Friday, March 14, 2008

My country home


Well, okay it's not mine, exactly. But I am fortunate enough to be able to use it like it is. Here's another corner of my friend Tracy's house where I spent all day yesterday working on more book photos. Whenever we get together, we always drag each other around our houses asking the other's opinions about this and that, colors, furniture, ideas. etc. We like all the same stuff generally, but we're just different enough that we really benefit by including each other's input. We also match right up where housework and our attention to it are concerned, a relief. My very best friends are the ones I don't clean up for. (Like you!)


Anyway the photos. Eleni was with us all morning, as she modeled a few shots. She has been loosing sleep thinking about her big day with Sylvie the white horse. We've been talking about it for weeks, but had to wait for the pasture to be dried out enough, and the weather to be warm enough. Sylvie is an old girl, so sweet and gentle. Tracy was brushing her while Eleni patiently waited for her role to begin. I was taking snapshots of the scene. At one point Tracy had to remove her jealous donkey, Joseph, because he was making a spectacle of himself so she asked me to hold Sylvie's reins. The look on her face (horses do get looks on their faces) was so hysterical. She just kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye like 'you have no idea what you're doing, just stop it.' I was laughing, holding the reins under one arm and snapping pictures, Joseph ee-aaww-ing like an ass, Tracy tying him in to the pen with the goats and sheep, and Eleni standing precariously on the fence whining to come into the gate so she can ride Sylvie. I imagined this must be what its like for every sewing book author. It is, right? (I won't even mention the baby chick Tracy recently rescued from the tortures of mean pecking chickens at the feed store. Her 6 year old named it Pecker.)
It was a beautiful day. Later in the evening Tracy came over and after we did the 137th tour of rooms, questions, show and tell, and design opinion gathering we enjoyed a sit in front of the monitors viewing all the days events. Whew. Over 600 photos with the hopes of getting 5. But we got them. And it takes every morsel of strength in my being to keep them to myself and my publishers. When it was time to get back to our families, I sent her home with sample cuts of the above fabrics because she has two chairs she wants to cover and I think any of these new Drawing Room fabrics would be quite swanky in that room up there. Good, right? Right. And it pleases me with an obnoxious amount of splendor that someone else thinks orangey-gold and pale plum are perfect for the living room. I love you Tracy. And I would love you just for your palette and house but in fact you are a dear friend too.

Oh and speaking of sending off pals with prints....don't forget that this Sunday the 16th Jennifer at CraftSanity is posting our podcast in which 4 fabric winners will be announced. That was a very enjoyable interview, and I really hope that you enjoy the chat as much as I did. It actually got, I guess for lack of a better word. You guys came up with some very poignant questions, and I was happy to share what I hope were actually answers to those questions. It felt a lot like just spilling myself into the phone so please forgive me if it sounds just exactly like that.

Okay so I'm headed north to NY for a few days to kiss my new niece relentlessly. I'll try to post from there but I might be too busy nibbling baby toes.

love, AnnaMaria


  1. I love this post... the news, the amusement, the beauty and inspiration. I cannot discount the pleasure I find in catching-up with a circle of blog friends, each in their remote places around the world, each sharing the inspiring details, the challenges and triumphs. Thanks for including us, like friends meeting for tea and laughter.
    I look forward to hearing the podcast.

  2. Nibble some toes for me!

    What time is the podcast on?

  3. so nice to have that kind of be designy with, discuss house stuff, ignore squalor with...(Not that anything you showed looked like squalor, that's my house)

    enjoy the toes

  4. Anonymous11:57 AM

    when, when, oh when will this luscious fabric be available?!

  5. have so much fun kissing that baby!

    what a wonderful friend you have there...can't wait to see the photos from that day when the book comes out.

  6. I love all of your fabrics!
    I can´t resist :)

  7. I love when you share pics of Tracy's house...and your house is so much fun to see other people who are so clever with their decorating and color choices.

    The barnyard scene is priceless. If you don't include Joseph in your new book, he will never forgive you and he will remind you about it every time you go to visit! I hope Eleni had fun riding Sylvie!

  8. Anonymous1:55 PM

    That's it! If I wasn't a devoted fan before, this last post cinched it for me. I so appreciate your writing, your photography, and wow! those spectacular fabrics.

    Lisa at Lisa Teague Studios

  9. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Haha. Joseph.
    Somehow every time I have taken a group horse ride, I get stuck with a donkey. Or a mule. Named "fatty".

    Love your new line. Gorgeous.

  10. What a refreshing read AM!
    Have fun in NY!

  11. I'm fairly certain your fabrics are in WAY more living rooms than you think. =) I cannot wait for Sunday. It will be my first podcast. Yes, the 21st century is slipping away from me. I'd better hurry and catch up! Have fun in NY, I hope its warm there. ~jen~

  12. I can't wait to get my hands on that fabric!! Any idea when it will be available for purchase? I hope you have a good time in NY!!

  13. Looking forward to the podcast very much. Have fun with the new baby!

  14. I love that natural wood piece in the living room photo. Beautiful room, that love seat is crying out for some one to curl up in it with a book....

  15. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Absolutely beautiful fabric. I love this collection...and I love the name.

  16. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I love those fabrics. They are so funky. Also,those cupcakes look delish!!!:)

  17. I got your beautiful dish towels yesterday! I love them so bad! Even though I ordered so many, I am going to have a hard time giving them away, but the bridesmaids are going to love them.

    And, I ordered your Chocolate Lollipop fabric from and am going to use it as a backdrop for our photos at the wedding. Colors are yellow and brown, so it is perfect. Thanks for your great designs. I love them and they are going to look so good in our pictures. I will send photos.

  18. After crying over your school bus post, I am laughing over the horse expressions. My son has just begun riding lessons and I noticed the same thing! I have laughed more than once at the look this pony gives as my son is learning to care for him. Wouldn't you just love to hear what they are thinking? Makes me want to reread Dr. Doolittle.

  19. So I guess we won't get to see the Elani / Sylvie pictures until the book is out. I can't wait!

  20. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Hey Girl, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I recently started a blog of my own. I added a link to your page, and I was just making sure it was fine with you.


  21. Your friend has a beautiful home-- and bright colors just like you! It is so cheerful. Your fabrics will be perfect there. Be careful with Eleni around horses-- you might end up with a little rider!!! My daughter decided one day on a trip like this that horses were her favorite animal and 4 years later she was jumping in competitions!! (and I knew nothing about horses!). Hope you had a good weekend!

  22. Great friend with a wandrful house.
    Im in your blog for first time and im loving it, great colours

  23. The first fabric looks like it might have been inspired by the Liberty/William Morris "Ianthe" print. Might that be so? Lovely, lovely colors and shapes in all of them.