Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shop Talk


Here's today's bullets, look out:

:: I am so thrilled, honored, humbled, excited (and all those other things that make me sound nice and modest) to be over visiting with Amanda for her soulful mothering series today. I wrote about my messy kids. Ha, no not really. Well, sort of.

:: I have a new blog banner, get outta your reader and get over here to see it, you.

:: And a new front page.

:: I updated my FAQ page

:: I updated my about page to include the facts that I have actually written two books, not one, and have 6 children not 5. Hasty, you say? I think it was time.

:: I created a new slide show of my Quilt Market booth

:: I (finally) have slide shows for Innocent Crush and Loulouthi up on the fabrics page.

:: I now have a Loulouthi flickr group waiting for your projects.

:: There's a Little Folks and Folksy Flannels sale going on in the shop now (yay!)

:: I have a Sample Room! I do, I do, I do! At least while it lasts.

:: I love tabouli.

:: The kids captured a menacing spider that has been following me around the studio for a few weeks.

:: Isabela named him Stanley and feeds him moths.

:: She feels conflicted about the moth feeding thing, but Stanley won't touch Special K or pretzels.

:: Its gettin' real in the Whole Foods parkin' lot.

:: A few of the above points are not so much relevant to shop talk as they are of general all around importance.

love from the summer house, (haha, no I don't have a summer house, just this one, where its currently summer) xo, Anna


  1. You did a lovely piece over at Amanda's! I didn't know you had a blog, but I have bought fabric and love it:-)

  2. I'm loving the new blog banners. This one in particular.

    With all these tasks accomplished, I hope you can sit and relax a while. Enjoy the summer fun!

  3. I left my reader and looked at your new blog banner and sample shop. Love! In the sample shop you have some slip dresses; do you sell a pattern for these?

  4. Hi Elaine, all of the samples are actually made from my patterns. Anything you see that is a bias cut slip with straps is an adaptation of the Roundabout Dress & Slip pattern :)

    hope that helps!

  5. Love the new blog banner!
    A really smiley post and Stanley is a great name for a spider. :)

  6. Oh thanks! I have almost all of your patterns but not that one, so I'm off to purchase it! I'm also on pins and needles for that new blouse pattern you featured at QM. :)

  7. Egads! The spider shivers me. That is a brave girl!

    Thanks for your lovely post about soulful mothering. I've just been adjusting to my one little one being home for the summer and panicking about the space. I appreciate the suggestion to not fret about it so much.

  8. Yeah for your sale and yeah for my disorganization yesterday which meant that I didn't place my planned order until today!!! I'm stocking up before we move to France (although I'm sure you sell your fabrics there too!) the girls all need new quilts and your baby receiving blankets make the BEST airplane blankets. They roll up small and are so much cosier and softer than the scratchy, static ones the airline gives you. Thanks for all your great posts over the last few weeks. Everything you write resonates so much with life in our house right now!

  9. I love that your kids tried to feed the spider cereal. I'm kind of surprised mine haven't done that yet, actually.

  10. I DID notice!!! I actually really love the changes! Very summertime!
    I really enjoy coming here and meeting someone else with 5 or more kiddos like me...i need a laugh and reassurance I am not the only one that moves furniture in my mind!

  11. Love the changes! In my spare time I dabble with jewelry making and am getting my work room ready for a sewing machine too! I can't wait to purchase some fabric to play with.

    I'm a luxury linen rep by day and have to say that I absolutely ADORE your fabrics. The quality is so great and the pattern and colors are so refreshing!


  12. Just found your blog via soulemama. JUST my style.
    Thank You

  13. Hi Anna Marie, I just read your guest post and came over to visit your blog after I read you lived in Nashville. Me too.

    Now I'm off to visit your sample shop.
    P.S. Never saw your old banner, but I love the new one. :)

  14. Oh my goodness, the baby girl dresses (I have a 7 month old), and the Summer sundress...and the small gathering dress. I want, I want, I want. So beautiful. :)

  15. Thanks for what you wrote over at SouleMama. I needed to be reminded that it's "choosing to feel cozy and tucked in" that really makes the difference -- not the perfectly clean, picked up house. :) It just doesn't happen often with 5 kids.....

  16. jennifer2:29 PM

    i just read your guest post (loved it so much!!!) on soulemama and had to check out your blog. (i love it) yea! a new blog to read,

  17. Oh to live with a spider named Stanley because your child feeds it. Now that is love.
    xo, Cheryl

  18. Julia3:32 PM

    Oh Anna Maria, what a lovely post you wrote over at Soule Mama. I so very much needed to read that today. I only have one child so far (he's just a year old) and I often feel so overwhelmed and down on myself that I can never manage to keep the house looking "chaos-free". Sometimes I look at people's blogs or friends who seem to have it all together and I feel even worse. So it is SOOO very good to know, that I'm not the only one with "space-sharing" issues ;-)
    And you are so utterly right about making up your mind to feel "tucked in and happy" mess or not!
    Your last little note that you penned in your book about the little scene in your studio brought me to tears.....the good kind:-)

  19. I came over from Soulemama. That was a lovely piece you wrote.
    Also, I am pretty sure that spider in the jar is a Parson's Spider. I can't see the top, but the bottom looks just like one. If so, they are good, good, good. They eat Brown Recluse spiders, always a good thing.

