Friday, July 25, 2008

And Rain on Friday

How did he know that's what I wanted to do today too? Such a smart dog. I guess rain has the same effect on King Leo the VI. Though I'm fairly certain that sun, partly cloudy, partly sunny, snow and hail all have this effect on him too.

Thanks for all the nice color comments on my last post. I don't mean to imply that I ignore color theory. I adore color theory and play with abandon. The colorwheel spins in my brain subconsciously as I compose. I very often go with an obvious pairing, but add a variation for interest, or intentionally choose something "wrong" to add some depth. I also don't subscribe to calling the typical harmonious pairings rules so much as I think of them as scientific suggestions of what happens when combining. I'm also convinced that everyone's eyes actually see color slightly differently. No research to point to other than my sister and I spending about 20 minutes in a fabric store discussing (arguing) the properties of a certain purple-ish fabric that she felt was more blue/cobalt and I felt was periwinkle/lilac. We finally shut up when I suggested our eyes were wired differently (even though it was periwinkle).

A few of you asked for the color in the living room which is actually a Porter color called Green Wave. Green? It did look pretty green right up until I painted on the wall. I was searching for something aqua-ish...but if a color could actually act like a neutral, that's what I was looking for. Our wood floors have such a warm orangey/honey hue that the walls look blue because of the compliment contrast with floor. Had the floors been red.....the walls would look more green. See? I embrace color theory. We're bff's.


Okay, okay, I get it. Apparently color chat puts him into a deep sleep.

wishing you a restful weekend. xoxox,Anna


  1. He he doggie does the same thing...half in the bed and half out. Cracks me up. How can it possibly be comfortable?

  2. A good nap sounds fabulous right about now.

    I think that colors change not only with the person looking at them, but also the changes in the light outside (and in) as well as what type of weather we are having. Wall paint colors are so tricky because they oxidize differently depending on the environment they are in. What looks great in the can does not always look so great on the walls~I know you know what I mean because you change your wall color more than I do!! ;-)


  3. It is nap time at my house too! Too bad for us it isn't rainy... it is very hot and very sunny which is not condusive to a nap.

    I love your opinions on color! Your choices are always so bright and cheery...just as I imagine you to be. It is funny how differently we all see things isn't it???

  4. Aw, he's such a cutie, makes me want to do the same. Although I would prefer my whole body on the bed. Tee hee.

  5. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Ah, yellow labs are the same universally. My Aspen's head is at my feet as he snores. For him life is about sleep, eat, fetch, sleep, eat, fetch. :)

  6. it's a dog'd life isn't it....;)

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Hi Anna Maria,
    I hope you have a great weekend, too :o) Very cute dog, by the way. I like how you said that sometimes you break the color wheel rules just to add depth... I think that it's good to not abide so strictly by those sorts of things. More fun, anyways. Take care.

  8. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Nah! Colour chat is therapeutic if you ask me - it has a calming effect. The variable is just how calm you already were when the chat started.
    I was all wound up trying to make a deadline. Now I'm calm. Leo was calm, then he was sleping.

  9. I love the half in bed picture... I feel that way on early mornings... I kind of slide out of the bed... with my head laying on the edge... until I force myself to stand... If my bed was on the floor I wouldn't get a thing done

  10. I love your description of a colour wheel spinning in your head,that's just how I feel too. I love colour,way back in college my bf was colour blind. We took a colour class together,and that was hilarious!

  11. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Might I suggest a doggie bed project for The King???

    ~a.m. admirer and dog lover..

  12. I totally agree that people see colors differently. I love how when it rains everything looks greener but my friend told me it looks grayer. So I enjoy a good storm and she doesn't!

  13. I adore color as well but use unusual combinations (or am learning to) in my mixed media paintings. It's liberating to know that the only rule s of color are in your head! Once that's ingrained, the possibilities are endless :)

  14. I love that description of the colour debate with your sister! I swear my husband is colour-blind.They look quite different to people.Please come and visit me.I have a little something for you : )

  15. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I love your pup! I also have royalty in my family...My pup King Louie. You can see him here...
    Aren't they the best of friends?

  16. I'm into an interior designing kick right now and that first picture just looks gorgeous to me! :) Whenever I see pictures of your studio(although I don't know where that picture was taken), I find myself wanting a room exactly like that!

  17. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Your pup looks the way I feel.

  18. Just saw you in Better Homes & Gardens. Great little article! Say, can I come to your house and hang out? Your studio is amazing and to be surrounded by yards and yards of your fabric would be heavenly.

  19. Your dog reminds me so much of one my grandparents had - selp almost perminently.
    I don't follow any colour rules either, it makes it more interesting.
    I always wondered about how people see colour, how do we know that we dont all see it completely differently, like what I call pink is what someone else sees as what I call blue, but know one noes because we just go with the name we were told the colour was when we learned them and they were pointed out. Its stupidly complicated and far fetched I know, but I just always wondered about it.

  20. Anonymous9:27 AM

    You crack me up! I had to take color theory in college, and while it was a great class, I had a bit of a hard time because I am NOT a perfectionist! haha...cutting all those tiny 1" squares and having them match up perfectly in their little "scales." Yeah...not my favorite thing, but I did learn a lot. I LOVE the way you mix up colors, it speaks to my more laid back, happy go lucky color sense! Thanks for all the great inspiration! :)

  21. Oh how I love color... Your dog is just precious too. :)

  22. My husband and I were just talking about this and we decided that it is true that all color is relative. You probably did those squares too... no matter what, it will look different compared to something else. Maybe it's our eye color...hmmmmm.

  23. Your pup-wup is bee-ewdifull, squishy and smoochable!

  24. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I love the color of the bench in the first photo. Any chance you remember the name of the color?

  25. Anonymous1:15 AM

    He's beautiful. Looks just like my labrador, same tendancies as well. They love their sleeping don't they!

  26. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I also looooove the color of the bench in the first photo. What is the name of that fabulous color? Thanks!

  27. My sister and I have had the same convo about green vs brown, its funny we definitely do see things differently, but i think thats a good thing, love the blog, and your dog

  28. Anonymous3:08 AM

    I love your blue bench, desk chair (sort of looks like its got a henna like pattern on it?) and the green bins. And of course your lab. Adorable, all of it.

  29. I know this post is almost a year old now but I'm still hoping you'll see my question. :) I've been scouring the web trying to find the fabric the box sitting on your craft room bench is made out of. What is it? I've had no luck. Thanks so much!

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