Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bullets for Breakfast


* this is a bullet post
* the above is my new favorite breakfast of one egg fried in olive oil served on toasted cinnamon wheat bread
*Jeff makes this for me a few times a week
*up there when I was typing "fried", I first accidentally typed "friend" which I think says something about me
*I love the new bread we buy at Publix (above) that only has like 6 ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, honey, raisins, salt and cinnamon
*we've been trying to buy foods with fewer ingredients, as in all natural if we can help it
* it's hard but I feel good knowing what I'm eating
*Juliana's senior prom was last week and I took lots of pictures that I'll share soon
*her HS graduation is the evening I get back from quilt market, and I am happily occupied doing quilt market things instead of crying about her HS graduation
*I just barely got through prom photos without crying
*I'm saving the prom crying for when we can do that together here over the photos
*I'm hoping you're game for that
*I gave up diet coke and any sodas at the beginning of the year after drinking them since I was like 14, and I haven't fallen off the wagon once, and I don't even crave it anymore
*I do drink Perrier now and that is pricey
*the kids were out of school all last week due to how many schools have been cleaning up flood damage
*so all week we were flooded with children rather than getting quilt market prep done
*I was ahead of schedule
*after the kid flood I got behind schedule
*I'd say now I'm right on, but this post might push me 15 minutes behind
*I keep having to find the asterisk key and that makes me type s*l*o*w
*there are houses just a street or two from us that have just been devastated by the flood
*I finally muscled up the courage to go running on my regular route and passed house after house that had tons of ruined belongings pulled out to the road waiting to be hauled off
*I am trying to figure out a way to help flood victims and I am thinking about beginning an effort to make some quilts for families who lost everything
*holler if you're with me, I could use some seamstresses/quilters
*Isabela wrote me a beautiful note for Mother's Day about why she loves me
*A favorite sentence in her note was "I love how you do your OWN work your OWN way"
*My cell phone is hosed
*Or possessed, it makes sounds all by itself
*Jeff and I went to Verizon today to try and buy the Droid for me but they don't have any available until June
*that made me sad
*I wanted options
*Verizon girl had too many but none of them made me happy
*I asked questions about simple things and Verizon girl gave me not simple answers but more like paragraphs of words from pamphlets
*I began another question with let me ask you a simple question, and then she excused herself to go get some more information
*Upon returning, she replied well I have one option for you but its not really an option
*I am not kidding
*I can't remember what I said to her after that but Jeff thinks maybe I shouldn't have a tall black before going into the Verizon store to ask questions
*people get the impression that I am sweet
*Jeff would like to talk to you about that
*I want to thank Kathy, Beth, and Blair for writing such nice reviews of Handmade Beginnings
*I'll be visiting with Erin tomorrow, so come visit us there
*bring a tall black coffee or whatever makes you happy


  1. I'm in for the flood-relief quilting. Depending on the timeline....But I assume since you've got your own graduations to be worried about, I can fit mine (husband's and sister's) in.

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    You crack me up!
    Definately into making a quilt for a family devestated by the flood. Keep me updated!

  3. Haha--love this post!!!
    Those cell phone service store employees are not much better than robots.

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    *Love this post.
    *Love your sense of humor.
    *would love to help with the quilt/flood relief project.
    *is wishing I could go to quilt market
    *my oldest (of 9) is graduating this year also.
    *we are the same age!
    *I loved discovering this little tidbit, makes me feel young!
    *have a lovely day!

  5. * none of us will mind if your booth isn't perfect at quilt market.
    * can't wait to meet you. It's my first market.
    * i'd love to pitch in on floot relif projects.
    * i cry over the senior pics i've been taking of my cousins . . . it's ok.
    * being sweet and sentimental means sometimes we are just plain grouchy.
    * my husband would say the same about me.
    * it's ok, too.

  6. I love this post a*lot* I am willing to help with flood quilting momtasticstitchery at gmail dot com

    and verizon makes me nuts but I do love my droid phone mostly cause it's got the google all plugged in and I am all about the google

  7. I'd love to help make quilts for families hurt by the floods. I can't be out there helping directly with the clean up right now, which has been hard for me. This past week (almost weeks now) has made my heart hurt so much.

    tangerineandturquoise (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. I would love to help with the quilt project. Let me know how I can be a part of it!