  20. Anna - I loved your guest post and so so so needed it right now. All your posts recently have helped in some way or another. I've been thinking about what you said to me in January - about "killing it with kindness." It's so hard to me to do that- but I am making an effort!!
    Thank you for sharing all that you do here. It really is so awesome of you!!

  21. I read Soulemama almost everyday! She makes such beautiful quilts - you both do, actually!
    Your post was so lovely, and so true. When my husband and I were going to birthing classes, one of the questions the teacher gave us to ponder was the issue of space. Of giving the space to our child in our home and in our lives that she would require to be the person we would want her to be. It's an important component of parenthood, and up to that point honestly I hadn't thought much about. I try to consider it now often, sharing my "bubble", my private space, my time, my body... LOL notice the use of the word "MY"... it really isn't mine is it?
    Excellent writing, thank YOU for sharing with US!

  22. Your blog post made my day after a tough day at work! The spider story had me LOL. Made my day to read your post. Thanks Anna!

  23. The Whole Foods Parking Lot link was hilarious! I've actually experienced that parking lot and can attest to the crazy parking situation. :)

  24. Anonymous9:17 PM

    It is indeed real in the Whole Foods parking lot. ;)
    Love that I will be able to go check out new links!

  25. Is anyone else having problems seeing the photos? Would love to see the Quilt Market photos but can't see them on computer or IPad.???

  26. Loved this post. WF parkin' lot is killing me! If you're ever at the new one in Franklin, wave when you see me circling. :) Thanks for sharing!

  27. As to your summer house...My uncle once had an answering machine message which said: "You have reached the XXXX summer house. Some are here and some are not. Please leave a message."


  28. The new blog topper is so fresh the overt summer colors. I'd lov to sit on that red rattan chair that you offer a glimpse of, wearing one of those dresses in your sample sale.

  29. Changes are always good for a blog or site. Even if you change your menu, or the design, or the comment form. I think readers appreciate this things. It has to be good for a blog owner.

  30. I have just stumbled upon your blog via another person's blog and I have to say I thrilled I have :)

    I am absorbing so many ideas right now I don't know what to turn my hand to first.

    I'll be looking in to follow and capture some inspiration. thank you for sharing

  31. bwags, I've just double checked the links for the market slide show page and everything is showing up on my end. The slide show grabs the photos from my flickr page, so if flickr is being slow you could experience some delays.... not sure how else to help, but hope its working for you by now.
    xo, AM

  32. Shin Ae11:00 AM

    My eight-year-old son on the subject of your new header: "Is that...EMBROIDERY?" me: "Yep." son (trying to touch embroidery THROUGH computer screen): "ooooh."

    We like it.

  33. Oh mama I'm lost in a loop of links here! Looks like you've got some super fun stuff going on. Great post over at Soulemama the other day, thanks.

  34. What a stunning new blog header AND front page! Oh. Love. Your sample shop is totally cute. Makes me want to go sew, of course. Off to read your interview now. Congrats on being featured on SouleMama!

  35. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I'm dying of laughter -- that's my local Whole Foods, and I always get road rage in their genuinely ludicrous parking lot if I ever have the misfortune to shop there. I can almost always avoid it but sometimes I just don't have time to go farther, especially with the baby. I generally leave muttering about how they should change the name to Whole Wallets.

  36. We call Whole Foods: Whole Paycheck Foods, hahaha, ya gotta love it. They totally have it coming!

  37. Thanks! Oddly, when I brought this up on my PC I could see the pics. The computer that I usually work on is a Mac and wouldn't let me see them!
    Loved looking at your booths! Fabulous!!

  38. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I LOVE the sample room...DYING over the Good Book Dress!!!

  39. Love all the new stuff but where is the thread and perle cotton??!! You're killing me with anticipation over here! And it's commonly referred to as "whole wallet" in Atlanta!

  40. its coming, its coming, any day!!! Its kiLLing me too! xo, AM

  41. Cathryn2:14 PM

    Hey! That's MY Whole Foods! A very good representation of their parking lot. You evidently have (at least) two readers that live in Venice. :)

  42. What a funny video!

    I'm impressed that your children kept the spider. My 1st and 4th children prefer that I put them outside so they can live a full life while the 2nd and 3rd children would prefer death to all spiders and bugs. lol

    I hope your summer home has air conditioning! ;)

  43. Hello,
    while I enjoy all your posts. your bulleted lists always resonate with me...its the stream of conscience that I adore.

    Thanks for the quick shipping of my recent order - my full set of Loulouthi is freshly washed and folded waiting for some divine inspiration.

  44. love it. the whole stinkin' list actually!
    especially the post over at amanda's.

  45. I love your reference to the 'summer house.' That's how I refer to mine this time of year... The kids are home from school, we're all in and out a hundred times a day, and there is constantly a layer of sand and water on the floor. Gotta love the summer house!

  46. I am cracking up at that video. Thanks for sharing it. Laughing...laughing...


  47. Cute!!


  48. Anonymous8:20 AM

    love the embroidery thread circle!!!

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