Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh, yes, the booth!


So above was my special little booknook where I sat happily on my duff for 3 days welcoming book buyers with a chat and a signature. Not one poor soul got away from me without a serious amount of giddy chatter risking overzealousness, I am quite certain. You may recognize the chair from my dining room, which literally had me feeling very at home. The dressform is wearing a dress length version of the Smashing Smock pattern from my book. The fabrics are from an upcoming quilt cotton collection, Good Folks, expected to deliver in January. More on that soon, naturally.


Here's a zoom out from that end of the booth (except without the flowers, dang). My pictures are somewhat stinky, and these are the best of them + some of them (the good ones) are courtesy of my pal Eva from my publisher. I have a really hard time concentrating on getting good photos once the whole shebang is put together. The final putogether always seems like seconds before the incessant chatter ensues. And there's practically no stopping me from that once it starts, for anything. If I met you, you know this.


Oh, look here I am doing just that! See, my European talking hands are a blur and even my earrings fell prey to swinging around dizzily at my ears. I know there's a picture around here somewhere in which my hands aren't moving or my mouth isn't open, but I can't seem to find it. That's husband Jeff talking to Westminster Jeff. I love my Jeff a whole lot, but I really like it when Westminster Jeff hangs out with us, cause he's taller than my Jeff, which I point out every time. Its just that at 6'5", every now and then someone should be taller than you, its healthy. And how about that gorgeous couch from Miss Caroline. I almost stole it and shoved it in the trailer but I am cursed with a small amount of decency.


The frame wall was a default project that was planned somewhat last minute due to assuming I would only have prints of the new fabrics and not actual fabrics. So this modular frame thing was like a conceptual quilt. I was relieved however that 3 days before we left, the fabrics indeed arrived, saving me some printing, and also providing lots and lots of last minute sewing chaos. Wouldn't be market without that.


I had lots of fun with flowers against this teal wall color, and naturally I wanted to echo the new collection's palette. A detail about booth planning which practically renders me psychotherapy worthy, however is how I labor over the candy decision. The color and the flavor and the wrapper and the taste and the mood have to be right. I went with butterscotch. It was warm and aromatic and glowed from the antique alabaster compote. (Free mind analysis anyone?)


Bloomy. Oh and a big thank you to my pal Val for helping me arrange the bouquets with minutes to spare on the bathroom floor. Good clean fun.


Oh blurry loveliness. This is the other end, where the concentration was on the upcoming line of sewing patterns. Lots of excitement generated for the patterns, almost enough to make me actually finish the final development and printing. Marketing your products is good for that, you should try it! Seriously, though, I will show you the actual pattern covers later this week, non-blurry-like.


Slightly closer up, the poster here shows the back detail of the Socialite Dress sewing pattern. This is my favorite shot of all the images I've worked on for the sewing patterns. I drove up and down every downtown Nashville street (3x) looking for a charming architectural relief detail of some sort. And wouldn't you know I ended up next to a Greek restaurant that I'd never heard of. It was serendipitous how much the building detail answered the fabric design details and made for a great shoot. Hm.

So that's mostly it, I suppose. I owe so many of you a huge amount of thanks for stopping by the booth and spending time with me, sharing the excitement of current and upcoming projects. But most importantly, sharing in our joy as we prepare to increase the love in this house. Through hugs, squeals, emails, letters, calls and comments, I am so honored that my happiness is also yours.

Thank you, thank you. From every last little one of us.


  1. wow am... it turned out gorgeous. cheers!

  2. It's beautiful!
    I can't wait for the patterns AM!

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    It is just gorgeous! I finally got my copy of "Seams to Me" last night - it's great! I can't wait for the new sewing patterns and fabrics - so cute! And the last-minute display turned out great - I love it!

  4. WOW... lovely and the couch as well...I had to miss this year!! True sadness...looking forward to next year.

  5. Absolutely fabulous!!! So it's true then???? If so...HUGE CONGRATS!!!

  6. What a wonderful booth! I wish I could have been there....*sigh*

  7. Anonymous9:31 PM

    anna maria, this is really beautiful. we are moving into a different house in a few weeks and you have inspired me to look at color differently, so that i can have a more full palette in our new abode.


