Friday, March 28, 2008

A Portland Proposition


Four little birdies are going to market. And they need your help! I have a proposition that I thought would be fun (if nothing else) to throw out there....specifically for those of you who live in the Portland, Oregon area. And I've read my blog stats, so I know there are a bunch of you!

Cutting to the chase here it is:

I will be exhibiting at the Quilt Market May 16-18 and would really love to have this new vintage sofa I had recovered for display and naps when no one is looking. However. That would be crazy impractical to get it there (7 feet long). So I started thinking. Which typically is cause for concern. But I think I may have come up with a fun plan. Maybe I should tell you the plan now.

Here's the plan:

Do you live in the Portland area?
Do you have a vintage-ish sofa/loveseat/chair/set of chairs that needs recovering?
Would you like to cover them in Drawing Room fabrics?
Would you like the fabric for free?
Would you be so kind as to find an upholsterer to get this accomplished between now and May 16th?
Would you also be able to kindly transport the world's most beautiful sofa/couch/loveseat/chair to the Oregon Convention Center?
Would you be able to part with it for three days then come pick it up?
Would you mind if I sit on it for three days and maybe spill Starbucks on it?
(I'm kidding about that last one.)

If you said (or gasped) YES to all those questions then keep reading.


A few couch specs. I am not horribly picky (that's a lie) about the style of the couch, but I would definitely prefer something vintage-ish with wood trim, which typically translates to Victorian, Nouveau or some such thing. Just so you know. If you actually were able to answer yes to all those questions though I will entertain your piece no matter the style. I was able to swing my 40's sofa for 400$ at an antique mall, and spent 560$ to have it covered. But its big, has double piping trim and is covered on the back too. I think I actually got a pretty good deal on the covering. But anyway...just to help you know what you could be in for.

A few fabric specs. My first choice is to have it covered in this Eccentric warm Sketchbook print. If you have two pieces, we could talk about mixing..... or even if you have a good reason to choose another print, and want to write an essay (kidding) about it, I will consider something different. I realize that this is nothing near a giveaway, but probably closer to a trade. My couch took about 15 yards to cover, so that's nearly 300$ in retail value of fabric.

So what d'ya say?

Email me at

Whew. That made me tired for some reason. More coffee.


AND-because I imagine you've been wondering, the Drawing Room fabrics will not be hitting stores, including mine, for another few weeks. Things always take longer than you want them to..such is life. You will certainly know when they do however!


  1. I'm excited that you're coming to Portland! If only I had a sofa that needed to be recovered. Can't wait to see the new fabric!

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Oh how I wished I lived in Portland now! What a wonderful idea and cool opportunity for a lucky sofa and its owner. Can't wait to decorate with those new fabrics - they look gorgeous!

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Wow wow wow! Ever since you posted pics of your upcoming line I've been thinking of re-upholstering our couch. I'VE said yes to all your questions, just need to convince my husband that our couch needs a makeover (won't be hard b/c he will love your fabric designs!) I'm out of town right now, but will send a pic of our couch when we return home!

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Dang. I don't live anywhere near Portland.

    On another note - can you recover a sofa in any type of fabric?

  5. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I too wish I had a sofa to match your needs...what I have is more in the line of Chez yard sale w/ a twist of toddler thrown in....However, I look forward to seeing you in Portland! Good luck on your search!

  6. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Ok I must ask because I LOVE these shoes!!!
    If you were in a dark alley watch out!!! LOL no seriously, who are the shoes by and can I still get them???

    Love the new dress design and the fabric they are just beautiful....

  7. Oh I wished I lived in Portland and had a sofa needing to be re-upholstered.

    I just had a chance to look at all your new patterns and just LOVE the Nostalic Palette. I can't wait to see your fabric in person when they are out in the shops.

  8. Are there any shows/conventions/excuses on the horizon for Southern California?! I like your ingenuity and it will be fun to see the happy results!

  9. Anonymous11:39 AM

    If you ever come to New England for a show and have the same needs, I'll go find a couch to reupholster. And I'll deliver it. And I might sit next to you through the whole show, just happy to be by your side.

  10. Love the shoes....and the fabric of course. Where are the shoes from?

  11. Ok, maybe i'll move to Portland for the weekend! ;)
    WISH I was there, and that I could help you out, Anna!!!!!!!!!
    I'm sure there will be some lucky lady out there!
    I can't wait to get your fabric!!!! I am hopping up and down with excitement!

  12. Ahhh! I don't live in Portland but I do have my husband's great-grandmother's couch that is almost a twin to your couch. A couch we have always wanted to reupholster. A couch that we love dearly and would look lovely in that print.

    Seriously. I think the carvings in the wood are different, but that's it.

    Sad! I knew I needed to move to the Northwest. If you ever come to Utah - I'd totally take you up on this.

    Good luck!

