Sunday, March 16, 2008


Juliana and Grace

It's been the baby hogging olympics here.  I think I'm winning, but here is Juliana, the matriarchal cousin, with the newest little cousin. Introducing grandchild number 11, Grace Kalliope.  I can barely stand to let anyone hold her, even for a minute and I even hover while she needs to nurse.  Luckily we're a close family, so no one minds.

I just noticed that Jennifer posted my interview tonight so enjoy if you can stand to hear my babbling about design, fabric, art, making....and babies........but I don't think there's any baby-making talk...can't be sure though.

g'nite from NY, anna maria


  1. What a precious picture! She is such a cute baby! I can easily see why you and Juliana can't leave her alone! Enjoy that new baby smell and cuddles!


  2. Beautiful girls. Babies are just so sweet. ~jen~

  3. am loving the Craftsanity interview - thanks for all your encouraging, down to earth comments on mothering and the creative process - I needed to hear many of these things on many levels!

  4. I'm so jealous! Don't bogart the baby!

  5. Ohhhh...the best feeling in the world...holding a newborn! Congrats to the family (and I'm so glad they share. LOL!)
    I'm off to check out your interview...

  6. I was carrying our newly adopted baby around one morning and my MIL, who is totally and completely enamored, was visiting. (My husband describes her as being in a Gabe coma.) At one point, she looked at me and said, "I just followed you into the bathroom, didn't I?" Yep.

    It happens in all the best families!

  7. Both girls are just beautiful!
    I know how excited you must be AM! I posted a few pictures of my sisters 4-d ultrasounds on my blog a few posts back. I cant wait to meet the little guy.
    Congratulations Aunt AM!

  8. what a little sweetie...thanks for sharing her!

    Enjoyed your interview with Jennifer, good job!

  9. Just finished listening to the entire podcast, while ignoring my morning housework, well I did make my bed ; ) LOL You were so enjoyable to listen to, I love the fact that you are so real. I am one of the crazies with 7 children :O LOLOL

    Also, what a beautiful baby! There is nothing sweeter than a fresh new baby, enjoy the baby hogging : )

  10. For some reason new babies around Easter are always a sweet reminder of my 1st who is turning 19 this week. Enjoy your family while in NY.
    Enjoyed the podcast interview. I feel like I can relate to you on many levels. :)

  11. I really enjoyed your interview. I don't normally post a comment because I know your busy and don't want to overwhelm you with more to do. :) Now that I know you like comments, I will do better. :) Thanks for a glimpse into your life. You are living it with grace and in a manner that uplift those who are watching.

  12. Anonymous2:09 PM

    nothing like holding a sweet little one.

    I have a little award for you on my blog. A bit silly but lots of meaning behind it!

  13. I just finished listening to your interview over at Craftsanity, and I had to come over to your blog and leave you a comment. Only days ago I read your profile in the Spring issue of "Quilts and More," and I was so impressed with your work. When I realized that Jennifer was interviewing you on her podcast, I rushed to download and listen to it. I loved how the interview flowed so seamlessly, and you were so endearingly genuine! I can't wait for your book to come out; it's already on my Amazon wish list! It's wonderful to know that there is such talent here in Nashville!

    Congratulations and wishing you much success and fulfillment in the future!

    P.S. I discovered after listening to the interview and researching your fabric online that I have some of your Chocolate Lollipop fabric in my stash! It's a small world, no?

  14. Ah, "Kalliope". I am in love. What a terrific photograph.

  15. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Thanks for the great interview! I loved hearing your story. Thanks for being so open and vulnerable. I too am a mother of 5 and a business owner... it's tough to juggle it all and it's good to see and hear about other people in the same boat. For some reason it makes me feel more sane. Congratulations on being an aunt again too!

  16. what a sweet photo of the eldest and youngest grandchildren in your family! Juliana looks like a natural born! Precious.....also, I truly enjoyed your interview with Jennifer! You are so honest and open with your fans. Can't WAIT FOR the new line to come out! I'm sure you are just as impatient as we are, if not more! LOL
    Enjoy your time with your little niece and nibbling her toes.


