - weirdly. Keep on making the textile arts cool!

  10. I'm glad you are watching Downton!!!! I'm completely hooked, although last weeks episode kind of broke my heart! Eep! I'm enjoying your postcards, I can't wait to see what they look like as you travel north :):)

  11. Oh no! Klay: you think Bates is gonna snap?! Well Anna Maria...I just *knew* you had to be a kindred spirit and watch DA too!

    Enjoy the good life in lala land...love reading your updates from on the road...

  12. Melissa, I'm worried that that wife of his is going to push him and he'll have to defend Anna or something like that. Oh Downton, I love that show :)

  13. Did you make your skirt? Love the fabric.

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  15. Juliana Horner2:07 PM

    so cute haha.