  13. Anonymous12:52 PM

    What a great idea - too bad I live across the ocean! And I was wondering, is the Portland Quilt show closed to people or is there some way we can get in (like you sneak us all in as your hired labor or something)? Just wondering since I wanted to go - my sister lives there so that would be a fun visit.

  14. Well, I, too, wish that I lived in the Portland area to take advantage of this gracious offer, especially since I just received the Drawing Room fabrics that you so wonderfully gifted me with from the Craftsanity podcast! And I LOVE the Sketchbook sample!!! I may just have to frame it, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Thank you so very much for your gift and your note. I'll be sure to send you pics of what I create from the fabrics!

    Anna Marie Walker
    Designs by Anna

  15. If I was there I would do it all! It would be such fun to be involved in a show with the beautiful fabrics you design. What an honor.
    Hugs from Wisconsin,

  16. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I do live in Oregon and might have something that will work, I will email you a photo. My Mom owns one of Oregons largest and oldest Quilt Shops on the Oregon Coast. Now to find my camera... Kindest Regards, Ronda k Beyer

  17. Wish I could take you up on the offer...but even if it was for the Houston Market show...we are too far north for it to be feasible. Oh well...can't wait to see the pictures of someone else's lucky sofa!


  18. Anonymous5:19 PM

    If you ever come to Niagara Falls, Canada I've got the perfect couch for you... it was my great-grannies and it would be perfect!!
    Good luck with your search - wish I was in Portland!

  19. The more I see of your fabric, the more I like it, want it and must have it! I'm going to be patient and save my pennies until it comes out.

  20. this is all TERRIBLY exciting - I can't wait to see how it all progresses... you are a brilliant marketer anna maria!

    i adore your gorgeous talent,

    dana in BC

  21. Oh man! I wish I lived in Portland also. I just love that couch and fabric. We own an upholstery business in Nelson B.C. My husband is 3rd generation upholsterer. The business in Nelson has been in the family almost 40 years, there was one before that in Alberta. We are always getting antiques. I have an antique couch that someone just gave us that we are going to re-upholster soon for our living room. I have been married 10 years this June and have had about 7 living room sets and have lost count of how many chairs and ottoman (my husband makes them) I have had. LOL! I love to decorate, so have gotten to try out different colors and styles. If you ever go to Spokane Washington or even Seattle (I used to live in Seattle, so love going to visit) let me know and I am sure we can help you. What is the name of the fabric that is on the couch? I would sure like to do a chair out of it for my sewing room. I love your fabrics and can't wait for the new ones to come out.

  22. Oh my goodness. I just realized that, that is your fabric. LOL!!! O.K. I feel really dumb.:-)I will have to get some of that. I also love those shoes. That is so up my alley. Can I get a pair still? and where?

  23. I didn't have a good grasp on the scale of your new prints until now. I love them! I am going to perk up my thrifting efforts to find an oversized foot stool/ ottoman. This is going to be SWEET!

  24. When are you coming to Evansville, IN???? I have a couch and a needy market with YOUR NAME all over it!

  25. I wish I could move to Portland in time to be that person for you. The couch looks amazing. Good luck!

  26. Anonymous11:56 PM

    You are very creative. Love your blog.

  27. Oh how I wish. I live in Salem, but unfortunately don't have a cute vintage couch! I have a cute upholstered bench though! It's about 5X3.

    Wishful thinking!

    Enjoy your time in Portland, it's a beautiful city!

  28. And after Portland, there is Sydney, Australia!!!


    C'mon... bring the kids! It's safe, it's clean, and travel broadens the mind.

    Just do it!

    No sofa's needed.

  29. I'm moving to Portland and buying a sofa.

  30. Now, I am looking at all of our furniture and thinking about how lovely it will look when I reupholster it with your fabric. I have chosen my poor fairly new chair that the foster dogs ate. It needs a makeover desperately!

  31. What a fabulous idea - the fabric is gorgeous... I'll be in Portland in thought only. Have a great time! LindaSonia

  32. Don't I WISH I lived in Portland -- and that my Mom's antique sofa was already mine. Oh well -- good luck on finding a sofa donor :0).

  33. Oh darn, I'm half a continent away.


  34. Fabulous idea!!! Moved from Portland to Utah, and I met you in Utah last year ( I was the only one dressed in all black, my newshoes had given me a blister and I asked you for a bandaid)

    Anyway I'm sad I'm in the wrong state ( not of mind) this year.

    Have a great show I hope you'll have enough room on that couch for all your friends!!

  35. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I am really excited about this idea! I already emailed you a fairly horrid picture of a couch that is in storage but in my humble opinion might work perfectly for napping and starbucks (although when in Portland you MUST try Stumptown!!)
    If you pick my couch I promise to bring you all the best lattes around! and I won't flinch if you spill...AND I won't let my kids touch the couch until after the show :)!

    please oh pretty please pick me!

