Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Answers To Questions You Didn't Ask

(photo is one corner of the girls new room do over, more soon)

:: Candy Cane JoJo's + coffee = breakfast (my own special mathamathicals)
:: Cookie Crisp cereal was eaten at lunch yesterday by someone.
:: And potato chips were layered into a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for dinner.
:: Okay, it was me.
:: My appetite is 9 years old lately.
:: I'm not pregnant.
:: Nicolas will not put the guitar down.
:: That is generally good except
:: There is no other first song to learn on the guitar except Smoke on the Water (or CatScratchFever depending on your generation. But its the same song (almost) and it doesn't seem to ever go away.)
:: He did teach himself the Tetris theme music which is awesome except
:: It makes me anxious and want to organize everything in the house to maximize space.
:: Kristen Wiig could be the funniest person on the planet.
:: Roman met our friend the Question Mark.
:: It started at my brother's house over Thanksgiving when I asked Roman to pull up his little pants and he looked at me with a sideways face, held his palms to the ceiling and said "why, mommy?"
:: Its the cousins' fault.
:: Though he has lately upgraded to ?.2.0 with phrases like "wha happin mommy?"
:: Sometimes you just have to fill your husband's Amazon shopping cart to get what you want and feel no shame.
:: Isabela, the other guitarist, has pre-warned me that she won't be getting her hair out of her face for her upcoming guitar recital
:: I am so conflicted on the inside.
:: Her face is pretty, I like seeing it.
:: But so is her will, I like feeling it.
:: We may meet in the middle with clean, shiny, brushed and in her face.
:: Planning 7 handmade gifts for your family on December 6th is chance-y.
:: That reminded me I have work to do.

:: Should you like to read through some answers to questions I really was asked, you can go visit with me at my friend Bari's lovely embroidery site called welovefrenchknots (yes we do!!!)

have a good day poopsieschmoos. xoxo, Anna


  1. my niece, Gracyn, always says 'How you get here' and 'what you doin?'. She asks both questions constantly and always replies 'Oh'. She has also asked some other embarrassing questions like 'Are those your boobies?'. I love her inquisitive mind, but thankfully that one was at home surrounded by family and not around strangers...My nephew, Benjamin, around the same age didn't talk much but he would ask to 'Hold you?' which meant he wanted you to hold him. My husband and I still say it even though Ben has grown out of the phrase.

  2. I really do like this little list of sorts. And the tetris part is so funny to me. Maybe 'tis the secret to an organized house? Oh, wait - I only have 1 (one) four month old and find myself wondering how to juggle motherhood, throwing in a wash and working as a designer team with my husband from home without even trying for an organized space. I just realized you are a great inspiration. Thanks!

  3. This might be my most favor of all of your blog posts. :) I wish I could decorate as you do! And I also have the appetite of a kid lately-I trained for a marathon and never managed to tone my muscles, b/c despite building muscle, I was also storing fat. From oreos, starbucks lattes, cupcakes, mochi ice cream... :P
    And now I must make a trip to Trader Joe's for some Candy Cane JoJos!

  4. Peanut butter and pickle relish with potato chips............that's my favorite sandwich!


  5. I am eating a Candy Cane JoJo this very minute. I totally held it behind my back when I walked by my kids. I am having a similar appetite to yours this week. Or should I say this season?

  6. I might have eaten a whole box of Candy Cane JoJo's in 3 days last week....O how I love Trader Joe's!

  7. I didn't ask, but I could not be more delighted that you answered! What a terrific catching up post!
    Jo-Jo's... yes.
    PbnJ with potato chips... oh, yes!
    Music and making and wonder... yes, yes, yes!

  8. ... also, I am officially influenced and will have to run a mission of mercy asap: potato chips, fresh bread, jelly, and pb. Please, someone make me adopt a fitness program. Today!

  9. This is the reason I can't stop reading your blog. Not that I want to, its just these posts are the best. I've got to get back to work on my handmade Christmas gifts too!

