Thursday, September 15, 2011

Like a Moth to a Cracker


A few months ago, as I began to assemble inspirations and sketches for my 2012 fabric collections, I decided that moths among other naturalistic thingermaggigins would play a feature role in the line.
Not much later we discovered we had a serious moth problem in our kitchen.
I don't mean a couple of moths flying around.
I mean that I open a brand new box of pasta that has never been opened and a few moths fly out.
I then almost hurl, throw away the pasta, grab my purse and holler that we're going out.
We cleaned out the pantry entirely.
Like, scrubbed.
They're back.
Moth balls?
I thought moths liked wool. Or flames.
Ours like carbs.
My feelings towards that moth art have changed.
I almost decided I couldn't handle making moth art.
But this collection is a little bit based on throwing yourself into the midst.
Of anything. And studying it.
So I decided it should not just be a beautiful print, but a shrine-like offering to the moths, depicting the most beautiful moths our planet has to offer.
Not the ugly gray ones in our pantry that like Cheerios.
And flour.
And crackers.
I am also in the midst of sampling various wools for some crewel projects.
Wool. All over the house. My moths don't care.
I love crewel.
Its like pudgey embroidery.
I might have news on the crewel wool front at some point.
That would be nice.
I never find moths near my wool sweaters. Never find moth holes.
Could my moths be stupid?
Like my nephew Eli would say: "It's weeyurhd."

over and out. AM


  1. Lovely drawings - some moths are gorgeous!

    But - having had (ugly) pantry moths - I ended up throwing everything floury/carby away and washing all the cabinets - AND getting these pheromone traps:

    Best wishes!

  2. After that it will also help to store new grain products in glass, metal or hard plastic containers with a tight sealing lid.

  3. I'm so sorry about your moth problem! That is no fun.
    I'm excited by these sketches though. I can't wait to see the final fabric. I have a son who is a budding entomologist, and I'm always on the look out for beautiful fabrics with insects in them.

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    There are lots of aromatics that you can use (including cedar chips). Lavendar, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemongrass, orange and lemon peel, cloves, cinnimon sticks. All safe on your grocery shelves as well. I don't know if it'll work on those moths, but if nothing else, it'll make your pantry smell yummy

  5. Yikes! My only thought (besides loving the pictures) is Tupperware. My Mom put everything in Tupperware (or you could use something comparable) when we lived in Florida to protect our food against cockroaches. You know...maybe you should draw sketches of things eating the moths and then maybe those things would appear...and then someone could make a movie about your family and how whatever you draw appears--it could be comedy or horror, your choice. :)

  6. They also say to freeze any grains etc. that you bring home before placing them in the pantry. Freezing allegedly kills the moths.

  7. I feel your pain! We had the same moth problem here in Alaska! So gross! I don't even know how they got into half the boxes they got into. And the birdseed. They loved that. Ugh, I'm having flashbacks. But your drawing is very beautiful. So there's that. :)

  8. Unfortunately, there are several kinds of annoying moths. I have had both the wool eating and the horrible pantry moths, which despite how much we clean out the kitchen, we can't seem to get rid of.

    But, I still like the beautiful moths

  9. Anna,
    we have had the very same issues at our house! OMG! Thank you for helping me to know I am not alone in this battle against frail winged creatures.
    xo, Cheryl

  10. We just had an infestation too. I threw away the things I knew were infested and put everything else in the freezer overnight. Now it all lives in airtight containers. Blech.

  11. Wow! Moths. I'm looking forward to their fabric incarnations.

  12. It's happened here too..... You've got "pantry moths" and they can come to you from infested anything (pasta, flour, birdseed) and quickly infest everything else. Get rid of or freeze your supplies and get to work with a pheromone trap (our hardware store had them and we put sticky fly paper next to them we had so many... )

    Good luck and don't stop drawing b/c even though pantry moths or wool ones are icky - so many others are simply incredible!

  13. Here too, they're awful! After you toss all your carbs clean the shelves of your cabinets super well, top and bottom. I hear they can live on flour dust on a shelf and after a super thorough cleaning (and a lot of food wastage) I think I got rid of our last infestation. SO GROSS aren't they?

  14. Ugh... we had this happen too. Look at what you are buying, see if you can figure out where they are coming from? We've had them come from dog treats and bulk grains. Yuck!

