Monday, April 05, 2010

Hey Twin Cities!


It's a bi-annual scheme of sorts. Putting together a Quilt Market booth that is. And next month is no different (yikes, next month!??) This Spring, my booth display scheme is in need of a little local love- if you live in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St.Paul) area of Minnesota and are the owner of a modern styled, straight-line, high-arm couch and would like a fabulous one-of-a-kind patchwork slip-cover made for it give me a HOLLER. Email your couch photos to amATannamariahornerDOTcom. It won't cost you a thing, but just the trouble of getting the couch to me at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the duration of the show then picking it up afterward. I do tend to be overly friendly and very huggy-kissy, so if you consider enduring that as an expense of sorts, well then, it'll be very expensive. We will, of course, offer more details in replying to your email- so what are you waiting for!?

Coming up later this week: An answer session for those of you who asked questions in regards to my Stitch post. Also a little girl dress post that will have your heart singing for spring.

Hope all enjoyed a beautiful Easter yesterday! Xristos Anesti!!
xoxox, Anna Maria


  1. Wish I lived in the twin cities and wished I owned a couch like that :-)!!

    Alithos Anesti!

  2. I wish I have a couch like that!

  3. Lovely couch idea!
    Every market has its own :)

    I do not know the Greek answer. We say "Voistina voskrese!" here.

  4. i can't wait to see the couch!!!!! what an awesome idea.

  5. Your booth will be amazing of course! Can't wait to see it, the couch is a great idea, I don't know how you keep thinking of new great ideas! x

  6. bummer dude!
    my couch (fully available and deliverable in the twin cities!) isn't quite modern enough. it's just a comfy jean-covered (currently ... hint hint) couch that is well loved by my family.
    not very modern or sleek.
    but would be easily recovered!

  7. OH!! Someone in the Twin Cities is going to be VERY THRILLED with their new sofa!

    My lovely chairs just moved into a new home (a cozy bungalow) and they look just lovely.

  8. I'm in the right place, just don't have the right furniture. Boy am I tempted to BUY a couch though! hehe

  9. right couch, wrong country. Snap!

  10. Oh hi Rhiannon!!! Congrats on the bungalow :)

    Angel- let me know if you do :)

  11. oh.. if you need this for germany sometime. I have a couch and give me a call..

  12. Anna,
    you just cheer me right up!

  13. What about a roll arm, PB Basic armchair that desperately needs a new slipcover?

    I live in the Twin Ciites. So if you don't find the couch and would consider my chair...let me know.

  14. I just posted the link to my facebook, I'm sure one of my friends has a couch like that! I would happily give you mine, but it has a curved back. Can't wait for you to come to the Twin Cities!

  15. Anonymous2:32 AM


  16. oh my! germany doesn't count, right?

    if all else fails, there's an ikea there and this sofa may fit your bill. it's quite affordable, you can use it for the show and then return the couch to ikea and auction off the cover in the end. i know a certain someone who has that couch and would love an anna maria horner cover for it... ;)

  17. Linksmu Velyku!

    Good luck on the sofa search, it looks like there will be no trouble at all!

  18. I live in the Twin Cities, but don't have a couch like that :(

  19. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Quick question, excuse my ignorence, I'm new at the whole fabric sewing thing:) I want to recover an old (very ugly) recliner chair that has a great deal of sentamental value to my husband (it belonged to his Grandfather) as a surprise for father's day. How do I begin to choose a fabric? Is home decor weight suitable? Can you suggest one of your fabric lines and where I might purchance it? Thanks love your blog!


  20. Hi Kate- home dec weight is suitable for sure- my Drawing Room collection is n ow out of print, but still available at many retailers- you might try

    Have fun! xo, Anna

  21. Great idea and totally different from whoever the db is that posted the anonymous link up there? People like that baffle me. Good luck on your search, can't wait to see it!!!

  22. hey anna, I can't WAIT to see your booth and the amazing couch that will be made by you...and girl you are just too sweet to all of us out here!

  23. Don't apologize Anonymous, I never said it was a new idea :) Hmmm, why are those type of comments always anonymous? And who has the time?

  24. This is all wonderful, but where is that baby??? I need a Roman fix!!

  25. Bad luck I live in Portugal!! I am dreaming of a patchwork couch!!!

  26. Oh no! I was so inspired by that Duncan Phyfe sofa you did for the last Market,I searched out an old one to have reupholstered. I never would have imagined myself with a D.P. sofa! Now you're making me think all modern!

  27. Oh, that is a great idea. Okay, the next time I make a slipcover I'm totally going to do it in patchwork. Finally, an idea that can stand up to 4 boys and a dog. :) Thanks. And I can't wait to see the one that you end up doing.

  28. What a wonderful idea to bless someone! C

  29. What a perfect idea. If you don't get any takers, you could always check Craig's List. Sometimes you can find the most amazing stuff for not too many $'s. Good luck to you!

  30. I LOVE patchwork and have been itching to make a patchwork slipcover for my couch but have no clue where to begin. I would love a tutorial on how to do this. P.S. Your blog makes me happy...:)

  31. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Did you find the couch, Anna? I am here in Minnesota and will be buying a new couch from IKEA and could do the transporting. I'd even let you pick the style!


  32. like this one from ikea! arrg i want this so bad!
    (copy and paste into browser)

  33. Anonymous8:26 AM

    hello annamaria,
    I live in the twin ciites and have a gorgeous old old old couch that we've been looking to recover. It was handed down to my husband and I from his grandfather. It's probably 70 years old, an ethan allen 8 ft. square monster that I cant bear to part with.
    If you're still interested, I can send pics! Email me at


  34. Anonymous8:29 AM

    whoops. I see that the fair just happened last weekend, I'm too late!
    Alas, gorgeous idea! Thank you thank you for your amazing inspiration blog!

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  41. the couch is a great idea, I don't know how you keep thinking of new great ideas!

  42. Mind blowing art work. I admire you for this. Keep it up. I appreciate your effort.

  43. This information was really some related with the good stuffs,Thanks

  44. Also a little girl dress post that will have your heart singing for spring.

  45. An answer session for those of you who asked questions in regards to my Stitch post.

  46. Oh .That is very lovely and cute ! Like it .

  47. I always loved couches, but this one that appears in your article is an amazing one. Just love it man !

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