  8. wow. i love the colors! its so beautiful!

  9. Oh I love the booth! The idea of making a quilt on the wall with frames is a fabulous one! Time to go frame/fabric shopping! The Good Folks fabric looks so scrumptious, I can't wait to learn (read as see) more!

  10. Anonymous9:45 PM

    What a beautiful booth! Something to aspire to, indeed!

  11. You are just too much for me...too much! The booth and everything about it is gorgeous. The color, your photography, all of it! You must really be a set of twins, Anna and Maria, right? Like the Olsen twins (only NOT like the Olsen twins) when the two of them played the part of one character on Full House. Yup. I finally figured out how you do it!

    Betz :)

  12. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Wow! Too much goodness there - it's breathtaking!!! I just finished the 'dresden plate' bag in Seams to me. It's fun - I'll post pics on my blog tomorrow.

  13. i am so sad i missed you at the quilt festival!
    i looked and looked for your booth...
    i read that you were going to be there.
    i came the last day (sunday, my first time) and walked that whole place (i thought).
    i finally gave up. i asked around and even looked at a vendor list, but was it under another name and not your own?
    i was bummed. but i got tired of walking- that place is huge!
    i wanted to meet you and buy a book!
    i love your photos...congrats on the booth and book!
    maybe next year i'll try again:(

  14. Anonymous10:17 PM

    It was great to meet you at market.....don't worry about the chatter, it's what makes it fun stopping!! It happens to me too, I guess we are so eager to actually meet people after being locked up in our studios for days before market.
    The booth was gorgeous, the pictures are great but in real life it was breathtaking! Hope to see you in Pittsburgh.

  15. Oh it all just looks so fabulous!

  16. Your booth was beautiful. I love your photos and it's fun to see how much effort goes into making these photos. Good job!

  17. Oh Anna! I was so happy you liked to chatter! Sometimes I think I scare people with my over-chattering so it's fun to be around another talker. I was so excited to see everything in your wonderful booth (especially Good Folk) but I walked away more thrilled about the new baby than anything else!

  18. That booth is unbelievably stunningly gorgeous.
    Andi :-)

  19. Your Booth was just Gorgeous..after looking at your Blog you have Inspired me with my Reno's in my house...Love your Colour Concept...Best Wishes with the Little one arriving soon...

  20. Beautiful atmposphere as always, you always seem to find the right proportion between whimsy and non-whimsy details in everything you do, achieving the wonderful balance and great composition/proportion;).
    Congrats on the best to come:)
    xoxoxo, Katarina

  21. Those framed fabrics look wonderful. I think they're the more "mature" you've made.Really beautiful. That yellow birdie one is my favorite so far. And your book has shipped from Amazon, so I'm looking forward to some more AMania in the next couple of weeks!
    Relax and enjoy life. We love you.

  22. am you are awesome! it was such a pleasure to finally meet you. thanks for being patient with my starstruck self! : ) can't wait to get the new line in-store (next week!!)
    (ah, yes, the quilt rock star stalkerazzi....)

  23. Anonymous3:10 AM

    I love the booth you created and the idea with the framed fabric is super! Cannot wait to get your new fabric at the shop! Congrats!

  24. The booth looks fabulous. Wish I could have seen it for real.

  25. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Your booth is very nice and the fabric display very smart.
    Once again I wish to say that your book is very well done and I am happy to have it, but most of all I really enjoy reading your blog and having a more personnal view of your experience.
    Thank you

  26. Your booth truly looks wonderful! Like to read that you don't just make a picture, but actually go looking for the right shot. You are a real professional in all perspectives! Congratulations ^^)

  27. You've managed to mix stunning and striking with warm and homey. Incredible.

    I love bold colours and vibrant homes. Your photos are such an inspiration to me.

  28. I love the booth. There are days I wish I could travel on the spur of the moment and market day would have been one of them. Perhaps one day in the future. I can't wait for the patterns!