  15. My 75 year old mother in law gave me fresh bay leaves once when I was complaining about my moth problem. It worked. Now whenever I have the problem I buy the package of fresh bay leaves from the produce section of my grocery store. Haven't had a problem in a while.
    Some old wives tales work!

  16. While that's totally gross, I LOVE your moth sketches. And I'd rather sacrifice some Cheerios than a lovely sweater, wouldn't you?

  17. Yikes, that really is gross. I have a similar experience with lady bugs...they seem kind of cute, until your bedroom is infested, and now they give me the creeps! At least your wool has been safe!

  18. tupperware and any other hard plastic containers don't work to keep out pantry moths -- so don't waste your money on those.

    The only thing that works are airtight glass and/or metal containers.

    And as a first step, throwing everything out, that includes all grains, and grain products (bread, crackers, cookies), all spices, then srubbing everything (they like to put their eggs on the underside of shelves, so scrub there too, including also the ceiling).

    And put out traps before you bring anything new into the house.

    Been there, done that, often enough. Ah well.

  19. Lots of others have mentioned panty moths and they are correct. But incorrect in saying to store in tupperware, glass, metal, ect. That is only half the answer. It will keep the moths from getting in from the outside. But some flour products come from the store with the larvae already on board. No matter how you store it at that point the moths will eventually hatch out. So all my carbs come from the store and go directly into the freezer for a couple of days. And most stay in the extra frig just to be careful. I could have purchased 2 extra frigs for all the wasted products over the years.

  20. We store in glass jars and add a dried bay leaf to each one. I can't remember where we picked up that tip...but luckily we haven't had nasty food moths again since doing this, so it may be that the leaves are working (and/or we may be just plain lucky).

    Good luck!! And I love the crewel embroidery!

  21. Anonymous2:13 PM

    The King Arthur traps are awesome. But...chances are good you have moths incubating somewhere under your pantry shelves. Take the whole shelf out--unscrew it from the wall if necessary. There's a certain ewww factor, but you're very likely to find a chrysalis or two or three or twenty.

    The embroidery definitely makes me see moths a whole new way:-)

  22. I love your drawing of the moths! and i love even more the embroidery! awesome colors!!!

  23. Here's another source for traps. I have had them, too, sigh! But I just ordered a fruit fly trap from Gardener's Supply, and was very happy!

  24. I'm sure someone already said this but what you have are a type of moth that usually comes with you flour, oatmeal or those type of mill products. They can be tricky to get rid of. (I've tried and succeeded once) Best thing to do is give the kitchen a good cleaning and get rid of all dry carby food. Then store everything in glass or plastic. (zip lock or other plastic bag wont do. They will chew thru it. Keep everything in plastic for at least a year if not longer!! I know, what a pain. But this suckers can smell a crumb from miles away.
    Oh and when your cleaning the kitchen use a q-tip to swab all those little peg holes inside your cabinet that the shelf-pegs sit in. Apparently they enjoy those types of hiding spaces. Don't be surprised if you still see some flying around your hose for the next 6 months or so. They hibernate for long periods hidden away in your house, just to come back and haunt you when you least expect it. But starvation will eventually eliminate them. My mom had theses festive little guys and it almost dove here mad. She would swear they were hiding in here rugs and drapes. It was somewhat humerus to watch jump of the couch to go chasing after them. That woman is quick!!!
    Good luck.

  25. Indian Meal Moths! I agree with the above - you have to throw away anything with flour in it, anywhere in your house, and then wipe everything down. Then keep everything in air-tight containers to protect yourself going forward. Lovely fun of the south.

  26. After the "Great Grain Infestation of 2007" we had to throw away EVERYTHING and start packing all grains and grain products in glass jars with sealing lids. Even plastic tupperware wasn't safe from those nasties. We kept thinking that we could away with throwing away just *some* of our precious food, but that just ended up prolonging the misery.

    It was just a tiny bit entertaining seeing my husband squeal like a girl and jump in the air upon discovering larva in his cheerios, however. This was after he made fun of me for being squeamish. Good luck! :-)

  27. The mice in our old flat particularly liked salt and vinegar crisps (potato chips), and would wreck bags of them and drag the crisps about the place. We just gave up buying crisps unless we were going to eat them that night....nothing worse than sitting down to watch a movie, going on the hunt for doritos, and finding a plastic & crisp carnage on the shelf....

    good luck fixing your blight!

