Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One in a million


Out of a million things I could/should have done with the last hour or two I did this. I cross stitched and covered a button. I did not let the joy I took in doing this task distract me from how important it was that I did it at the very instant that I did. It. I had to. Do. It. There are certain endeavors that once you have the mind to do them, there is just no escaping it. Not sleep, not meals, not even 6 children and a design studio could keep me from this one today. If you have the mind and want to do: I used 14ct Aida cloth, Perle cotton-sz. 8, and one of the zillions of un-packaged not labeled or remembered needles sticking out of my pin cushion to be exact. The design was my own doodling on graph paper before starting. That part can help with the kids if you tear a sheet or two out for them to doodle too.

Oh- which reminds me! I will be back later this week with a Rainbow update, and some downloadable templates that I'm working from our own family block design time. We have been overwhelmed with gorgeous blocks & generosity over here so far!!

xoxo, AM


  1. Adorable--I want to try it. Right now. Even though I'm at work and have no way of doing it. But if I could I would--totally get ya with your mindset here :)

  2. I understand about getting into that mindset to, when your to-do list seems a million miles away, and what you are working on feels like the most urgent task in the world. I love your blog.
    Thank you!


  3. It's a sure sign that you're going to love the thing you've made when you have such a strong urge to make it there and then isn't it? I like those moments [and your button!].

    Julie :)

  4. Yes, it is adorable. I might have to give it a try too. There are SO many things I want to try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Holy Cow, that's a beautiful button! I can totally relate to hyperfocus! It's a day-to-day battle... if only I could hyperfocus on those things I don't enjoy doing... at least then they'd be out of the way!

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  7. Seriously, I don't know how you do it. I look at that button and think, "wow, cute button. I wish I could make a button like that" then I remember that not only did you make that button, you have a design studio to run and 6 kids to raise.
    B x

  8. I completely understand...My compulsion today was to make your Cinch belt for my expecting daughter....Just finished it!! Love it!

  9. Yes, you have put it very well in words and in a beautiful photo. Isn't there really something indescribable about having time melt away while you are focused on doing something creative?

    That something could be cooking, or drawing, painting, sewing, or any sort of needle craft that does demand that attention be paid.

    Your embroidered button is a gem. I also like what you said about sort of scribbling on graph paper.

    (Here in NYC, the wonderful yarn/fabric shop Purl is definitely showing itself to be a big fan of yours.)


  10. Yep, we all recognise that one. I am mean't to be packing boxes for our house move this weekend. So what am I doing instead? Trawling the internet (from NZ) for blog candy and yours is definitely candy.

  11. Charlene7:07 PM

    Anna Marie, you continue to inspire me to live each day and just for each moment! With all the chaos in life I struggle with moments. So thank you for your continual happiness, love, and inspiration that you so openly share through your blog! You are AMAZING!

  12. It's been years and years since I've cross-stitched and I'm only 33. It was something I did a lot in my youth. Thanks for always giving out great inspiration.

  13. wow,you did so good,excellent

  14. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Intircate and yet so cute! Wonderful, like most of your work!!

  15. And now I feel that way about adding a block to your Rainbow project... alas, I'm at work, so I will have to fidget impatiently until I can get to my fabric tonight.

  16. What a gorgeous button! I don't blame you for setting all else aside to create this wonderful item! Wow....six kids and a design studio! I wish I had 1/16 of your energy. Such eye candy when I come here...love your designs.

  17. You have inspired me to create what I feel like creating when I feel like creating it--instead of all the "shoulds" calling out to me.
    Too many times the things that were speaking to me faded away to mere whispers because I ignored them.

  18. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Sometimes it's nice to work at the small details that make even the smallestthing truly special!

  19. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Beautiful idea, no wonder you had to stop every thing and do right then! Have a wonderful weekend with those beautiful kiddo's!

  20. Wow these are great!

  21. What a pretty button! I have those moments, too, when I simply must drop everything and create some little item--a bit of beauty, condensed into a tiny world--no matter what else is going on. Today, for example, I decided that instead of constantly searching for my yarn needles at the bottom of my bag when I knit out, I would sew myself a little needle book. Smaller than a business card, my little book has a bit of everything--a seafoam green knitted cover in seed stitch, a lining in cute children's fabric with jungle animals, and a white felt pouch complete with shamrock green vintage button. Like you, this was simply something I had to do. Having decided on it, that was that. And how wonderful to sit down and create a tiny something or other for an hour or two!

    Thank you for your lovely blog. It is always a must-read for me, as it provides so much inspiration and makes me realize how much beauty there is in the world!

  22. Adorable. My husband does not particularly care for my instant.got.to.it. moments. I tend to make a messs while doing them.

  23. Hello,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and love discovering your everyday life as a designer!!
    I'm a cross stitch designer, and your button is very cute. But if I may just give you a little cross stitch lesson: all your stitches should be in the same direction (meaning that if your first half stitch goes from right to left and the following one from left to right, all your other stitches should be done in the same direction), that will give your work a better aspect.
    I really love reading your blog!!!!

  24. Wow, your so talented. I just started sewing and that button is so beyond me! I am a huge fan of your fabrics and artwork. I am just begining in the fabric/textile/design world and your blog is very inspiring to keep doing what I love. Oh, and your family is so freakin' adorable, I can't take it!

  25. Ha! Emanuelle, I was waiting for someone to tell me that- my mom always did that too!!! Like I said, I enjoyed it!


  26. Have been wanting to try this. What do you use to make the covered buttons. Once worked for a designer that had a button press. That thing was amazing. Major gadget envy!!

  27. I love the fact you have 6 kids and cross stitch buttons! Completely inspirational. BTW, I made your tunic top last night (from Seams to Me) and I love it.

  28. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Of course I am always inspired your creativity! I F-I-N-A-L-L-y got the July edition of Country Living at Wallyworld today. One page? One page? That is all they gave the best fabric designer in the world? Well, it was still great. I thought they should have given a whole edition to sewing and creativity. I really did enjoy it. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  29. aww the cross-stitch button is adorable!! i love it!!

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