    P.S. I don't know you resisted the couch - it would have taken every ounce of strength not to "accidentally" pack it up with everything else.


  29. I loved your booth! and that new fabric! I can't wait till it comes out! I'll definitely be buying all of them!

  30. WOW. So beautiful! Congrats!

  31. I am so excited for it all! And so excited for your family.

    I absolutely adore the paint color of the booth! I really might have to paint my bedroom that color.

  32. your booth looks perfect, as usual! i'm so sorry we missed it. i was very sick the week of the show so, we had to cancel. there is no way i could've been on a plane! joelle wasn't up for going without me so, we will be visiting with reps soon to order! can't wait to see your new fabric!


  33. Anonymous9:28 AM

    My mama was visiting last week and, as we sewed and smocked together, I told her all about my desire to attend the Market just to see your booth. She used to go every year with friends when I was much younger and spoke so fondly of the choas. And then she decided that we'll go together either in 2009 or 2010. A girls' weekend to giggle, laugh, share and visit. Please promise you'll be there!

  34. Gorgeous booth, I kind of want to live in it...

  35. Hurry up and finish those patterns...I can't wait! Looking forward to the new fabric line, too!

  36. Oh, Anna! Congratulations! Such a wonderful blessing--my thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours. When can we expect this newest little creation?

  37. I just love your work.
    The colors.
    The patterns.
    and they make me smile.

  38. Anonymous1:17 PM

    beautiful booth, looks like a place I would love to hang out in

  39. WHat a beautiful booth! The details are amazing!

  40. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Wow! So gorgeous! And I think this is the first time I have ever liked teal.

  41. Love the indigo blue walls - they really make your beautiful patterns stand out!

  42. You absolutely crack me up! "good clean fun" on the bathroom floor LOL! Your booth is just perfection! Colorful excitement that could only say AM :) Congrats X 1000 on the new love :)

  43. You absolutely crack me up! "good clean fun" on the bathroom floor LOL! Your booth is just perfection! Colorful excitement that could only say AM :) Congrats X 1000 on the new love :)

  44. WOW - you did an amazing job - such an inspiration!

    Congrats on all your success!

  45. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!! I *really* want to cover my furniture with your fabrics. Wow.

  46. I love your fabric and that photo of the woman in the Socialite Dress totally reminds me of the Sunday lounging dress my mom used to put on back in 1975. This is meant as a total compliment btw.

    I think it's the colors and the boldness of the pattern. I'm a fan.

  47. Wow! I am not sure how I missed that amazing annoumcement in the last post but Congratulations!! How wonderful! And the fabrics are absolutely wonderful too!

  48. wow, anna maria, you are amazingly talented. I just discovered your blog, and i love it!! what you have created is beautiful and brings me joy, because i'm so excited to check out your fabric designs and other fun stuff. i really liked your felt owl, it was adorable!! charissa speers

  49. !!!WOW!!! This is SO incredible.

  50. WOW!! How lovely! You are super talented and very inspiring to all of us out here hoping to one day make a living from our creative passions!!!

  51. I LOVE the booth! I cannot wait for the new line of fabrics and patterns!!! Way to go lady AND a bun in the oven!

  52. AWESOME!!! I could live in your booth!

    I am "stealing" your framed quilt idea. I love it! I don't really quilt, but have a reall naked wall in my livingroom that is looking for something so fun.

  53. Anonymous10:09 PM

    amazing, rock. my only goal in each of my pregnancies was brushing my teeth. wow. can't wait for that new fabric line!!

  54. Your booth is art itself. Beautiful!

  55. And you did all this newly preggo? You really are a superstar! Looks like those pattern covers, like everything else, are gorgeous.

  56. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Wow, you've done it again, LOve it all!!! congrats to you~ lovely colors and I can't wait to see the new fabric line!

  57. It's hard to believe sometimes that you have a blog liek the rest of us. I seem to put you on a star like level! You are truly amazing! I cn't wait for your new stuff. Your display is beautiful!

