Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just a Sprinkling


So somehow I failed to mention that yesterday was the official publication date of my book. We had been, as you know, slightly occupied over the weekend, it goes without say. When Roman and I posed for this author photo last summer at Nashville's famed Dragon Park as it turns out we were battling the weather then a bit too, which fluctuated between a sprinkling and a steady rain. Occasionally we had to duck under an umbrella and deal with raindrops appearing in some of the shots. And Roman kept a very quizzical look on his face as he experienced one of his first encounters with raindrops on his head. (Yes I tried the hood. It had results similar to this only more 3-month-old-like.)

I have had the best time reading through all your entry comments for a chance to win the book! You guys seriously crack me up. Before I tell you the winners, let me first say there are tons more chances to win a copy of Handmade Beginnings as it blog-tours for the rest of the month making stops at the blog-homes of several good friends. Not to mention a chance to win a grand prize of a Singer sewing machine and loads of fabric here! And amazon, now has the Nesting Cubes posted as a free project for you to try out! (Bonus points if you can get a baby to do this.) So here is the tour schedule which Craftzine so kindly kick-started yesterday:

May 3~ Craft
May 4~ Indie Fixx
May 5~ Sew Mama Sew
May 6~ Pink Chalk Studio
May 10~ Wise Craft
May 14~ House on Hill Road
May 16~ Purl Bee
May 18~ All Buttoned Up
May 19~ Alabama Chanin Journal
May 20~ Homemade by Jill
May 21~ True Up
May 22~ Oh, Fransson!
May 23~ Prudent Baby
May 24~ Sew Liberated
May 25~ Handmade by Alissa
May 26~ Hazelnuts
May 27~ Petite Purls

Thank you for all your comments and excitement for my book. It really is so encouraging and the icing on the book-writing cake. I have been warmed by everything that you write here in regards to your family, your babies, your losses, your hopes, and all else that comes with growing a whole family and nuturing a tiny new life. It inspires me as a mama and a maker more than you could know. I like thinking that we are raising our children together, in a way, and am comforted daily by your good company. Thank you, thank you.

And my winners:

Lisa said...I can't choose just one, I love the photo of Reuben trying to take the jacket off (how cute is his belly?) and also the one of Roman and his Daddy - my daughter does the same face squishy thing when we hold her like that. The book looks just beautiful. Congratulations! 2:44 AM


SplendorFalls said...I'm choosing the picture of Claire because I'm still laughing over nationwide ovulation. BWAH! That's just too funny. Cheers! Mary Claire 8:42 AM

Congrats, and email me your mailing address!!

xoxo, AnnaMaria


  1. that photo of you and baby roman is precious. congratulations, winners. :)

  2. Congrats on the new book. I just saw the video preview on Amazon and it looks great.

    Cute pix too in this post. The mosaic seat reminds me of some your fabric.

    Have a great week.

  3. Annie C1:29 PM

    Oh, you make me tear up, Anna ! Your blog makes my day, cuz you love us all so much!

    I got some of your voiles over at Pink Chalk -- gotta love Kathy Mack, too! I'll be sure to stop by there on Thursday. Fabric folks are the best! Time to sew!!!!

  4. I'm too impatient to see if I can win a book, I bought it yesterday from Barnes and Noble online. I told my husband it's my mother's day present!

  5. I got my copy last week (thanks, amazon!) and I already made that cute little jacket for my son. it turned out beautifully, i absolutely love it. congratulations on the book!

  6. he is SO yummylicious.

  7. Hurray!!! I have never won ANTHING through blogs before. I got so excited reading this that my husband jumped out of the shower to see what had happened! Thanks so much... Emailing you now xxxx

  8. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I live in Nashville too and i love the picture of you guys at Dragon Park! Hope you and your loved ones have been okay through all the rain

  9. I ordered your book on Amazon and it came yesterday! WOW! I loved Seams to me but you really outdid yourself on this one. I can't put it down. I am ordering one for my sister back east so we can make things together even though we are 2,000 miles apart. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  10. Just a little note to say that I made a project from your book yesterday! It turned out great and my not so little toddler looooved the hen and chicks! :)

  11. Oh Anna! A wicked wicked idea of a blog chase for your book! I LOVE it! Looking forward to discovering the blog links and chasing your book!

    cheers! Poorvi.

  12. And offcourse..congratulations to Lisa and SplendorFalls. Very well deserved. :)

  13. aaaand (sorry!)..I just love the picture in today's post. It's precious. Ok..no more comments for today. promise.