  9. I am so happy to find your blog!
    Your life-eternal holiday!!!

  10. you crack me up too, and more and more I wish I'd have a chance to meet you in person... maybe at market someday (not this time, sadly!)
    I'm definitely up for helping make quilts. Let me know if there's anything I can do!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I would love to be a part of flood relief quilt-making. Though I've moved on, Nashville will always be home to me and I am heartbroken by the flood damage. Hubby & I spent the weekend there helping members of our old church clean up. Talk about devastation! Great idea to do the quilt thing. Please do count me in.

  13. *If you like sparking water but dislike the price, I recommend SodaClub machines (
    *If you don't like plastic bottles, they also offer glass.

  14. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Keep me posted about the quilt project! I'd love to help out.

  15. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Anna, you are HILARIOUS.

    Way to go on quiting the soda!

  16. I'm up for flood relief quilting! Let me know what you need, and I'm there!

  17. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Alright, I had to give it a moment's thought, but I AM in on making quilts to benefit the flood victims. In fact, I'd be crazy NOT to, because stitching for good is totally my goal. And, I love your fabrics. And, you're hilarious. So, how will this work? I hope you can provide the fabric ;)

  18. I would love to help with the sewing project too! Jess Bandelin

  19. you are too funny!! Love the Verizon girl comments!

  20. *call verizon. They can mail you a droid. And since I'm a new owner of one that was mailed to me I can tell you that it's easy peasy to set up. And if you want a QWERTY keyboard, get the Motorola Droid.
    *I'll make a quilt. Or crochet an afghan. Or whatever. Hook me up!

  21. *Count me in on the flood sewing
    *The book is so gorgeous and special
    *I am so proud of you
    *(I am almost finished with the Pretty as a Picture Dress
    *So glad to see you back -- phew!
    *What a week you've had, huh?

  22. *I'm in also on the sewing for the flood victims
    *try another Verizon store. They aren't all the same.
    *Try shopping Verizon online. They sometimes have better options
    *Try Costco for Verizon options
    Sorry. I've been a Verizon customer for a long time and found I just really had to shop around until I found the Verizon store/dealer who cared about me and not just commissions. . . .
    *Have a blast at Market
    *Hang in there on the graduation thing
    *Seems from the moment kids are born they are changing and we are watching them grow to leave us
    *Your kids will cherish all that you are and all that you do and have done for them

  23. Anonymous4:37 PM

    LOL... there were so many parts of this post I could relate to... from trying to eat simpler and quitting soda (just thinking about that this morning) and people thinking I'm sweet when I'm really not to what can be done to help the flood victims (thinking about donating artwork for a charity auction posted on FB if I didn't already miss the deadline). What if you used your quilts for a charity auction to raise funds? Just a thought!


  24. Too funny.
    I'm with you on the soda thing.
    I gave up soda as a 2009 New Year's resolution and it must be the ONLY ONE I've ever kept.
    I can not even take a sip of soda it is so awful. How does that happen, I loved soda. Trust me, you will go from not missing it to not being able to drink it. And since you mentioned you were trying to eat more healthy...this is a huge step in the right direction. Yeah for you!

  25. verizon makes me want to cry.
    i feel your pain.
    what else is good at Publix as far as foods with less ingredients? i'm on the same mission. i think i need to buy some of that bread.
    quilt market sounds like heavven and i want to go there.
    your entire post cracks me up.
    i would like to help with the flood relief quilting.
    likelaughter at gmail dot com

  26. I'm game for the flood relief quilting as well! I'm getting my sewing room set up and once it's set up I'm going to need projects to work on.

  27. I just finished my first ever quilt in April for my cousin's baby. Depending on the deadline, I would love to make another one and make it for a good cause. Keep us updated!

  28. Anonymous5:15 PM

    * When you wrote Jeff said maybe you shouldn't have a tall black before going into Verizon, I wondered if you/he meant "Guinness"

    * I'm not kidding

    * I guess that says something about moi (but I don't drink... much... really...!)