  28. Ditto on the freezer thing. I store all my backstock of flour in the freezer. Other things I put in the freezer: dried beans, peas, rice.

    Don't ever bring bird seed into the house. Or those unshelled nuts they sell at Christmas unless they've been in the freezer for a while. (But NEVER in the house on the bird seed.)

    After three infestations, I finally painted the inside of my cupboards white, and whether it was all the scrubbing I did or the paint, but I got rid of them.

    Such good advice above, but oh, what a pain they are!!

  29. Face it you are a moth whisperer. You began drawing them, so beautifully I must add, and BAM...they flock to you. Not sure why they are in the kitchen, mine ruined a handwoven Indian tapestry - I would've gladly traded my Cheerios instead!

  30. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Wow - love the artwork, but hate moths. We knitters hate them. Btw, lavender and cedar are known moth repellents. Works for us anyway. No doubt there are different varieties of moths. Something maybe worth investigating in your study.

  31. So funny really that you would post this- because I have been noticing an increase in moths in our kitchen lately- and when I opened the pantry tonight so my little guy could feed the dog- iwas bombarded by brown flying moths- ugggg. I think they may have come in with the dog food??

    Anyhow- I hope (we both) get a handle on our mothy sit. soon!

    and depsite the recent circumstances- I do LOVE the idea of mothy fabric though!

  32. We used to have big grey ugly moths and it was awful! THey're so gross. Totally unlike those lovely sketches of yours! x

  33. Ugh, Indianmeal moths are the worst! The later instar larvae can crawl pretty far away too before they pupate, so make sure you don't limit your efforts to the immediate area/shelf where you find the pupa cases or adult moths.

    I love other types of moths though, they can be so beautiful! Super excited to see them on fabric

  34. I keep hearing about this; I think it must be an epidemic! I've even heard people are spotting the moths in the grocery store near the flour, etc. AND that they can smuggle themselves into the house BETWEEN the label and the can on canned goods!

    We were infested with crickets once. Cute until you're infested and then they become the grossest things EVER.

  35. I'm sure someone else already said this, but grain moths are different from wool moths. Fortunately, I've only ever had issues with grain moths, because i have a HECK of a lot of wool!! So sorry you're seeing any of them at all though. They're so nasty! Gives me the shivers to think back to the times I've had to deal with them. :-/

  36. hahaha this made me laugh. i have the same problem with ants. they don't like sugar, they like spinach. i mean, what?!?

  37. Yes, we've probably eaten a few in our time from a box of pasta as well! I found that you can't even let one little itty bitty speck of a cocoon live no matter where it is. On the ceiling, in a remote wall corner they all have to go. They reproduce faster than anything and I too had to throw out absolutely everything. I used bags for everything for awhile but stored all flour in the fridge. They get in the bags too, I can't even imagine how.

  38. I have little tiny moths in my car! It is kinda funny to open the door and they all fly around. I drive with the windows open and hope some of them will fly away. I am going to be adding some bay leaves and cinnamon to my car tomorrow morning! Couldn't hurt, right?

  39. Anna --

    I'm so sorry to hear about your pantry moths. Those things have paid my kitchen a visit a bunch of times over the past few years. Blech!

    A few tips:

    1. refrigerate all flours
    2. put all grains in tupperware
    3. be extra vigilant about storing pet food in air tight containors. most moths come in on bulk pet food grains.
    4. the bulk grains (rice, etc.) or pet food is usually what brings them into the house.

    and, also, know that once you turn the moth corner, you'll be able to safely leave your crackers out again.

    the moths are bound to add *feeling* to your beautiful work.

    xo emily

  40. While that's not at all funny, even though I've never met you in person, I can just hear you saying all of this and me laughing at your animated storytelling while feeling great pity for you at the same time. I cannot imagine. Although, with all the woodspiders we are getting in our house, moths might be a welcome relief. The grass is always greener on the other side. Well anyway, I do hope they decide to just go away, and certainly hope they don't decide to get smart and eat your beautiful creations.
    I don't know how you do what you do, AM. Beautiful things seem to run out of you as easily as irritating things come out of irritating people. That was not at all eloquent, but I meant for that to be a compliment. Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to the arrival of your needlework cottons, and I'm now dying to get my hands on that new flannel. It seems I now get to look forward to some moth art too!
    And one last thing, I notice you are very talented with knitting (and Juliana too with last years Christmas presents). I'm on the super knitting inspiration, but have never knitted in my life. Any starter books you would recommend?
    Thanks as always, AM!