  17. Anonymous7:52 PM

    So sweet!

  18. Oh I wish I had a baby to hog:) Mine are 6 and 3, and I have been fighting the baby fever for a third. Your post is not helping! :)

  19. Anonymous10:41 PM

    She is so beautiful. Uh oh, I feel the FEVER coming on. Better get out of here!

  20. Anonymous8:03 AM

    WOW! She looks EXACTLY like George! So cute and so sweet! I know your sweet mom is so proud of her Quiver! Full it is!!!

    Jill (Jeffers) Johnson
    its beem a long time since i typed Jeffers! Weird!

  21. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Hi Anna!
    Is there anything better than the smell of a new baby's head? If only someone could bottle that up, I know I would buy bulk! lol
    Enjoy that new little bundle and hopefully Juliana will share.

  22. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Babies -- nothing better! Enjoy this special time with little Grace.
    Loved the interview! I found myself nodding my head when you discussed owning a retail store. It is encouraging to know that others understand. Thank you for doing what you do, so that we can do what we do!

  23. I have to tell you that I downloaded the craftsanity interview onto my mp3 player and was listening to the interview this morning on my walk. I should have brought a pack of tissues along. It was all I could do not to burst into tears out on the sidewalk in the middle of town as I listened to your stories about the missing quilts (but present child). I am looking forward to listening to the rest of the interview but think I'll have to do it in the safety of my own home! Thank you for always being real.


  24. I LOVED the craftsanity interview. After hearing it, I jumped on over to your blog to see more of your work. Your fabric designs and colorways are beautiful!

  25. She's beautiful and what a lovely picture.

  26. Anonymous9:33 PM

    What a great interview! Thanks for doing it-am looking forward to your new fabric (especially it being home dec weight!), the new book, and of course the next interview!! (and I'm not even TOO sad that I didn't win the fabric!!!)

  27. Anonymous4:19 AM

    So cute! Love the picture! Your blog (and ofcourse fabric!!!)is a delight so I hope you do not mind me adding it to my link list?

  28. oh, that face and those eyes adn those hands...all curled up like a brand new baby. i can't believe my babies are almost 4 and 1...time goes much too fast doesn't it?
    i need to beg my husband for a #3
    (are babies like potato chips?)

  29. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I love reading your blog! Sadly I couldn't download the interview. The site wasn't available it said. I hope it will be soon!

    Maria, a grandmother in Sweden

  30. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Oh! She's gorgeous. Congratulations to your family! Enjoy your visit, safe travels home.

  31. I really enjoyed your interview! Looking forward to the 2nd one already.

    A lot of what you said really suck. Espeically the part about doing what works for you and not having to do like someone else because they do it well. Do what you do and do it well!


  32. OOPs! HA! meant "A lot of what you said really STUCK"!

    So sorry!! :)

  33. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I listened to the whole interview and it was wonderful! You have so many insights into life and work, having spent more years being a *true* adult than many others of us in our early thirties. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing how where you came from has gotten you where you are. And most importantly, where you are going from here! Can't wait to see the new fabric lines. (And I admit I am biased, because I was one of your Chocolate Lollipop fat quarter winners last year.) :-)

  34. Hi Anna Maria! My 16 year old daughter and I listened to your podcast and loved it.
    I linked to it on my blog.
    (from another mother of 5 and entrepreneur)

  35. Great are quite the lady!!! Props to you I will be back to check out your blog some more. Thanks for being so frank and real...the world needs real.

  36. I have baby fever... but have to wait for nieces and nephews now myself! I have always loved the name Grace and almost named my daughter that for her middle name. I named her Ann instead, which means grace! Beautiful baby!

  37. I think Grace Kalliope just might be the cutest name ever. Perfectly suited. Off to DL the podcast. xoxoxo.

  38. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I love it! You have that lovely colour feeling and I love it!

    I'll link it! :)

  39. Me too!

    Hi, I just discovered your blog and I love it! You have that lovely colour feeling and I love it!

    I accidentally posted the previous comment under my daughters name.


  40. Anonymous7:58 PM

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