Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Paper


Next on my list: wrapping presents, making sugar cookies, folding laundry, paying a plumber.



  1. thanks for the inspiration. i'm thinking of doing a week of Christmas crafts while i have all four kids home next week. this one would be easy peasy... and fun!

  2. uh... when you're finished with the plumber, can you send him our way?
    You keep everything in motion, Anna Maria, and it's always fun to see what you're up to!

  3. Angela3:48 PM

    Our to do list shares 3 out of those 4, but they will all have to wait until I finish hand sewing felt coasters for my sis-in-law's gift. Thankfully, no plumber.

  4. Oh I love these! Me and my sister were playing around with some paper snowflakes, and they are so much fun. I'm so horrible at it though. And these make mine look even worse. Love them!

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    We love doing these. Yours are so pretty! I hope the paying of the plumber was not because of a certain little 2 year old, like it was here a few months ago.

  6. What lovely papers! Someday I'll have to learn to cut these from something like youtube. Having never done them ever, I tried last year and they weren't as easy as I expected. I think it helps to learn in person!

  7. Your snowflakes put my snowflakes to shame!

  8. My 5 year old son loves cutting snowflakes and I have found them in the most interesting places like tucked in my ipad for a suprise at work or in my coat pocket.

  9. Wow, your list looks very similar to mine :)

  10. Charlotte2:29 PM

    Next on my list: check Christmas presents, panic that I have gaps in my gift pile, pour a little tot of sloe gin, write a to do list, panic that I have no gaps in my time, pour another little tot ... dream of a plumber. Happy Christmas to all. x

  11. To funny. We spent our Sunday doing the same thing. Hung ours in the windows. Makes up for the lack of white outside. Have a wonderful holiday.

  12. On this particular Monday, you list is a bit like my own. I've almost finished painting all my Christmas cards, finished all the knit and crochet gift projects, done the first round of baking.

    Your beautiful snowflakes remind me that it's time to add some decorations to my little far it's just the incoming Christmas cards and blooming paperwhite bulbs.

    Best wishes!

  13. Annie C11:25 AM

    Oooooooo -- love the needlepoint in your header photo!!!

  14. I love making snow flakes! We make them out of Hershey Bar wrappers- the foil is perfect for cutting and and they smell like chocolate! :D

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  16. I love your snowflakes. Mine still look like a preschooler made them. I wish mine could be so lovely. Maybe with more practice...

  17. outstanding work!! never believed that it could be done by the kid's hands! wonderful!!!

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