Monday, December 03, 2007

Making me Happy


Hey did seven days just pass since my last post? Is time moving faster or am I moving slower? I am certain that I'm not moving slower. I really appreciate the shoulders that nuzzled under the crying from my last post. Boy howdy. I had actually gotten my camera back the very next day after that, quite surprisingly. I was so overjoyed and snapping pictures of stupid anythings. But then the playback button wouldn't work. I don't need to describe all the emotions, etc. after that. You know, if you can't say something nice. But I will say that while I feel I received a lemon, that the Canon people have been extremely helpful, and, umm, human. Do you ever feel like no matter what you say that the person on the other end of the line is going to repeat the same phrase?? They really seemed to listen to me when I calmly suggested that instead of me shipping it back again, that if perhaps one of their repair technicians in New Jersey could just step outside and open their arms, then I would gladly throw it back from Nashville. Yup. That much feeling behind the throw. I know it would have gotten there, in fact maybe even an overthrow. Point being, they bent at my expression of frustration by sending me a FedEx label to overnight it instead of the standard UPS, and giving me an extension number to a person, instead of the standard 800 for follow up. So waiting again now. Hopefully for a replacement. Come on Canon, I know you can do it.

Oh yea. On with the making me happy part. I totally stole the yarn-ball ornament idea from the store window at GapKids. How cute is that? The kids and I had a ball (duh) making them. It kept them all on the floor for about an hour chatting about their personal successes of ultimate winding capabilities. We started the centers with styrofoam balls to keep them light and not take up too much yarn. Winding proved to be good unwinding.


Also I cannot put my hooks down lately. Good and mindless happiness. I am just stringing the longest white chain that may or may not get fancier for a possible garland of sorts. Thought about crocheting little clusters into it for a popcorn effect. Anyone seen anything similar I could look at for inspiration?


And every evening when I cannot think anymore, I have a crush on Sasha Kagan and her beautiful book! I cannot get enough of it. It's exactly the sorta thing I need in the crochet department, because its more an index of all the types of stitches, patterns, and gorgeous ideas with instructions and perfect illustrations than it is a group of finite patterns to follow. I cannot get into following a pattern for any finished thing, I like to come up with the whatever myself...I just need the inspiration and possibilities in front of me. Anyway, currently working on a scarf using the Katherine's Wheel pattern. Its sooo pretty and fun to make and Saint Katherine is one of my favorite saints, so I particularly love the reference to the "wheel" that is part of her story.


Also making pretty little things to populate the beginnings of my shop. We hope to have that up and running by this weekend, but I've learned not to attach a date to anything. I will of course let you know, and if you want an email update about it you can sign up on the mailing list by clicking the top sentence/link here.

Thats the report folks. I have to admit feeling a bit of sourness the past week every time I thought of blogging, because I didn't have my new camera to play with. So these pics are just from the old snappy. On with it though. Wishing you happiness today.



  1. I totally sympathize with the busted camera thing. Mine broke shortly into my first trip to India and was very upset! May have to take some inspiration from you and learn to crochet. And those fabrics are really lovely!

  2. Opening a shop is such a great idea! I will definitely purchase some fabric as soon as it opens. (The little bags I sell on Etsy are just crying out for some of your fabrics!)

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    It kept them all on the floor for about an hour chatting about their personal successes of ultimate winding capabilities.

    You forgot to mention that immediately after that it commenced to an all-out styrofoam ball-throwing war to see who could make the best sounding "thump" when it hit you on the head.

    Of course Anna had left the room by then and I was defending myself against the 15, 9, and 3yo (yes she was involved as well).

    I made them stop once the 9yo started using Mom's fabric soccer balls. They don't hurt as much as they could really do some damage to a nice lamp

    Just thought I'd keep it real...

  4. When I saw there were only 3 post so far I thought I would write something because it would for sure get read. Then I saw one was from your husband and my heart swelled. I too have a loving and supportive husband. He too writes silly post on my blog but, I love it when he does. We are so blessed!

  5. Looks like fun. I wish I had some time to make some too but unfortunately we are moving so I am lucky to even have hints of the holidays here. As far as the crochet garland I saw a beautiful daisy necklace and wanted to make it into a garland for my daughters room. If you looks at then in the right side under 'my patterns and tutorials' you will see the 'daisy chain crochet necklace.' It is very charming and looks pretty quick. I hope you like it. Now back to packing boxes...