  36. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I am really excited about this idea! I already emailed you a fairly horrid picture of a couch that is in storage but in my humble opinion might work perfectly for napping and starbucks (although when in Portland you MUST try Stumptown!!)
    If you pick my couch I promise to bring you all the best lattes around! and I won't flinch if you spill...AND I won't let my kids touch the couch until after the show :)!

    please oh pretty please pick me!

  37. Great proposal...can't wait to see the finished product...I love CA. but Portland is sounding really good right now...

    Grrrr those shoes are Grrreat!

  38. Hmmm, well I live in Portland (and was clued in to stop at this post by my Google reader....) Bummer though I don't have a lovely couch like that to recover. Rats! But just knowing SOMEONE will have a couch like that makes me want to go to a Quilt Show to meet you and to see the lovely couch! I just might do that...

    You are a genius, what a great idea! :-P

    Happy day! Enjoy Portland while you are here!


  39. I want to marry your couch. swoon!

  40. How cool! My couch would totally work, and I'm getting it reupholstered within the next month. Unfortunately for this deal, I live in San Diego.

    For all the shoe lovers, I believe those gorgeous shoes could be from J.Crew. I don't know if that pattern is still available, although I believe they do still have a similar style.

  41. Just sent you an email with pics of a wonderful chair that will surely die without your fabric. Must go and wipe the drool from my chin. Your fabric is gorgeous!

  42. I agree with Gillian above, Australia is next on your list, yes? It's a beautiful country and your whole family would love it. Though I would have to say come to the Queensland state as well.

    I can't wait to see photos of your time in Portland and the couch of the lucky person who gets it re-upholstered.

  43. That is an EXCELLENT marketing idea on your part Ana and very a fortunate one for some lucky oregoner. Oregonee? Or maybe it is Oregonite? Anyway......

  44. Oooh I'm sooo jealous of you lucky Portland ladies. :oP
    If you every need one for Houston Market my grandmother's chaise longue is in serious need of reupholstering.
    I also have to echo the other ladies about those amazing shoes! :o)

  45. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Darn it! I live in WA and would love to go to Portland in May, but I will be out of the country... Please let us know next time you will be in an event, I don't want to miss it again.

  46. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Anna, I so wish that I lived in Portland as this is such a fabulous opportunity! I am certain that the "right" sofa will present itself and that the Quilt show will be an awesome success!

  47. Anonymous6:54 AM

    What? I'm sorry - I didn't hear you.. I was too busy looking at your shoes.



  48. Oh, wrong side of the US! Beautiful fabrics... Are you coming anywhere in NC? I am so jealous of all of that color in your house!

  49. how fun!!!! I don't live in portland but I will definately be at quilt market to check out what sofa you were able to find and get covered!

    too much fun!

  50. (Oregonians, Fabianna--I used to be one!)

    But no more--this is an amazing opportunity for a lucky someone!

  51. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Oh, how I wish I lived in Portland! Your fabrics are just gorgeous.

  52. Things To Do:

    *Buy Milk

    *Stop by Antique shop - buy ubercool vintage sofa that needs to be reupholstered.

    *Move to Portland.

    *Do Laundry.

    Okay... list complete. What next?

  53. i have the most perfect big comfy rocking chair thats needed to be recovered years ago, but unfortunately i live in california and im like 9 1/2 hours from depressing...but i cant wait to see the one that does make it to the quilt market!

  54. Anonymous6:54 PM

    LOVE your sofa!

  55. I live in Portland, but don't have a vintage couch or chair.... I read your blog off and and on and love your creativity. I noticed you live in Nashville. My husband took a job there in March. I'm coming out to visit next week with my girls to see the area for the first time and look at houses,etc. The Feedback my husband has been getting is to live in the williamsburg school district and to look in the the town of Franklin to live. Can you give me any insight and maybe some fun things to do while I'm their with my girls ages 4 and 6? I'd appreciate any feedback........

  56. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Wow. I DO live near Portland. I DO have a couch that needs recovering. Unfortunately it also needs stuffing and a new leg. darn.

  57. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Ooooo...I'm in PDX and have a vintage loveseat badly in need of a make over! But it's not sweet and curvy like you seem to be looking for--it's tuxedo style, but the simple clean lines would fabulous in your brilliant fabric. Did I mention that I can reupholster it myself?

  58. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I need to know where you gt the sexy leopard shoes!!!! please tell!

  59. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I just found out that Quilt show in Portland is to the trade only!!!. I was hoping to go. I need a secret door. Can I bring you lunch or something so I can get in?

  60. Anonymous1:10 AM

    WOW!!!!!!!! You are so amazing. Hope to meet you and see the sofa in Portland. It will be fantastic eye candy.


  61. Well, I'm just reading your post about your trade after having scrolled down and having seen the two chairs! How beautiful! BTW, if you ever have the need for chairs in the state of Michigan, I've got you covered! - Amy

  62. Anonymous10:06 AM

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    if you think there might be something wrong there, or you don't like the idea, please feel free to get back to me.
    thank you.
    Valerie, in France

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