Thursday, July 22, 2010

Isabela's Argyle Block


This is the sewn up version of the Argyle Block that Isabela designed for our Rainbow project. Planning out colors carefully to make that cool overlap of color so often found in argyle patterns would make for a really amazing quilt- I might just have to make a whole quilt with this block and see that happen. So as promised to you and the kidos, here is the second installment of free downloadable block instructions to inspire your own patchwork-Isabela's Argyle Block Template. Have fun! I love this one, because its only one same triangle for the whole block. Some days that is all my brain can handle. Like today for instance. And yesterday. And, I'm just guessing tomorrow too. Anyway. Both this one and Joseph's Block are linked at the Rainbow page too. More soon!


And somewhere under the Rainbow we have a great writeup over at the Etsy blog. It is such a good, good article- my friend Linzee McCray (she blogs here) wrote it, and she is just a really talented writer. You often are interested in articles due to the subject matter, but that aside, she just makes the read informative, smart, real, thoughtful and such a pleasure to read. Take note editors- she is a gem! Thank you Linzee! Also woven into the story is another quilting effort headed up by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. There is just no shortage of kindness. Its always about connecting the dots. Connecting the generosity with the need. A beautiful thing! And I will keep saying thank you to those of you who have participated so far and who will be participating, or sharing the news or donating, or whatever, thank you. I am only connecting dots. That was always my favorite.

kisses, Anna


  1. Beautiful block. Full of possibilities! Plus the added benefit of only one size to cut--very big bonus!

  2. Yay, for Isabela's block! It's gorgeous, and I can't wait to try it. Thank you! I read that article on the Etsy blog - fabulous!

  3. This one is right up my feeble minded old alley. Am gonna pull down my argyle sweater from the shelf, study it, and will be off to our little quilting shop in the morning to get fabric. I can’t wait.

    Genie Robinson

  4. I do like that block! Off to read the article...

  5. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [23 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  6. I am going to join the fun and send a block in. I don't know how to quilt ( I had to actually google the term "quilt block" to see if it meant it had to be already quilted or not, I'm not kidding I really googled it). I will make my block, I'll send it in, and if I can help with the efforts of putting it all together, I am you girl as well. Carolina

  7. I copied the patten and am thinking of that being my few blocks -- in a couple days.

  8. That's a beauty. It's making me want to stop hoarding my Good Folks fat quarters and make a quilt.

    P.S. - Guess who I saw in the latest issue of Country Living. ;-) Loved it.

  9. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Hi Anna Maria,
    Isn't great how the Source always connects us to the right people! I have recently been making disappearing 9-patch blocks in just the right size! I made them to give away and your project is perfect. They are all mostly from the same charm pack. Some have more than two colors or other fabric. Should I send them all? Then u can pass on any u can't use?
    Bright Blessings.
    Mary C.

  10. Oops...don't want to be anon.
    Mary C.

  11. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Love your stuff. Can you tell me what kind of sewing machine you like/use.


  12. How Cute, and Creative!

  13. I put a link to the Rainbow project on my blog too. I see you got my blocks. Thanks for doing this!!!

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  15. Good article thanks

  16. Mary Fons9:23 AM

    She's a natural, that Isabella! Lovely block and such a gorgeous family.

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