  6. it must be in the air- amanda soulemama posted photos of her crochet tree garland today :)

  7. hey anna, we still love to hear from you even if it's from the OLD SNAPPY! I'm sitting here in bed sick with a bad something of sorts, snorting away and enjoying your post. I have not posted for awhile, either....bad blogger, busy mother, too much going on, now i'm under the weather....need cheering up.

  8. You're old snappy picss are just fine and look great with the white background you currently have on your blog. Can't wait til the store opens.


  9. So funny how your hubby gave us the other side of the story - LOL! Can't wait to snap up a stack of your fabric. Gonna spend some of my birthday money that's burning a hole in my pocket.

  10. Isn't it frustrating, being on the brink of completion, of seeing your vision fulfilled, and then to be sidelined by technical difficulties and, almost, minor annoyances? Sigh. I sympathize. Of course, from where I am sitting it looks like you are shining, even in the midst of setbacks. I hope everything is on track again soon. BTW Amanda Soule was making yarn garlands and included links in her post today.

  11. I can understand the camera frustration. Our Canon decided to take issue on our most recent "once in a life time" vacation to China. NOT COOL! I'm very excited to see your shop. And yarn ornaments with yarn garland, excellent idea! ~jen~

  12. Anonymous4:13 PM

    my friend tif at dottie angel just posted her crochet,popcorn's really cute!

    :) laura

  13. is there something wrong with me since my heart swells to see all those stacks of beautiful material. i just recently drove an hour to get my first am material. i have it sitting in its' see through bag in my office at work just because it makes me happy.
    yeah, i know... there's always therapy.

  14. ANNA-You are perfectly normal!!
    (but who am I to judge?)
    wow, an hour? ;)

  15. I thought the little comment by "the husband" was cute!

    And because there's always someone with a worse situation: At least you have pictures to post, and now your camera! I am in photo-withdrawal right now without my harddrive!!!! I have to look at your beautiful photos... and they are!!!!

  16. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I enjoyed reading about Saint Katherine. And I love all those colorful balls of yarn, that gives out a lot of inspiration.


  17. Anonymous2:40 AM

    What a wonderful idea to have a shop, the stacks of fabrics look so delicious!

  18. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I love the idea of buying your fabric directly from you-it just makes it all the more special.
    I think the photos look great.

  19. I saw the Gap trees and instantly thought of your blog. [2 weeks before this post!] How funny that you are making the ornaments - they look lovely and you MUST post a pic of them on the tree once your family finishes decorating!

  20. Nope, not your imagination. Time is speeding up. It's the pre-Christmas vortex that sucks all the creative/crafty time up so that you feel perpetually behind the ball on your gift giving. Honest. It's a known phenomenon. As for the camera -- you have my sympathy and empathy. But hey -- they gave you an extension for a REAL person? Let's go Cannon!

  21. I am so excited for your fabric packs!!! Can't wait to order several. I will keep checking for their availability.

  22. Sigh ... I'm with Anna. I didn't actually drive an hour to get to one destination, I've drive an hour around town to find something that makes me lift a few inches off the floor.

    Thanks for the designs, AM, keep up the good work!

  23. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Thanks for the tips on the yarn ball ornaments. I have some yarn from my early (learnin') days of knitting. They are in really great colors but I am such a yarn snob now that I would not think of knitting with it. I was using it for my knitting students but they get so excited and bring their own now that I have plenty to spare for these great ornaments!

  24. You are always inspiring me! I can't wait to make a few of your fabric paintings that you demonstrated on Martha. I think they would look so cute in my nephew's bedrooms. You were great on the show, and the project is adorable. Did you make her name in a series of paintings? I thought I saw it at the end of a segment. Cute. And...Nothing ever gets done as fast as we would like does it?!

  25. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Dear Anna Maria,
    I just found your blog last week and simply had to tell you how beautiful and inspiring it is!

    Sorry about your camera, although I loved your remark about throwing
    it back to the factory from half way across the country! It sounded like something I would want to say!

    Oh, and about the chain stitched crotcheted garlands.. it must be in the air, my niece was working on them last night ( I taught her how to do them!). When I made mine on half of them I ended up going back and crotching the garlands AGAIN and that was fun too! It can be so addictive doing them and it does burn up a ton of nervous energy!
    God bless,
    Elaine Barnett

  26. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Yippee! I have shopped at the quilting/fabric stores near me, but no one in rural MO carries Free Spirit. I will be signing up. Sorry for your camera trouble. Ya know it is to keep you humble after the Martha Show. Frustrating things always happen after a success. Keep inspiring us, Anna. ;) Blessings, Leslie

  27. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Wow, what pretty fabric all stacked up like that. Yummy!

    Happy holidays!