Friday, December 02, 2011

Doing This, Thinking That


Post Disclaimer: All photos reference the THAT of which I am thinking and not the THIS of which I am doing. There are too many THISs to photograph.

Doing:: Replacing six 10 1/2 ft structural porch columns on the front of our house :: waiting impatiently to have this installed in the dining room :: and two of these and one of these in the hallway :: attending to the lingering details in Nicolas's room and the girls' room after having renovated both :: considering which day to buy our Christmas tree and therefore decorate the whole house

Thinking:: About picking up all the little sunshine crochet squares I started last winter on the couch with Juliana and lots of Whoppers :: Wondering if I need all those things again to be able to do it :: Yes, I do :: I was originally inspired by an amazing blanket that I saw either on etsy or flickr or both.... I think by a talented (Northern?) European woman.... and she had it styled on a modern gray couch.... anyone? I have seen several of course that are similar, but her color choices were unusually gorgeous....Please post a link in the comments if you know what I'm talking about :: Of course you can post anything you want even if you don't know what I'm talking about too :: Which is always the case, really :: EDITED to add- found it!!! Thank you Anonymous commenter :: My first inspiration was found at Sandra Juto's marvelous site :: I can go on living now :: This is a gorgeous photo here


Doing:: Putting the finishing touches on my first pattern for Janome - the Patchwork Prism Quilt :: getting to the homestretch of my first two published-and-soon-to-be-for sale-embroidery collection patterns :: finalizing colorways for more ribbons :: hooking up my new printer so that I can send off the final prints for my next fabric collection :: wearing wooly slippers

Thinking:: That I maybe should have created these crochet squares with the continuous joining method that I found here today while looking for the original inspiration source of the blanket :: Genius in that it saves the white round for last so that you can crochet it and attach them at the same time without having to sew in any yarn ends from the stitching step :: Maybe it would look weird now to finish the blanket with two different methods :: Maybe I should save that for the next one I want to make substituting all the white with something dark :: Grey


Doing:: Interrupting my work several times a day to search presents I'm on the hunt for :: Sending anonymous gift ideas to Jeff using Evernote :: Choosing flannels to make scarves for the girls :: Drinking room temperature coffee and weighing the option of walking downstairs to heat it up

Thinking:: About how much I would like to eat cheese and crackers on the couch while crocheting more sunshine :: It could tie me over until I buy whoppers and Juliana is home :: The THAT that you want to do is always so much more entertaining than the THIS that you're in the midst of:: Until of course the THAT has been a THIS for a few hours



  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Try Lucy at Attic24 ( That blanket looks like something she might do.

  2. Your crochet question... has to be attic 24, don't you think? Good luck - your day sounds lovely. I'm hoping for a brisk walk in some sunshine before hunkering down with soup and wine this evening!

  3. Good suggestion, but no I know its not attic24 where I saw it first.... I remember it more at a site where she didn't have alot of crochet work, an only a few blankets.... I am almost sure it was Etsy....

  4. ...the peanut butter Whoppers are the best but very hard to find. My mom and I love to hang out on the couch and eat them ;)Unfortunately, my husband has taken a liking to them which means no more left in the house. Thank you for all of the beautiful inspirations :)

  5. Perhaps this site...

    or this...

    I need to learn how to make these! =)

  6. Anonymous10:35 AM

    sandra juto.


    Sandra Juto- thank you!! Aggh that was going to drive me crazy- will edit post to add now!

  8. Anonymous10:37 AM

    this is a better picture:

  9. Reading your post, then the comments... I forgot what I wanted to say, but I am thinking this: the world is full of beautiful people... so helpful and busy, so friendly and eager to participate, so talented and creative. I love coming to this blog and being reminded of all of this.
    Happy December!

  10. I love the new lighting you have coming in for your house how exciting!
    I have been a little stuck lately because I have so much of this and that going on it's been overwhelming! Thank you for putting yours in a post it's really inspired me to be able to convey it to my readers.

  11. I think you need a little microwave in the studio. Cold coffee no more.

  12. Oh Poppy print, putting that in a note and sending to the husband :)

  13. I was coming over to say Sandra Juto, too :)

  14. love this post, anna maria! and your crochet blanket is going to be fantastic.

    just made two more dresses using your loulouthi line. i am so in love with it, i tell ya!

  15. I too am working on crochet squares. Just posted about them here

    Your blanket is going to be lovely. The colors are beautiful!

  16. Doing: Sitting in a rocker nursing the baby :: Or sitting at work reading your blog

    Thinking: About how I'm going to finish piecing the girl child's quilt and whether or not it needs a border.


    Yuck yuck on the room temp coffee... You need one of those little warming plates, cheaper than a microwave.

  17. Caroline12:52 PM

    Every time you blog, I feel inspired! I don't know how you do it. As my dad would say, you are truly a 'radiator' - in a good way! Thanks for sharing your this and that.

  18. Jenny1:19 PM

    You are so honest and so hilarious. I love reading your posts.

  19. so of course, my THAT is now wishing I could stop my THIS to make some of those gorgeous crochet circles! :) maybe when my own college girl is home then the 2 girls and I can start some together. thx for all the inspiration!

  20. Oh my gosh! There are peanut butter Whoppers out there somewhere!! I'm on a mission now to find them :)

  21. Anna, that is exactly why you need to be on You pin that picture to "crochet inspiration" and pinterest saves the image and the link for you. You will only have to remember that you pinned it and it's there. :) And as a blog friend and admirer, I'd love to see what inspires you! Let us know if you need an invite to pinterest - I'm pretty sure a million of us would send you one! :)

  22. And that's why it's important to have so many that's and this's - so you can switch them up as needed, as a set-aside this often becomes a very welcome that...

  23. Beautiful! What yarn are you using?

  24. What a beautiful modern variation of the granny squares I made in the 70's! Gorgeous. Makes me want to pull out the crochet hook.

    Also - speaking of Julianna. My daughter is applying for grad school in New York and it is scaring me to send my baby girl off to NYC so far from me! I really don't know how you did it. I think the thinking is probably worse than the doing. I HOPE!

  25. Constant struggle - what has to be done & what I want to do!
    I'm hand quilting a quilt made out of folksy flannel & loving it, love stealing 15minutes at a time to sit & stitch - between jobs. Xx

  26. Great post and really like Sandra Juto's site.
    Have you ever been to Attic 24's blog? she's a crocheter extraordinaire and does really lovely work! Check out her blog!

  27. Hi Elsa, Yes, she's been linked in my sidebar for years :)

  28. Annie C2:46 PM

    I like those granny squares cuz they're round except for the last row. Love how the colors pop against the white, although grey heather would be nice, too.

  29. Whoa, that photo hit me like a ton of bricks! I kind of want to just abandon everything I have started and just dive in to a blanket like that. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. :)

  30. You could crochet another round of white to join and not have to weave in ends. I made a granny square dress that way and it rocks. Good luck.

  31. Katja9:40 AM

    Oh I loooove Taro Gomi! (and I don't have kids... i get the books for myself ;))

  32. I also made a few of those squares, gorgeous aren't they! I made them as 'my part' of a baby blanket we make with my knitting group for one of us. I hope I have the courage to make a whole blanket one day.

  33. Anonymous8:57 AM

    There are many similar around but the pattern is generally referred to as 'flowers in the snow' and is a well known and popular blanket. The pattern can be found here on ravelry

    There is a crochet world outside of attic 24! (I refer to some of your other commenters).Other people create lovely things too.

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