Wednesday, February 13, 2008

At Last


If you live in a part of the country where you're ready to bid farewell to snow, I apologize for the following flaky excitement. Here in Nashville, winters can be either sunny and 55 or gray and below 0. We have waited and waited and I am so happy you are really here Winter! I do love the first snow. Sometimes the first can be the last so it is to be savored for certain. The rooms in the house are slowly growing to glow brighter as the dusting on the grass becomes a thin cotton batting.


While we're nested indoors anyway it reminds me to make some movie recommendations. If you want to curl up on the couch and laugh and cry on Valentines day, please do so with these movies: Eagle vs. Shark and After the Wedding. They are equally amazing films but totally different. Both about love though. One awkward, one complex. And we've all been talking like New Zealanders (or trying to) for more than week now after watching Eagle vs. Shark twice. We rented the dvd the first time. Then a few days later we couldn't stand it anymore and rented again from itunes. Jeff, Juliana and I huddled around the laptop on the couch in the dark with Smarties and blankets. Absolutely love this film. We went around the dinner table last night taking turns at quoting the film, competing for the best accent and inflection. I am the very best at it, without a doubt. If Jeff or Juliana should comment on this and say otherwise, just ignore them.

Going to make coffee (again) and stare out the windows. Love from here xoAM


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Oh you made me smile with this one... I'll swap you my "Kiwi" accent for an American accent :-) Sometimes it would be nice just to blend in, but after 8 years in the US, it doesn't look like it's going away.

  2. Sam, I promise that no one around you wants your accent to go away :)

  3. Yeah~snow! We have not had snow here yet. The last two weeks of February usually see some ice storms/snow here in there is still some hope yet for us.

    Thanks for the movie recommendations! I will definitely have to check them out! Off to make some coffee for me too!


  4. :O) I know just what you mean about the snow. I have lived in Canada all my life, up to last july I lived in Quebec and have now moved to Cold lake Alberta a.k.a the North Pole we have had a good foot of snow on the ground since the begining of November and I dont think it's ever going away!

    But I spent my 20th year in Texas and I remember like it was yesterday the one and only time it snowed because for the first time in my life I was missing the snow!

    Chears! Hope you get enough to make a Snow family :O)


  5. I love Jemaine Clement from Eagle v/s Shark! My husband and I adored "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO but I am afraid it was cancelled. You can download clips of it from iTunes for free....SO FUNNY! If you share my dry and sometimes warped sense of humor...go see "JUNO". I don't know if I would want my teenage daughter seeing it just yet but it is one of my new favorite movies! I am in Georgia (south of Athens) send us some snow!!!! Drawing Room is gorgeous, too!

  6. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Your first snow? Sigh! I've lived in Montreal, Quebec, my whole life(how cool to be commenting right after Miss Lobelia!) and since last night it's been snowing YET AGAIN so we've got at least a foot of snow covering everything.

    Hope you're enjoying it! :)

  7. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Eagle vs. Shark was hilarious - I just love the Flight of the Conchords (rent this if you haven't seen it!!) - they are too funny! Hope the snow lasts a while so you can enjoy it...

  8. This is another Kiwi who's been here for 8 years! I foget about my accent until I talk to someone who doesn't know me and the invariable questions come - where are you from, how long have you been here, oh, NZ? I've always wanted to go there...I hear it's beautiful. Seriously, it doesn't get much different than that! It's funny, when I live in UT everyone thought I was from Australia, and now that I live in NH, they think I'm from England. Hardly anyone guesses NZ!

    I haven't seen that movie but sounds like I HAVE to now! I love Jermaine and love Flight of the Conchords - I heard it wasn't cancelled and in fact they are making new episodes to be shown later this year! Here's hoping!

    Thanks for the nod to Kiwiland :) It's a long way away for those of us living here in the States!

  9. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Those pictures are so simple, but so beautiful. Makes you appreciate every little flake of snow :)

  10. You love the white flaky stuff eh? The 'eh' was intentional, come up here to Ontario, Canada where we have more than enough to share....ugh, so ready for spring.

  11. Anonymous12:45 PM

    As a fellow Nashvillian I share your excitement for the snow! I love watching it snow - especially when the flakes are big and fluffy -- like little feathers falling from heaven. I'm clinking my mug full of coffee to yours...cheers to snow!!

  12. Beautiful pics of your snowfall. I can't blame you for being excited. I would be too, if we had some. Being in Hawaii, no dice. Enjoy your snow day!

  13. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Man, we're getting so gypped in D.C. -- all we got was enough ice to tank power all around us. (But maybe not so gypped, really, since our own power, and thus teh intarwebs, have remained up, o happy day)

    YAY for floofy flakes! Best ever: Watching wee birdies flit about in snow tossing flakes aside in search of seed.