  41. Hi Meredith, as always you are too kind! I am not in fact a knitter (yet) but a crocheter. And my fav book by far is Sasha Kagan's "Crochet Inspiration" which is like an encyclopedia of stitch designs...I have built so many things form that book... have fun! xoxo, Anna

  42. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Hi Anna,

    You can get rid of your "weird"
    bugs by placing a Bay Leaf in each
    box or bag of food. Also place
    Bay Leaves wherever you store food.
    The Moths do not like them.
    Works for me.

    I enjoy you and your family and
    your work very much.

    Thank you, jody (*J*)

  43. After a thorough cleaning, I can vouch for the freezer method for sure. I've also had success with both glass and plastic containers, as long as they are air-tight (with the plastic containers, look for the ones that have the rubber gasket in the lid and have the lock-down latches). I also use the canisters that my FoodSaver can vacuum the air out of - those are the best prevention of all. The FoodSaver can even vacuum seal the glass canning jars - that can save you a lot of money. I have not tried cinnamon or the bay leaves - haven't had another infestation but it's nice to know other methods, too!

  44. By now you have dozens of suggestions about glass jars that seal. Yup. I second the notion. We had those pesky moths too, and they are persistent. Your moth sketches look like the variety happy to be in a garden... I look forward to seeing it all come together.

  45. I hate those little stinkers- we have had some but not an infestation. Since we live in a rural area, lots of people have them when they buy something from the little country convienence (sp?) store. An almost expired both of crackers might bring them into your pantry and then you have the stinkers!! Maybe you are shopping someplace like that? That is why they are back. Your new line is BEAUTIFUL can't wait.

  46. oh wow! that's too coincidental! i think you better have that shrine-fabric made quickly!!
    okay, really i just want to see the fabric :)
    wow, though - that sounds sort of twilight zone-ish!

  47. I would echo what others have said. Once you get it cleared up, freeze all grains and such, and then store in glass containers with bay leaves.

  48. freeze everything after buying
    keep it in lidded, airtight containers
    don't buy pheromone traps, they'll just invite more moths to your house; try it out and discover that they fly in from the backyard
    for a natural remedy, not for moths, but weevils, I use grandma's "recipe" - I'm keeping walnut leaves in containers with beans and grains, works like a charm :-)

  49. rbjaneite3:45 AM

    Oooh, Anna Maria - you need to do some research! My top recommendation (everything I know about moths comes from here): "A Girl of the Limberlost" by Gene Stratton Porter. It is a beautiful story about a girl who collects moths to make collections to pay for her education, and it's gorgeous!

    It doesn't tell you how to put them off your Cheerios, but it does make you admire them and take notice of them all the more!

    I'm excited about seeing your 2012 range :o)

  50. we had an infestation of pantry moths 3 years ago, days before my husband was about to leave on a three week business trip to India. of course. we had literally hundreds of them. (we were slow and had initially thought one of the kids left a door open or something, so we weren't on it right away. as you said, who knew they loved carbs?!) in addition to throwing everything away, we actually had to repaint our pantry to get rid of all the eggs, etc. dee.saster.

  51. I have invisible moths (cause I've never seen one) that put holes in my cotton jersey t-shirts - despite the anti-moth smelly cards I put in my drawers! Have you ever heard of moths eating cotton?? They just better stay away from my stash!

  52. Katja6:00 AM

    Oh dear, we once had that problem too. The only thing that helped was throw everything out, clean (they seem to especially like to lay their eggs in those little holes on the sides of cupboards, you know, the ones you use to put a shelve on a different level), buy loads of very good sealing containers, and put everything you buy (like really everything, even new unopened packages of rice, pasta etc) in those containers. And to be on the safe side get those sticky trap things. yes it is disgusting, but all this combined helped.
    As for your new collection? I think it will be stunning!
    All the best from Switzerland :)

  53. Your moths are smart, why eat wool when you can eat cheerios!
    I so look forward to your new collection, I am not much into moths but adore butterflies! Besos! (that's kisses in Spanish).