  58. It looks truly fantastic. Well done.

  59. Congratulations again on winning "best booth"! It was really a stand out at Quilt Market. And it was fun seeing you (and Jeff) again!!

  60. Smashing, stupendous, simply fantastic! I'll bet it was even better in person. Patterns? Did you say patterns? Right up my alley.

  61. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I can't wait to get my hands on some "Good Folks". It is all so beautiful. You really did an amazing job, as usual.

  62. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Okay, I SO want the pattern for the cuff she's wearing in the picture at the top of this post (the pic behind your book-signing table). Is that cuff pattern in your new book? (Which, alas, I haven't picked up just yet, but I plan to!)

  63. oh, am, it is simply beautiful. good work!!!

  64. You booth is beautiful! I can't wait for the patterns!

  65. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Just gorgeous Anna! Congratulations!

  66. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Was this the market in Houston? It looks fabulous! I can't wait for your new line! How do you do new lines so quickly? I would love to know that feeling; the feeling of having so much creative energy directed and focused and achieving so much. :~)

  67. So beautiful! You are so amaxingly talented! God bless you!

  68. I LOVE that your booth is totally new from Portland... you are amazing!!!!
    Also, I love the Ella Moss dress you have on, it's gorgeous and looks perfect with all your warm colors in the booth. You especially rock my dear.


  69. Wow! What a dreamy booth - I love it! I think I want to stay there all day!

  70. Wow your booth looks fantastic! Loving all the colours!

  71. Thanks for sharing! The pictures are very inspirational!

  72. Hey...I've got a couch just like the booth one. Maybe I should cover it like yours. :) ANNNNDDDDD....I've got 2 killer wing backs waiting for your fabric in Portland. One for you and baby, and one for company. Sound good???

  73. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Wow! Your booth looks better than some of the efforts I see on the decorating contest shows. Awesome.

  74. I was just thinking that the print of the Socialite Dress was my favorite too! And I don't think there's anything wrong with your mind... you are just an incredible artist who definitely knows color down to the little details!! I can't stand when things clash with the atmosphere of the "installation". (don't look at my studio space though..eeek). Hey, I didn't comment on your soup post because I'm a "organic tomato soup out of the box" girl with a pat of butter. But I just saw a little device that plugs in under your desk that you rest your feet on and it warms them. I believe it was in the Giam catalog. My feet are always freezing at my desk! Alpaca wool is also good for cozy socks and slippers!

  75. My couch couldn't have had a better home!

  76. This is so inspiring in so many ways. The framed fabric is fantastic, yes really like a framed quilt. And your cushions are spectacularly beautiful - I love that you not only design glorious fabric with rich and warm colours, but that you can mix different prints and hues and make it work.
    We are having a little market stall in about 3 weeks (counting down...), and it would be so wonderful if I could channel just a teeny tiny bit of your design skills and artistic talent to make out market stall have a warmth and vibrancy and happiness that your booth shows.
    Thank you for your sharing and inspiration.
    Look after yourself, Ellie. (

  77. Hello, Anna-Maria!

    I'm posting to this latest line, even though this isn't about soup.

    What it is about is the book! Our sweet shy mailman just dropped it to me and I cannot go on with my day before I express my gratitude to you. It breaths harmony in colour, words and designs, I cannot tell which of them delight me more; the visual joy or your picturesque use of words or the heart that's revealed in all of them. I am moved in your braveness to share what is precious to you, I'm nourished by the shape of it and sealing this note with a gentle kiss. I've been visited by a sister.

    Greetings from the sunburst chill of November Finland,


  78. very cool
    dig the digs.

  79. Anna Maria . . . you have one of the most beautiful booths at Market. Although I couldn't make this year's Fall Market, I made it to Spring in Portland. I really need to start playing around with your gorgeous fabrics for future quilt patterns. So glad to see you Houston booth, too!

  80. Wow, your booth looks gorgeous! What color teal did you use for the walls? I think that would be PERFECT for my dining room! :) :) :) I love that dress too, will put it on my must have patterns list. You're fabric are just wonderful. Congrats!!

  81. Anonymous6:18 AM

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