  14. emedoodle- I saw it on flickr already- adorable! so happy it went well and the kids are enjoying :) Be sure to tell, them I designed it just for them ;-)

  15. So I am following along on the Blog Tour... reading through your interview with Sew Mama Sew, and to what do my wondering eyes do I read? Something about a new line... Innocent Crush?! How exciting! Will there be sneak peaks?

  16. Cindy G2:19 PM

    It was a good UPS day yesterday, got your book and an order from Alabama Channin. I needed a good evening snuggled up with some new books and stuff to look at! My babies are big now, but I will be trying some of the stuff out for friends babies, and some of my friends are even having grandbabies!

  17. I LOVE this photo. That mosaic is gorgeous - and you two match it perfectly! :)

  18. Okay, I knew my chances- so I ordered the book from one of the "big guys". I was thrilled that it arrived yesterday, until I opened the box and found some crazy (EXPENSIVE too) book on some big fashion designer that I had never heard of--- WHOOPS! Lucky me, they had it in stock at my local "big guy" in town and were happy to fix this for me today. I haven't gotten to look yet, but I CAN'T WAIT to take a hot bath and indulge!

  19. I have zero need for a book about baby stuff anymore, thanks to gargantuan teen kids, but I saw the little button booties on another blog, and I was tempted. Oh, I was tempted. Still pondering excuses to grab it. :p

  20. Hallo! Your photo it's wonderful! I'm italian and I speak a little in english but I like so much your work...
    Come and see me to http://cosaminvento.blogspot.com/. 'Bye.

  21. I just got the book in the mail today and I LOVE it :) I'm 3 months along and can't wait to start sewing! Congrats!

  22. Anonymous11:17 PM

    you are an amazing artist and design I love all your creation!!!

  23. Congratulations on the new book :-). I've been sewing with your voile and love it! Any chance you'd be able to rerelease some Bohemian prints [which I only discovered after they were impossible to find] in voile? They'd make for some gorgeous clothing!

  24. Oh, I love the photos! And now I can't wait to see the book and make some things for my friends who are having babies.


  25. Anonymous10:05 PM

    AnnaMaria, I'm not a blogger but follow yours religiously. I just wanted to say what a gorgeous picture of you and baby Roman on this Mother's Day. You're a beautiful gal with a beautiful family, and I just wanted you to know how much I admire you!
    Andrea from Florida

  26. I need to make some of those nesting cubes. So cute!

  27. Everything you make is so beautiful! You make beautiful, children, fabric, blankets, photos, crafts, home, everything you touch and a beautiful life. You are truly beautiful! What a blessing from God!

  28. how exciting.... love the little one's jacket--you could of fooled me about the weather!

  29. Hurray for you! Congratulations to your new book. Again, job well done.

  30. We got it in the shop a few days ago and it is really great! It's a big hit at Intown Quilters.

  31. 1. just found your blog. love it love it love it.
    and 2. is that intown quilters (from ATL) that just posted above me? if so, YIPEE, i can buy your book there this weekend!!

  32. Congrats on the new book!
    It just dawned on me seeing this new photo that YOU are in the family photo on the couch a few posts below. You look young enough to be the oldest sister! And not old enough to have several kids and a major design career under your belt! I'm even more impressed than I was before. (I have two kids and can hardly manage to find enough time to sew. And I definitely found it hard to work with them both at home so I was already impressed by your Roman-under-the-worktable post.)

  33. Jessica,
    I'm Anna Maria's mom. The photo you are referring to: That is indeed the big sister (who will be graduating from high school in two weeks) and not Anna Maria.

  34. Hi ! I just recieved your book yesterday by post (Australia) and was so excited. I made myself a cuppa and took time out from everything else - the kids especially and devoured everypage. What a credit to you , your book is amazing. Elizabeth X

  35. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I just love your blog, your fabrics and your books! Thanks so much for sharing - have you heard of SewWow - it's an online children's magazine full of color and cute kids - thought it might be up your alley!

  36. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Ana Maria, I just went to pick up a copy of your new BOOK! I love it!

    Regards from Mission,

    Mara Peters

  37. I've been following your "trip" around the blogosphere meticulously with the hopes of winning your fabulous book! I can't seem to find the post on Purl Bee, though. Any suggestions?

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Roman looks so cute!!!
    I think he enjoy the fabric book^^

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  43. Too bad I wasn't able to join the contest:) Anyway this is my first visit to your blog, and I'm loving it. I just checked out your book on Amazon. By the way the picture is so nice, very colorful and the baby is so cute... :)

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  46. Congrats to the winners! I hope you will do another contest soon, I didn't know your blog when you did this one but I will be glad to join in the next! keep us posted:)