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  55. Love your moth art work ~ but ~ I've never liked moths to much. They fly willy nilly and I just don't like them.
    I also had that same problem in my pantry ~ moths in unopened bags of pasta, rice, everything. I started putting everything in the fridge, but airtight containers would work too.
    There's only one certain moth that likes wool, it's a tiny little thing and does so much damage.

  56. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I use containers with screw top lids (glass or plastic) and that seems to work. Those little suckers can't crawl under all those rings. I once put a brand new bag of flour into a screw top container only to find it infested with moths a few weeks later - I suspect it was already infested at the shop.

  57. Oh, I hate those things! My grandmother always called them millers, because back in the day, flour mills would get infestations. In my experience, they come in on things like birdseed, any kind of small animal food with seeds, etc. If you have anything like that at home, store it in a freezer.
    As people have said above, the best ways to avoid/fix the problem is to store everything in airtight containers--even the brand new boxes of boxes of pasta, because cardboard is no match for the little blighters. When in doubt, freeze! And good luck--those things are awful!

    On a slightly less skeevy note, I am in love with your sketches. LOVE!

  58. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I like pudgey embroidery.

  59. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Can't wait to see! I am one of the biggest Anna Maria Horner fans, or at least I feel that way :-)

  60. Anna, I think it's like a secret pantry moth society! I never heard of them until I had a big problem. One thing I use every day is a super bright mini-flashlight. You will easily identify the signs of the nasty moths near the openings of your cereal and dried goods.
    Good luck!

  61. You need bay leaves, and lots of them. I'm talking 2 or 3 per shelf and one in each packet/container of food that's open. It works a charm on pantry moths, and your pantry will smell lovely, too!

  62. Yep, when I was in Uni, we had pantry moths in the apartment I shared with two other girls. They are disgusting. The tips the other commenters gave helped us, too. Good luck! If you throw everything out and clean and stow your carbs in airtight containers you should get rid of them!

    Love your drawing! This kind of moths looked at from a distance are beautiful. But when they come in at night and keep bumping into the lightbulb, they're a bit scary to me, I have to admit. Strange, since butterflies aren't ...

  63. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Make sure you don" have any bags of dry chile peppers in your cupboard. Pantry moths LOVE them. Ask me how I know!

  64. I completely understand your moth problem...I've had that problem in my pantry and garage as well. My solution...STICKY FLY know, the ones that hang about 2 ft and dangle down from a tack! I'm telling you it works every time. It will also work with fruit flys.

  65. True, moths can be a problem, I'm not sure sticky fly strips would do the job.

  66. Maybe you should make fabric with moths AND cheerios on it to appease them.

    I'm just sayin...

  67. I have never done embroidery or crewel work before you posted you free "seed pods" pattern last month.

    Then, within a few days I encountered skeins of hand dyed yarn, and plain napkins, and I'm hooked!

    Here is a picture of the first project - finished within three obsessive days of starting ...


  68. Anonymous11:55 AM

    ok- I am blogger # 69 and am not taking the time to read all your other comment-ers, but I thought I'd mention that my dad had that problem a few years back and I ended up having to clean out the whole kitchen and scrub everything down. What a chore! Hope your problem is solved soon-that is NO fun!

  69. cheryl1:11 PM

    Dear anna, didn't read all the comments so I don't know if someone else mentioned this...used to own a pest control co.(don't ask)... but these moths are called pantry pests (good name) different from the ones that eat sweaters) Yes, you need to throw everything out and it is a good idea to put grains, cereal, rice, etc, in other containers, but what you also need to do is call a pest control guy...there are little traps that look like cardboard boxes, if i remember correctly...they are safe and contain a natural pherenome which attracts the annoying ones,,, you can get several and place them around in discreet places and that should solve the problem. Hope this helps. xxxcheryl l.

  70. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Popping in to say that I rec'd two of your Loulouthi Needleworks fabrics in the mail today, and they are so achingly beautiful, they make me want to cry - in a good way. I just held them for so long, walking them around my sewing area searching for just the right home until they tell me what they want to become. I'm in love again.

