Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Luxuries


Sometimes what I think is the most obvious or simple thing to do with a new fabric ends up being my favorite project. These little receiving blankets are a perfect example of that sweet simplicity and a lovely way to let the fine little prints of Little Folks and Folksy Flannels shine alongside each other. And a thoughtful baby gift in not too much time.


The combination of supple cotton voile on one side and the cozy cotton flannel on the other side is the absolute prefect weight for a receiving blanket. Not to mention these wrap, tuck & swaddle so beautifully without any of the starchiness of a standard quilting cotton (which is better for heavier stroller blankets & quilts). Making nice smooth curves is easy, just use the curve of a salad plate or some such traceable item to trim the corners from your rectangles. The edging is bias cut from the solid voile collection which is sewn on after the two blanket layers are basted around the edges with wrong sides together.


And just because I had a hunch that some of you would ask, Allie has put together some fun little Project Packs of fabric in the shop for making these little jewels! (Everyone together: Thanks Allie!)


I can't believe I'm already nostalgic for Roman's swaddling days. I can usually manage to steal a few extra moments of him wrapped and cuddled in a towel after bath time, but no more bundling for this boy. Sigh. xoxo, Anna