Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking Action

Today I am proud to share my support of Action Kivu with you. If you read me here often, you know that I try not to bug you about causes too much, unless I really feel strongly about them. We- you and I- are so blessed to be a small part of the huge supportive, nurturing, and educational world of creative blogging, belonging to very many caring people. The work that Action Kivu does seeks to offer victims of violence in Eastern Congo a chance at just the tiniest bit of what you and I enjoy every day- learning a trade and getting an education. I won't go on about their work, their website does a better job explaining the intricacies of their struggle, and the urgency of their efforts.

But I will go on about my friend Alissa a bit. Alissa has done all of us a beautiful service, by bringing us a simple, and painless way to help Action Kivu. It isn't often that you have the chance to support a cause that is both vitally necessary and also transparent in its efforts. While giving to really a large organization for a worthy cause that you believe in is a good thing, I am sometimes left with a small nagging question about how my offering will be used.... and hope that its how I would choose for it to be used. There is a bit of surrender that has to happen- from your bank account, but also your will. That's why you can take not just pride but also joy in helping out this cause because it is a genuine need, an uncomplicated approach and shared with us through Alissa, who is as passionate about this program as she is vigorous in her appeal. She is a good egg.

Please, even if you are only able to give the smallest amount, visit this post on Alissa's blog to learn about how you can give, and at the same time put your name in the running for amazingly lovely prizes donated from some of Alissa's pals in craftyland. (After having thrown my own name in a few of those runnings, please know that I would only dilute my chances to win if I really cared about this cause!) And if you cannot offer anything now, please share with your family and friends.

Our own Sunshine & Flowers Baby Quilt is one of the possible prizes in the running. I am also bulking up the loot by offering a free pattern to every winner in each category. I am so honored to be a very small part of Alissa's good work. I am going to rest my thoughts on the hand stitches in that quilt- the ones made in a safe, loving environment- and dream that the same will be possible for every woman and child who is affected by the violence that we hope and pray will end.

with love and thanks, Anna Maria


  1. Thank you for sharing!!! I just donated and will spread the word.

  2. Thank you for passing this along. I will try to spread the word.

  3. actually, this is just my thing so i dont mind you sharing at all ;) add me to the list of those spreading the word ~ thanks again!

  4. agree to all - sounds like a worthy cause :) and what a great idea to make a feature of the stitching on the binding! brilliant

  5. I'm perfectly happy to hear about great causes like this. We live in such a bubble compared with many, many other women. I don't have a blog, but I have one heck of a mouth, so will spread the word the old way!
    Love your quilt.

  6. Megan McClain Kwacz1:25 PM

    I often wonder if creativity matters one hell of an anthill in a world where atrocities reek havoc upon womens' bodies, children die dreaming of water and political entities climb upon the backs of the poor while all of us white folk profit over and over again. And yet my wonderings and my angst don't stop me from climbing up into my cushy couch and enjoying the Buddha-like calm of embrodiery. It also provokes me to be about more than just my own work--which is why I direct Shakespeare with urban kids in the summer, and run a small jewelry business with struggling single mothers and young girls in my poverty-striken neighborhood. THank you for being an artist with a conscience and an abundance of compassion. I think artists who are also ACTIVISTs need more of a voice for the generations behind us who will see more tragedy and more beauty. Peace on, good woman.

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