Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Involuntary Motion




Some things I might have blogged these past few weeks:

:*: Isabela welcomed 7 with ice skates on and sugar cookies cut in the shape of 7s instead of cake. So clever is she. I spent time making a babydoll bed and doll quilt for two little stuffed deer as her gift. The stuffed deer were given in lieu of the real motherless pair we continue to see munching clover under our trees.

:*: Martha sent me a thank you gift for sharing the stage with her in San Antonio comprised of a huge whisk, red and white dish towels, a lovely ceramic mixing bowl, number cookie-cutters and her Cookie book. (7-shaped cookies make sense now?)

:*: I decided to rest every time I got tired.

:*: During one of those afternoon easy-does-its, I heard the rhythm of our basketball being pounded into the asphalt which triggered a little kick in my heart to go swish a few with whoever was out there. I haven't felt that kick since I was about 11. I let Joseph spell HORSE with precisely 4 o's.

:*: I hosted supperclub like last year only this time all the husbands and children came too which amounted to nearly 50 people and great fun.

:*: I flew to Cleveland to tape a segment of Quilting Arts TV and enjoyed the company of my pal Melissa who was doing the same. I got to talk about color for nearly 10 minutes and everyone actually wanted me to. That was fun. (Airing in December, I think.)

:*: Allie was on vacation for a week and I'm never letting her do that again (kidding). I did not know that I moved at the speed of at least two people until I was one people again.

:*: Last night, we sat atop a very very high and luscious green hill in a grassy clearing overlooking a breathtaking view of our home town. Cicadas, crickets, sparrows, frogs and a few bats all sang summer off while my love and I inhaled togetherness and watched the grey evening sky become sapphire.

Just in case you were wondering. Thanks for the sweet hope-you're-okay emails.
better than ever here, Anna Maria


  1. I am glad that you are ok and back :)
    There had been too many bad news lately...
    Debbie from Puerto Rico

  2. I am so glad to know that you enjoy some rest and relaxation these last few days of summer. Yes, you were about to get another "hope all is well" email from me too...I guess I was just more patient than everyone else was and figured you were taking some time for yourself!

  3. I would've inquired as to whether you were well or not, but I kind of knew in the back of my mind that you were okay, and just living life at a fast pace...as usual.
    Lots of happy things going on there it looks like. Love the evening you and your love were having, so romantic!

  4. So great that you're back :))

  5. All good news and fun tid-bits. It's so nice to hear that friends are doing well, enjoying the surprises and pleasures of a creative and happy life. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    What sweet ice skating pictures. Makes me ready for winter.

  7. welcome back busy girl. missed ya.

  8. Anonymous1:08 PM

    sounds all wonderful!

  9. Welcome back! And everyone needs time off, including you.

  10. Enjoy life, dear Anna.

  11. You were way too nice to Joseph! those skating pix are precious, my man and I have been missing that time when our two girls were young!

  12. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Glad to have you back. We missed you over here in blogland. Sounds like you had a wonderful time though. :)

  13. Anonymous6:48 PM

    So...yes, I was wondering where you were. Until I spotted your pic on Melissa's site (looks like you two had lots of fun) I bet you were a rock for here since you already had a Martha taping and interview under your belt. Must be quite a treat to get a thank you present from Martha Stewart! All that's left for you is Oprah and then, look out Rachel Ray! Next stop, total world domination! But wouldn't it be a lovely and colorful place! Seriously, glad to see you are back at blog-land, waiting patiently on the book launch, and glad you got some me-time.

  14. You took rests!?? I'm shocked. :)

  15. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I missed you!! Glad you're back and I'm really glad that you've been enjoying yourself and your sweet family!

  16. Love the newsy update and the photos. Very sweet way to end the summer, too. Glad you're rested and have all family home.

  17. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Those pictures are so so dear!...and your description of that beautiful end-of-summer night just made me feel cozy. Take care & have a great Wednesday!

  18. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Hi!! I was hoping you were just busy, missed Ya!! Hey I cant believe you were in Cleveland and I missed it. Oh well hope there is a next time so I can get to meet you!!


  19. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Great pics- it's been years since I went ice skating but you have planted the idea in my head..... would it be wrong to celebrate my 33rd birthday on ice? Or is it only ok if you are 7?
    Glad you had a lovely rest- you deserve it :)

  20. Somehow I just knew you were busy living and making the most of everyday so that you could come back and share it with all of us! Thanks for the update! Have a wonderful day!

  21. for some reason, I just needed to read that last bullet point. Sounds perfect. Sounds like something i need to do tonight.

  22. Thanks for sharing the last couple weeks with us. It's like reading a diary and it was missing a few pages from the Summer. You are awesome. :)

  23. Anonymous6:04 PM

    (((Anna Maria)))
    I'm so glad you've been having a wonderful summer - and I love these photos that you've shared!