  14. Hi Anna Maria,
    I have been reading your blog for several months now. Your blog,as well as a few others, have really inspired me to start my own. I love all the pictures on your blog,with your family and your beautiful fabrics,which I have bought by the way :) I only have a couple of posts up but I"m inviting people to check it out.
    Thanks again for being a great inspiration.

  15. Hello Ms Anna Maria - I can't even IMAGINE having snow now - we live in Melbourne where we definately get four seasons in one day - but none of them include snow.

    I never thought about how the snow must light up your rooms! Sheesh! How good is that! I bet it's just lovely.

    Anyways, it was nice to pop over here again! xx

  16. Your first snow photos are fantastic, they almost look like the actual very first snow flakes of the day. Did you have one of the kids fan the air to keep them a float so you could snap photos like mad? haha

  17. Anonymous5:53 PM

    After the big snow storm here in Atlanta last month, I can honestly say I've had enough for the year. Y'all have fun!

  18. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Great captions of the snow *heart*. I love that powdery stuff too...

  19. just south of Memphis here and all we got is COLD! It rained earlier in the day, then froze my mailbox shut, but no snow! I am so jealous!!

  20. Love the new blog header! I can't wait to see the new fabrics - in person!

  21. I am so glad you recommended the move Eagle v Shark. This is the guy from Flight of the Conchords! I LOVE them. I had never heard of it, but it looks hilarious!

  22. We just added your 2 movies to our Netflix cue. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your snow!

  23. Thanks for the recommendations. I love snow, too - I think it's most special when you live in a place where you only get a little, so it's not taken for granted.

    nb. I know what Sam means about wanting to blend in sometimes - I wish I could fake an American accent, especially on the 'phone.

  24. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Here's another movie with great accents from "down under."
    Strictly Ballroom
    I've seen it so many times, but still love it like the first time.

  25. I LOVE your photos!!! I don't know how you got those flakes falling, with so much You're making me appreciate winter again!
    And thank you for the movie recommendations... we tend to only Netflix and I never know what to put on there! Someone mentionned the Flight of the Concordes and I just had a hilarious You Tube sent to me from that... I'll have to post a link to it! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  26. I loved that movie too. I am an Aussie living in RI so the snow is relatively new to me too. Some good Aussie movies are 'The Castle' and of course 'Muriels Wedding'. There is definately something different about our and the New Zealand sense of humor.

  27. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I enjoy your posts so much. Your fabrics are lovely. Will you be doing any upholstery weight? As to the funny to know there are people in the states getting their first taste of winter, while we in New England are absolutely longing for spring.

    Love the yellow you painted.

    Lisa at Lisa Teague Studios

  28. Is there anything better than snow falling down and a nice, warm cozy house?

  29. Beautiful pictures!

    We are a bit south of you and got some of the same. :-)

  30. I love how lovely the snow can look when it first falls and I remember how exciting it was to see real snow when I lived in southern England (where they don't get much).

    That said, I just got in from my dog walk which was a freezing forty minutes making my way through the 3-foot piles of snow lining the sidewalks for miles in my Chicago neighborhood.

    Oh, how I long for those balmy mid-thirties breezes!

    Anyone craving snow, please come see us here in the Windy (and Snowy) City. We're willing to share. Just bring some really warm clothes and your best non-slip boots. We'll make some cocoa.

  31. Anonymous8:23 AM

    We love snow! I grew up in Georgia and rarely saw it. Now we live in Virginia and I think we have just the right amount... one or two good heavy snowfalls per year that last one or two days. I love your closeup pics of those first little bits of flakes!

  32. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hi Anna Maria!
    We get lots of snow here (Niagara Falls, Canada!) - it's refreshing to read about excitement over snow - so sweet!
    Was thrilled to watch you on Martha and excited to see you in the March issue of 'Living' - so cool. Hoping to try one of your projects.
    Thanks for inspiring.

  33. Oooooh Anna Maria, gorgeous photos =)
    Aaah makes me wish we got snow here!!

  34. graceful delicate snow bits
    gathering in to get away from the warm.

    Amazing I never see snow, from me in AZ.

  35. thank you for the "eagle vs shark" recommendation...we watched it this weekend, loved it, and loved it so much we watched it again! but wow, that new zealand accent is really difficult...we keep practicing, though. =)


  36. Anonymous9:48 AM

    We live right up the road from you and YES that snow was amazing! The kids were giddy with excitment and Mongomery county schools were closed which added to thier craziness. Fun day!