  29. I'm not a quilter-but I would love to aid in your efforts.

    I gave up "big business" soda 1 1/2 years ago. I love Dr. Brown's Diet Root Beer. SYFO water has no sodium and is my alternative to my favorite Pelligrino.

    I am done with Verizon. I've switched to Credo Mobile. Enough choice for my taste, and I can focus my efforts on the causes they support.

  30. Thanks for posting about flood relief. Nashville is my hometown, my family is in Williamson county so I am IN!

    My best friend, whose baby is due TODAY, had flood damage in her living/sewing room. They were not sure if they'd be bringing a baby home to a house with a floor or not; thankfully it was fixed over the weekend. They are much better off than many, but what a crummy time to welcome a baby to Music City!

  31. Anonymous6:37 PM

    i gave up diet coke and replaced it with soda water, too. i buy the store brand - so cheap - and more carbonation than perrier - reminds me more of diet coke. love it!

  32. Anna Maria, I'm totally in for the quilts for flood victims thing. Let us know all the details ... or whatever. I'll get cracking right away.

  33. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Love the bullet points! And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that loses my cool with Verizon. Happy Quilt Market!

  34. Count me in for the flood relief project!
    I love your blog, books, fabrics, everything, have been a lurker until now. :)

  35. Apple cider vinegar + water + honey has many health benefits, is slightly effervescent, and crazy cheap. It tastes very much like Kombucha. I've read that it is especially beneficial in the am, first thing. Good luck with the phone. I have an equally possessed Blackberry with an equally helpful Sprint representative. I'm pretty sure that if landlines weren't practically defunct, we'd all be better off to go back to them...

  36. I love how our partners know us ("...*people get the impression that I am sweet
    *Jeff would like to talk to you about that...") your posts, always great for a laugh, and sometimes a cry, always entertaining. Herta xox

  37. You can order a Droid on Amazon and transfer your phone account to it. My hubby did that- way cheaper! More money for healthy food. :) I wish I had your will power to give up my diet soda. xo

  38. Holla! Count me in for flood relief!

  39. Also in for flood relief sewing - whatever I can do to help!

  40. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I quit drinking soft drinks a couple of weeks ago. I've been drinking St. Croix sparkling water. The Harris Teeter here has it and it is quite often "buy one get one." The lime is good and if I get the plain I just plop in a slice of fresh lime. I have absolutely no craving for soft drinks anymore! Yay!

  41. funny..and I'd love to help. I helped clean out a few houses. It is so sad and devastating. Breaks your heart.

  42. You can always drink Publix Club Soda with a squeeze of fresh lemon. No, not *quite* Perrier but good and definitely easier on the budget.

    I love your life, its creativity, zest and that house full of wonderful children! You seem like so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us.


  43. i just wanted to leave a note saying my MIL made a dress for my almost 4 year old out of your fabric and it's my favorite thing. and my daughter wants to wear the dress all day long. so thank you for designing awesome fabric.

  44. I'd love to help you in any way with the quilt project. My husband is from TN and still has family there, including some in the Nashville area. So we've been keeping an eye on things as much as we can from Ohio. Just let me know what you need!


  45. I love the bullet post - I think most bloggers are afraid of doing them.

    That being said - congrats on the diet coke... I gave up pepsi this year... I haven't fallen off the wagon but man, I still want it every day. (switched to coffee - less crap in it).

    I'm all for some sewing for flood victims... rally us up! :)

  46. -I'd be down to help with piecing quilt tops for flood victims
    -I don't have a long or mid arm tho, so might be faster to have someone else do quilting
    -Speaking of faster, this little dash doesn't require use of the Shift key and is quite easy to find; perhaps another option for next bullet post?
    -I am amazed that you were able to give up Diet Coke. I...just...can't...
    -Have fun at Market! I hope to make it one of these years. Preferably as a totally famous designer or something. ;)
    -Email me about flood victim quilts if you like:

  47. Your post made me laugh, especially about the Verizon girl.

    When you mentioned about the flooding in your area and wanting to possibly make some quilts, I thought that a great idea, as when one loses everything to such a tragedy it would be wonderful to have true homespun comfort from a kind neighbor. I remember years ago we drove up to the McKenzie River area to stay in a cabin and play in the snow. One evening while there a neighboring house had caught fire. The lady of the house was out at the time, but when she returned home to see what had happened to her house she collapsed and was placed in an ambulance to recover. We walked over with the very first quilt I made and matching pillow as they were in my car. Though distraught over her loss, she accepted with thanks our offerings of comfort, and then we left. The following year we returned to the area for another visit to our favorite cabin and found that a lovely new home had been built in place of the burned house. It gave me comfort to think that a little quilt would have brought a new beginning after such a great loss for a family. So give a holler if you need some help with your comfort quilt project.

  48. La Croix sparkling water is pretty good. I don't know that anything can really equal Perrier but I asked my Publix to please order the Grapefruit(pommelmousse) La Croix and they have started stocking it and it's a huge seller, and now I noticed they are also stocking the Grapefruit Perrier.

    Being a transplanted Tennessean(I grew up in Memphis) I am broken hearted at what has happened to Nashville.

    I bought Seams To Me yesterday and am looking forward to trying so many of the projects. I'm a selftaught sewer so I'll be figuring out things as I go along but I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful project book.

  49. I love diet coke, hate asterisks, and am totally in for the quilting project. I'm here in Nashville as well, so I love the idea of helping neighbors!

  50. julesd7:23 AM

    I'm a beginning quilter, but I'd love to contribute to the project. Let me know what I can do. Juli at

  51. I wish I was a seamstress so I could contribute to the cause! I do however, have the phone number of Verizon's VP of HR in NYC (how's that for initials?) if you need any Verizon hookups! I have had so many problems with them and my Droid, but he hooked me up!

  52. This was GREAT!! So funny! I like your bullets for breakfast! Best of luck getting caught up for quilt market, and can't wait to see the prom pics. Haven't made a quilt in my life, unless you count the off-kilter one I made when I was 8 for my doll, so can't help in that area, but think it's a great idea for the flood victims. Anything to brighten their day. My heart is with them.

  53. Anonymous8:53 AM

    You are the coolest chic I know. How is it you have a child getting ready to graduate high school? You look SO young and I believe you are SO young. I like the bullet where you say, "People think I'm nice, but Jeff has something to say about that." Wouldn't all of our husbands/fiance's say that??? LOL!

  54. Loved your post. We went into a Verizon store the other day. WE got horrible service. We went to Best Buy instead. They were awesome.

  55. I would love to help out with the quilting project. Just let me know what you need.

    I've had bad experiences with Verizon as well. Good luck getting a new phone!

  56. I'd be happy to help out with a quilt or 2. Headed to the Gulf next week, not sure what we're going to find there. Vacation may turn into volunteering...

  57. I'm in for a "flood-of-love" quilt!!

  58. I was planning to get a droid, but according to the WSJ, verizon will have the iphone in Sept. I'm holding out for that now.

  59. *Just one thing

    *Try club soda with a splash of juice or lemon or lime, it is cheaper than Perrier and fulfills that desire for something fizzy.

  60. * I'm a lurker but I just had to comment today
    * I love the style of this post!
    * Can't wait to see prom photos so I can live vicariously through them (my son didn't go to his this year)
    * I feel for the flood victims
    * I would help you sew but I think my skills would make the people cry
    * I thought you were sweet - keep us in the dark here on the blog please : )
    * just kidding - be yourself!

  61. Totally in with the quilt. Keep us posted on a plan.
    Have a super time at Market!

  62. check on verizon's website for your phone. i got two that way, they offer more options and they overnight it to you for free!

  63. Ah,cell phones. They are as frustrating as wireless printers that don't work. I had a wonderful day too. I got to talk with both of our daughters who live in Texas. We just moved from TX to MI (boo hoo for me!) because of a corporate transfer. I keep telling myself this is temporary and that we'll be back home soon. I'm in for sewing quilts to help the Nashville citizens who lost all. Just say the word...

