Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stitching along here, whistle, whistle

Stitching along
Poke. Pinch. Pull. Poke. Pinch. Pull. That's how its going here. Trying to keep things evenly spaced and in a straight line, with as few un-threadings as possible. You have no idea how much appreciate the hoorahs, wowees, and omg's that you sprinkled in my comment box regarding the excitement around here. I am very humbled and thrilled to take this little adventure on, but not with a small amount of nerves tingling. To dish a bit, I've known since February that it was a tentative thing but just recently had it confirmed. So yes a full hearted whoopee from me. Really looking forward to taking you along for the ride. That's kinda the best part if ya wanna know.

So much fun at Quilt market, extra special with pumpkin along. As usual, though, I have few pictures but lots of good memories of meeting some long distance friends in person for the first time and reuniting with my favorite pals for shop talk, laughter, and support. Many very-together quiltees recollected some meet-ups here, here, and here. I hope to get better at journaling my trips, but gosh do they fly by and I was there a short time.

Allow me to answer some recent questions, execution style:

Cute leaf pins, you ask?? Found those cuties at Jo-Anns in the dollar bins one day. (I KNOW!)

Blossom Pin Cushions you ask....a pattern perhaps? Yes indeed, and a free one too!! But you have to wait until the Spring issue of Quilts and More magazine for that one. Also hoping to do a varied collection of garden themed pin cushions as a pattern available for sale in the spring. Thanks so much for all your kind words about the first drafts!

When will the Martha show air you ask? The same day I tape it on November 15th! It's live. No pressure. Nope. No siree, I'm not worried about that.

Is there something else...?? I feel like I'm forgetting something. Jeff and I are starting to work on my website tonight, hasn't been touched design-wise in 3 years. It was originally created for only clients, then a few months before I started this blog, I noticed how many people were looking at it, which is kinda why I started the blog. Anyway, need to dig around in there, redesign some stuff, add things, subtract things, and just all around drive Jeff as insane as I can. I'm really good at it.

Okay. This was a bore. I'm really sorry about that. Aggh. I feel better though. Hoping your weekend was splendid and fall-like.


  1. A bore? Nah, not at all. But how exciting about all that's going on! Can't wait to see the Martha show! Congrats on all of it! :)

  2. Wow. What a great, bright, uplifting site. I just came over from Babycenter, where I'm a blogger. In a recent post I confessed to being completely uncrafty, to the point of failing home ec in junior high. Checking out these crafty blogs is sort of a vicarious thrill for me. Anywho, good luck with the Martha stint.

  3. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I will be scheduling my lunch break so that I can run home and catch you on Martha Stewart. It will almost be like seeing you in person.

    I'm really excited for you!


  4. I can't see you on Martha Show:(( but i'm sure that'll be great.

  5. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Great photo, Anna! And fun post, as always. Missing you. Wish I could help you somehow. You're going to have a crazy couple of weeks here! Hang in there, Jeff :)

  6. Love the photo of Bela; reminds me of you at about that age making your Barbie doll clothes. I'll have to be sure and show Papou this photo! He already ogled over the ones of Elenitsa.

  7. Anonymous5:59 AM

    that is the sweetest photo! i am so excited for you - will be watching on the 15th.

  8. Anonymous6:36 AM

    What a sweet photo! My 3-year-old daughter loves to carry around her "fah-ric" and I'm looking forward to to the day when she's ready to do more with it.

  9. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Not a bore-never! I'm so excited for you-I honestly think I'd be puking!! How cool though, can't wait to hear more.


  10. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Never a bore! I've been an avid reader of your blog for a few months now. Thank you, for sharing with us!

    Congrats on Martha!!

  11. I just love that things are going so great for you!!! And I'm sure Jeff is proud of you too, which offsets the annoyances ;) ha! We were just in NYC and I thought of you...have fun!

  12. In a culture obsessed with celebrities that do *nothing*... I have to say I would have been starry-eyed and in awe to meet and greet all of these truly talented people, like yourself. Cheers for people who make things and have skills, who contribute inspiration, creativity and community to our lives! And thank you too, for sharing your experiences with us... I very much enjoy learning more.

  13. Not boring at all. Thanks for answering all the questions.

  14. This has not been a bore at all! Live on pressure indeed!! You'll be great!

  15. hang on for the fun ride....we're coming along too.....can't wait! Love the sweet photo of your girlie stitching away~

  16. Such a darling photo! Exciting times for you. I'll be watching Martha to see you.

    One of your all-time fans!
    Vivian Love

  17. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I love the precious sewing photo. She looks pretty intense. :) Good luck with Martha!


  18. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You go girl!!! You landed a spot on Martha & with Mary. How cool is that? In my sacred wall of magazines, those are my main keepers: MS Living & Home Companion. Such craft & decorating inspiration! As far as the show, just pretend you're talking to all of us (which you are).

    P.S. Can you give more info on the magazine article?

  19. Anonymous1:04 AM

    So exciting going on the Martha show, if only we got it over here. Have a wonderful time!

  20. such a precious picture!

    it's never a bore here! i am looking forward to seeing you on martha!! and really looking forward to the pin cushion pattern!!

  21. I'm SO excited to see you on Martha- I already programed my DVR to record!

    Can't wait for that pincushion pattern- thanks for always inspiring!!

  22. Never a bore! OMG, that first pic was more than worth the trip! So cute!

    So excited about your Martha show appearance. Because, you know, I totally read your blog and sometimes I comment and that totally makes me your bff, right? :)

  23. Anonymous5:53 PM

    The colors in your pictures make me so happy :):)

  24. You are so creative and talented, I can't wait to see you on Martha! Thanks for all the inspiration, I really need to start embroidering again!

  25. How cool...I'll be back in the States for my b-day on the 15th and will be able to catch you on Martha! Will put it on my to-do list!!!!

  26. I am looking in my crystal ball ...

    I see you having ...


    Love your upcoming home decor sneak-peak.
    And the owl ornament.
    Oh, Anna Maria - you are a marvel.
    Wait 'til Martha meets you!