  71. they are called indian meal moths and I just dealt with this! they are awful and disgusting, you will find the larvae worms also. The only container they cannot get into is screw lids so my entire pantry is ball jars! Good luck, and throw anything out that looks infested with stringy webs of eggs and such. YUCK!

  72. girl, we've got grain moths too random. we're using the pheromone traps that we bought off amazon + cleaning/scrubbing and then putting everything in screw on plastic containers or storing in the refrigerator. hope they all die! (is that mean to say? oh well).
    LOVE the idea of moths. :-)

  73. Moths totally freak me out. Especially giant ones that fly around your bedroom at night. I think I would have lost it if I found them in my food.

  74. They sound like weevil (pantry) moths. I used to go crazy keeping everything in airtight containers and couldn't understand why they were still there, sometimes even IN the airtight containers and in new, unopened packets of flour etc. Then I was told that they don't fly into your food, they actually arrive in the food - as eggs! I have some great sticky traps from the supermarket (in Australia) that they fly towards and get stuck on. Pretty gross but works the best of anything I've tried...

    Your moth sketches are beautiful x

  75. I'm not going to give you any suggestions, just sympathizing and letting you know I've thrown out and replaced all the foods in my pantry 3x. Now it's empty, and I don't use it....I'm not saying that is that right thing to do, just saying your post made me feel better:)

  76. My sister had the same moths (carb eaters). I hate to give you some more possible bad news but the little wormy things would end up crawling on the kitchen ceiling.

  77. I don't know if anyone else has already suggested this, but we had hideous pantry moths here in Atlanta, and we used flypaper to get rid of them. Things I didn't know: flypaper is super sticky and kind-of smells; you have to change it pretty often if you don't want to watch moth bodies decompose; it's cheap and works like a charm.

    Hope that helps!

  78. I really like the OXO Good Grips pop containers. They are plastic but have a sealing rubber gasket, and stack together really nicely. They would probably work well too if you didn't want to get glass containers! You can buy them at Bed Bath & Beyond or on Amazon.

  79. i love all of your creations. this in progress swarm might just be my favorite! can't wait til it's available!

  80. Your sketches are amazing!! I hope you keep some of the moth theme going, even with the "weeyurhd" problem of your carb-addicted moths. Don't know what to tell you about that. Gah. Ick. I'm sorry!

  81. So I'm one of the lucky ones with pantry moths, too ... and if I dare take this a step further, since they arrive in the flour, grains, etc. we end up eating them and not knowing it?? I understand that freezing the food kills them, but then what?? Aren't they still IN the food? Maybe I really don't want to know! YIKES!

  82. I don't mean to duplicate info here, but can't possibly read all the previous comments to be sure. They WILL go away one day, really! --What worked for us was the glass container trick and bay leaves. Really! Osage oranges, not so much, but bay leaves all splintered up and scattered on each and every pantry shelf sent them packing. Good luck!

  83. Poor people. Been there, done that. Felt like soldier i battle every time I spotted one. Tough to get rid of but slowly they disappear. Wash along wires in kitchen and all edges along ceiling. I found some clinging to the wall in coocons.Good luck!

  84. Clarissa12:40 PM

    adore the moth drawings and am excited to see the final result. moths, in their mysterious, feathery way, can be even more lovely than butterflies. if you need additional print inspiration pick up Gene Stratton-Porter's A Girl of the Limberlost...

  85. TierneyRose9:22 AM

    I love insects of anykind. Butterflies usually get all the attention so I'm so excited for the Moths! You should check out the artwork of John Cody ( for some inspriation. Giant silk moths are so beautiful. I can't wait to buy yards and yards for a fabulous quilt!

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  87. our grain moth battle seems endless. yes the pheromone traps work, and if they get in the wool-set everything outside to freeze for 24 hours, then wash.
    good luck!

  88. Anonymous10:30 PM

    anna maria- you need to put your carb-y things in the freezer when you first bring them home- for at least a couple of days (sometimes the eggs are already in the produce and freezing them will make them unhatchable)- then you need good airtight storage containers to put them into after you have put them in the freezer! good luck :)

  89. Blech! We had those moth things in our pantry in our old house. We cleaned it, scrubbed the walls, threw out everything, fumigated the room, cleaned again, and THEY CAME BACK... so we sold the house and bought a new (like, brand new) one!!!

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