  64. *I'd be glad to help with the flood relief sewing.
    *I'm just down the road near the 'Boro!
    *I like the idea of friend eggs.

  65. I would LOVE to make some 4quilts for these families. Especially for moms and kids. I lived in FL growing up and know how much tragedy a natural event like this can cause.

    Let me know how I can help!

  66. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I too have given up a serious soda addiction (3 years ago) and I too immediately got stuck on Perrier. Love the stuff. Yes, it is expensive.

  67. Flood relief sewing? I live way north of you ... count me in if there is a way to make this happen!

  68. Hi! I just had to chirp in here about the Verizon phones. :) You should really check out the Droid Eris! My husband installed the 2.1 interface (I think that's the right terminology) on my phone... and now it's almost identical to his Incredible. I love, love, LOVE my new phone!!! The turn by turn navigation ROCKS, I download any music I can think of for FREE, & it does a million other things. There are instructions online on how to reprogram the phone & it completely won me over. Now I'm thrilled with my phone... and it cost under $30 with my new every 2 plan. :)

  69. a. Your writing makes me smile! thank you.
    b. I have a yummy Perrier substitution for you (my whole family is hooked on it - which can be annoying when you are buying and squeezing for 5 and also why I buy our limes at Costco) - so here it is - hope you like limes...squeeze one lime over ice and add seltzer water. Simple and fresh. And, if you happen to be near the Gin and some accidently flies into your glass, who would know?

  70. No. 1- Ditch Verizon, pay the fee, buy the Iphone and At&T. You'll never look back and you'll be happy.
    2. We lived in Brentwood from 87-94 and the one of the saddest times of my life was moving back north. I still keep in touch with all my friends, and if you need/want quilts for people down there I'm game. judy sebastian

  71. yes to flood quilting! i did a community quilt with friends and relatives when my friend's 91 y/o grandma lost her house in the tornadoes in iowa in 2008 ( great fun! just to be fair, that's not the best photo of the quilt, but it was scrappily delicious. :)

  72. can't wait to hear about your plan for flood quilts ... I'm absolutly interested!

  73. Cindy G10:38 AM

    I mostly gave up Diet Coke too, I do have one every now and then, like when I have pizza! Water and pizza, YUCKY!

    I'm IN for the quilts for flood families. That would be awesome, and I'm just down the road. I hear so many stories everytime I go out.

  74. *count me in for Quilt Flood
    *reflecting on "do your own work your own way"...nice
    *can't make it to MN for the chubby toe tickling :(

  75. lol! great post. Thanks for making me laugh this morning over my black short.

  76. I'd love to help with flood relief efforts. I'm way up here in WA state, so I think sewing something would make me feel useful. I'm reading the book Quilt for Peace, and there are a lot of great charity quilt groups out there!

  77. * Love the stream of conscious bullets
    * Sounds like the inside of my head most days
    * Read Kathy and Blair's review
    * Ordered book
    * Shipping confirmed
    * Expect Wednesday
    * May holler at the UPS man if its not here
    * You are in the south....
    * We are from the south...they don't make sweet tea here (Seattle)
    * We make slightly sweet decaf ice tea with a lime
    * drink it, about a gallon a day
    * my ice maker barely makes enough ice to support this habit
    * maybe you'll be lucky and have your egg/raisin toast for breakfast
    * have a lovely day!

  78. Count me in for help with a quilt as well.


  79. I would love to help with quilts. How about pillow cases? My girls could help with that.

  80. on the Perrier - try soda stream to make your own sparkling water at home..much more cost efficient

  81. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I would love to help flood victims! Sign me up and let me know what you need. Loved your post, though don't know if I could give up the soda. I just about killed myself giving up regular soda for diet a few years ago. Maybe someday...

  82. I've got a small quilt I will donate. It would be good for a little boy or girl. It's ready to go...just post the address to which I will send it.

  83. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I would also be happy to work on quilt tops. Please contact me if you're still needing help! -Jen

  84. Please see Alicia's blog if you have chance.

  85. I heard a rumor that Verizon is getting a version of the iphone! I am geekily excited about this.

  86. i like your photos sooo much

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