Friday, April 11, 2008

:: I will never grow tired of ::

:: Early morning storms in April and the glowing light they cast.


:: This clever stitcher keeping me company.


:: Her hushed whisper of counting stitches under her breath, tracking her progress which is every now and then followed by a proud and not so hushed announcement of "17!" or "32!!!" It almost knocked me outta my chair the first time.


She's even smart enough to take a break every now and then. I have so much to learn.

good weekend, xo,AM


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I really have to try this stitching thing, it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Looking at that sweet babe of yours is like getting in a time machine for me! Anna- she looks so much like you. Sweet memories....

    Jill Johnson

  3. You capture moments so beautifully! How young is too young to start your children with embroidery? My daughter is 3, and she just loves to 'Sew' but we use paper plates and yarn. Any suggestions?
    thanks! Sarah Jane
    sarah (at)

  4. take a what? what is that of which you speak? :)

  5. Lovely photographs as always! I love the deep looks of concentration that little ones get when working on projects! My son is at the "sewing" strings and foam shapes stage right now~big sister does not have the patience for it yet.

  6. so cute! I'll have to try that when I get my greedy mitts on some of your fabric. I would just hang them on the wall in the embroidery hoop!

  7. Oh, I do love your photos...and that stitching is gorgeous.

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I was just admiring that light this morning. I wish we could bottle it up.

  9. I love the first shot. I love the smell of wet soil after the rain, and yes, the new, clean , fresh light after the storm.
    But what can I say of that little lady? She is just a picture. How good of you to let her work with her hands. So many people I know find handiwork old fashioned or even dangerous(!) for children. Such a distortion of life...
    Thank you for all that beauty. Refreshing and illuminating.

  10. You got my rain! With a pollen count here in Atlanta of 3243 today I am envying your early morning storm.

    How is it that kids just "get" life and what it's all about? We grow up and get too busy to look around. We've got lots to learn from our little ones.

  11. That first photo is beautiful. Just stunning.

  12. That looks like an activity my children would enjoy. And such lovely fabric.

  13. So sweet! What a wonderful memory for your daughter to always cherish!

  14. Anonymous1:15 PM

    so sweet. Great concentration level.

    And I agree about storms too - fantastic!

  15. Simply precious. You really do know how to capture those sweet, sweet moments. Having a boy he could care less about sewing, but he interested in how the machines work! :)

  16. Oh, she is doing such a wonderful job. And, I feel you on the April rain.

  17. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Wow, look at her all deep in concentration. I love that...lovely shot of her...

  18. I will never tire of children stitching....that look of sweet intensity on their face!

  19. I love your blog. I have nominated your blog as a blog that “brings me inspiration and makes me appreciate the blogosphere”. Now it´s your turn to do the same for 10 others who inspired you if you want … and may your blog run and run

  20. I love the stitching photos! Gina seems to count everything she does now too. I cherish every moment.

  21. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Oh, right- taking a break. That's a pretty clever idea. Could be very, very helpful around here.

  22. Oh, I wish I had the sense to take pictures when my little one took up embroidery and cross-stitch, way back when. I love the photos.

  23. What a beautiful world you live in!!

  24. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh! The counting thing melts my heart! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  25. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Isn't she sweet! Looks like a great project she's working on.

  26. She's so cute. And obviously has your artistic hand.

  27. Hello! I am happy i found you r blog today! I really enjoy your colors! I link you to my blog, okay?

  28. What a beautiful record your children will have of their childhood!And a beautiful sewing project!

  29. I hope you had a good weekend! I'm so happy to see that she's still stitching ;) Before we know it, she'll be blogging about it herself!!

  30. Anonymous8:16 PM

    What a beautiful moment to share. And you are right, we can learn so much from our children.

  31. Just discovered your site. It's just gorgeous. You are so talented and I'm loving looking at everything. Thank you!!

  32. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Please, please, please, when the Drawing Room fabric is in, give us "big" pictures of the fabric--meaning pictures that show off a yard a more, and throw one of your beautiful kids in the pic to give a sense of scale--so that we'll be able to see all of the colors in each piece.

  33. Anonymous9:41 AM

    So much to learn. You're right, lol...

    I think I wound't been able to get off the sofa before ending all that flowers, lol...

    You've gave me an idea to embellish one of the Lollipop FQ I have!!!


  34. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Looking at your crafty child I feel the urge to do the same. The best thing is children involved so much in a craft that they forget everything around. You can be happy that she is following in your crafty footsteps!

  35. Anonymous8:24 PM

    how old is she? It's lovely that she knows how to do that!

  36. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Absolutely lovely blog! Maybe mine would interest you. It's in swedish but have many nice pictures! Which can always be nice! =)

    Best regards!


  37. Oof. Favorite post ever.

  38. Her stitches are more tidy than mine.

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