  10. Ha ha ha. I like your Amazon idea. I've considered that myself!

  11. Best. post. ever :)

  12. Found your lines at a quilt shop on Bainbridge Island here in Washington....yeah!

  13. Anonymous2:35 PM

    It took me three reads of the sentence: "It started at my brother's house over Thanksgiving when I asked him to pull his pants up and he looked at me with a sideways face, held his palms to the ceiling and said..." to realize you didn't tell your brother to pull up his pants!

  14. hahaha, perhaps I should rephrase that :)


  15. Sounds like the time my mom wanted to learn piano and stuck with it long enough to learn Kumbaya... That's the only song she ever learned, and until I moved out of the house, the piano was literally two feet from my bedroom door. When she first learned I heard Kumbaya for HOURS while I was trying to do homework. Then later, Kumbaya would creep its way into random family gatherings and late nights.

  16. Haha! Roman's new catch phrase sounds like the character Mike LaFontaine from "A Mighty Wind." If you don't know it you should check it out. ;)

  17. I take my breakfast up a notch with Dark Chocolate Covered Candy Cane JoJo's with coffee. When our TJs gets a shipment they are gone in a day so we grab a dozen boxes and keep them our freezer to make it through the holidays. :-)

  18. I love what you say about your daughter's will - I too have a daughter with a powerfully beautiful will. :)

  19. Anonymous7:44 PM

    oh man, I taught early childhood, the 2-3 year olds. I had entire days of our friend the question mark, times 12 children. What I'm trying to say, is I LOLed at your comment about Roman :)

  20. Delightful as always!

  21. Oh my god. Love this post. It made me laugh out loud. If I were drinking milk at the time it would have come out of my nose. Thanks for the smile. I needed it!

  22. One of my all time favorite memories of Avery (turning 9 on December 19th) is that when she was very little her fave phrase was "Oh. Why?" Art the time it was a lot harder to enjoy ;)
    And ps-- I thought for sure you were preggers until I read "I am not pregnant" lol.

  23. Hmm, somehow I never noticed that Cat Scratch Fever and Smoke on the Water are so similar. You have blown my mind!

  24. haha, i love reading your posts. they always make me smile. thanks. oh and merry christmas!.

  25. Anonymous9:12 PM

    What an absolutely delightful post - I usually drop by for a a 'bit of sunshine' this one ticked all the boxes :-)
    Read the interview - thank you, thank you, thank you for giving embroidery such a plug! Should you find some wonderful wool, please, please, please share. Sadly my favourite 'Paternayarn' is not longer available and Appltons... well....

  26. I love the photograph at the top- your girls room is beautiful! Did you make the little ottomans yourself?

  27. Candy Cane Jo Jos are awesome. I'm so happy to have them in my pantry. My jeans will be less happy about it in a week or two.

  28. A pb&j sandwich with potato chips in it sounds strangely delicious :)

  29. You crack me up! I am so on the fence about knitting something for my college age niece. At my yarn shop they have big fat yarn that THEY SAY whips into a scarf in 2 hours. 2 hours for them....! Must check out the embroidery....Merry Merry to You!

  30. Anna Maria, not only do you have a fantastic blog, you have the best readers! These comments are FANTASTIC. The whole experience is such a joy!

    Except the word verification thingy that is :(

  31. Among a million other responses to this awesome post that I really could write... Thanks for the amazing idea of filling up my husband's amazon cart... he's so clueless sometimes but he does try... :)

  32. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Is that a ukulele? gotta love a ukulele!

  33. I can so relate to that rambling list! Merry Christmas!

  34. Anna! I have just rediscovered your blog. I followed you for a long time. And then *CRASH* went my computer's harddrive and then *CRASH* went the new Mac OS with my older computer... long story short, I lost my bookmarks. But I was just sewing a couple very simple security blankets for my li'l boys for Christmas and it made me think of you and your blog! I'm so happy I did! I love reading your writing. You're so good and so funny! Just sayin "hi-ya" again! Thanks for doin what you're doin!