Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Right now I am immensely pleased with any color that is happening in the yard. I think mostly because I haven't had the chance to tend to anything, yet some things just appear, and I feel like thanking them every time I walk by. Even the weeds.


I'm always scooting by so fast, arms full of this or that, on my way to something that has nothing to do with flowers. Every year I have mixed emotions about Spring. I am so glad for it, but I always feel like it rushes on without me. I tell myself each and every winter that I will get out in the garden and be ready for it. Plan for it. Nuture it. Alas. I likely don't have to tell you that the above picture is a weed. What is wrong with me? Have I resorted to elevating weeds to picture-worthy status to compensate for my gardening guilt? Hmm.


I didn't even know I had a forsythia. I just happen to look a certain direction in the far corner of the yard. Boom. There it was. I love these things! I'm so glad I have one. Could it be that for the nearly four years we've lived here, that I just didn't walk in that part of the yard spring after spring after spring? I think so. Okay, that's pathetic.


Anyway. I'll get out there. Soon. Quitting my job and gardening full time has been a verbal threat that I've thrown around for about 10 years. It usually accompanies some sort of mini career catastrophe or frustration. But then the truth of less flower-money comes to light and I get back to work. I'm pretty sure there's a balance somewhere in the soil and toil of it all. I do get to tend other blooms, I suppose. Little human and fabric blossoms. Not so bad.

Wishing you absolution from any garden guilt you may have. xo,AM

*and thanks for all the dressy comments! sooo kind!


  1. I love forsythia- our neighbors have a bunch along the fence so it feels like it is in our yard. I can't wait to get out and garden except the dog has just dug up another of my favorite favorite plants. He took down my Anne Folkard Geranium without even blinking an eye. I love the dog but i see a date with a high power hose in his future the next time he starts digging up my plants.

  2. Those pansies are unbelievable. Such a beautiful photo, too.

  3. Your weed is pretty--I guess its just a matter of perspective.
    I hope you can take a bit of time to get your hands dirty. I find gardening to be good therapy.

  4. Beautiful flowers, I can't wait to see some in my own yard!
    thanks for sharing

  5. Sometimes I wish I had eight hands...some to draw, some to cuddle children, some to cook and some to get in the dirt....without missing out on any moments. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I'm completely jealous. We still have a bit of snow on the ground here in Calgary. Our flowers won't be out for a month or so :(

  7. I had to content myself with a fresh layer of mulch and sprinkling fertilizer on the existing plants this year. A little extra sprinkle where the Hostas and Echinacea (fingers crossed) are supposed to reappear sometime soon.

    Thanks for the lovely pictures!


  8. gorgeous photos.
    i can't garden to save my life, but i love to look at gorgeous gardens!
    we still have snow and cold here...ughhhhh!!!!

  9. Those pictures of yours make me want to practise even more with my own camera! So beautiful.


  10. Thanks for the lovely bit of spring! It's snowing today in Idaho!

  11. I have about a 20X20 yard and despite how small and "managable" it is, it still looks like a wild kingdom. I found myself admiring the dandelions... I just accept it and go on admiring them. At least they feel comfortable showing their faces in my unruly yard.

  12. The idea of absolution from garden guilt is a wonderful thought! I was out back today using the Chuck-it to play ball with my labradoodle and my mind wandered to the yard. There is so much to do! I love the end result but dread the time to get there. Thanks to you I can continue down my todo list - that doesn't contain any yard work - and not feel guilty. I love it!

    I've popped into you blog and really enjoy it. I listened to your episode on Craftsanity. Thank you for sharing so much. I went to Vandy and have a special place for Nashville in my heart!

  13. You my friend, are becoming quite the photographer!

  14. some of my favourite flowers are weeds!gorgeous pics by the way.

  15. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Absolution from garden guilt? Oh yes please. How did you know I was just sitting downstairs looking out of my french windows and despairing for my poor garden?

  16. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Good Morning Anna!!!
    Lovely photos and sweet inspiration to go with my first cup of hot coffee!
    I know just what you mean abot garden guilt - I struggle with that too. I rejoice over every bloom and marvel that they appeared without any effort from me! And weeds -well those little blooms are my favorite!

  17. Beautiful weed!

    "What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered."
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  18. LOVE your beautiful spring photos - I especially like the weed!! And I must say I love that dress - gorgeous! I hope to make something from your new fabric line as soon as I can get some of it. Congratulations!

  19. Beautiful pictures as always. Some springy cheer that was much needed. Thank you- your blog always makes me feel happier :)

  20. I love forsythia. We had tons of it at our last home. I didn't think to take some clipping with us to our new home. 8 years later, still no forsythia. I'm going to have to plant some for next year!!!!

  21. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I just saw your last blog post regarding the dress. Your daughter has wonderful taste! I see a future dress designer in the making and she has access to such WONDERFUL fabric!


  22. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Wow! All I have is tiny green buds on the bare trees. But, that's making me giddy, too!

  23. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I love all the color! I understand "gardening guilt"... Right now the only color I've got in my yard is my cheery little daffodil patch. Must put something colorful in, ASAP!

  24. ya know, i never even knew that was a weed! i saw them all over the place when i was younger and absolutely loved them! that's funny. :)
    i live in a small apartment in new york city...i WISH i could have weeds like that....someday maybe.

  25. Anonymous1:48 PM

    your "weed" is known as henbit.

    Mark Twain, another Missouri native
    declared a wildflower is just a weed with a press agent.

    my "weeds are thriving" in spite of our over the top wet spring

  26. I love your photos... they make me wish we lived more south so I could see this all blooming now! Our forsythia are just about to pop! They line our whole back acre, all along the property line!

    I wanted to tell you that we watched "Eagle vs. Shark" last night! Craig wasn't too sure about it but I loved it... looking back I even love it more. Maybe there's that awkward shy girl in me, who can relate. I've always been accused by my sisters and friends of being attracted to the "nerdy" smart boys. I never thought they were. Craig is anything but nerdy so he cannot relate to this movie at all! Thanks for the recommendation :)