Monday, October 01, 2007

Because I can't choose just one

Thrifting through the racks

I'm not good with the number one. I couldn't stop at one kid. And it seems that one kid (shown above an here) couldn't stop at one vintage dress while we were thrifting through the racks this weekend. She got two. After over 800 commenters hoping for some fabric stopped in to say hello, there is no way I could giveaway only one stack!

SO (drum roll please............) the grand prize winner that will receive the Chocolate Lollipop Cake and a stack of assorted Bohemian and Chocolate Lollipop fabrics is:
TiffanyKapri who said:
happy blogiversary!
at 1:05pm
Yay Tiffany! Email me with your mailing address, you little random winner you!

Four More

I also chose four more names who will each get a ten layered stack of goodness to devour. Here are the 4 winning comments and times:
Chara Michelle

Oh, oh pick me!! :) Hmm, with 221 comments already I don't think my odds are very good:)

Happy 1 year of blogging!

12:57 PM


Wow, what a fan club you have! I've been reading your blog from the beginning, and, although I subscribe and unsubscribe to many craft blogs, yours is one of the few I always read for both the beautiful crafts and the love for your family that comes shining through.

7:42 AM


CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your ONE YEAR Blogiversity!

I love seeing what you do with all your beeutiful fabrics.


Giabella Designs

Congrats! Since I am 1 of 600 looks like someone else will be enjoying a fabric cake!

Looks good enough to eat!
Yay for you all!! Don't forget to email me privately with your mailing address.

Icing on the cake

I had fun going through and reading all those comments and thanking you outloud or in my head here in the studio. I've been so busy with my book and other design work that doing that plus my trip to the flea market over the weekend yielded some serious happiness!! I scored some terrific quilty-love items that I can't wait to share with you. Thanks for being the icing on my party cake guys, and here's to another year. with love and thanks, AM


  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Bravo to the winners! I believe some people are going to be very happy today!

  2. Lucky, lucky girls!

    Have fun with your Chocolate Lollipop stack - I know you will!

    Thanks Anna Maria for doing contest like this!

  3. I guess I couldn't win because you aren't a fan of number one and mine was the first comment. Oh well... I'll still be here for the 2 year. Better luck next time. :)

  4. Lori-I am a fan of you :)
    You can blame my husband's random integer program! Naughty program.

  5. i've been meaning to ask you-in the "stringbean" photo of juliana, did she use a premade pattern for her purse or did she draft one herself? thanks! :)

  6. Congrats to all the winners and for a fun drawing. You do always have the most wonderful pictures!

  7. Where did you find all those thrift dresses? I live in Nashville and that rack is calling my naaaaame!

  8. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Congratulations to all the winners! I think all of us are lucky here to have you as a source of inspiration!
    Thank yoU!

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Wow, that was very generous of you!

  10. I'm with you Lori, we'll get it next year. =)

    I still cannot believe how many comments you got... incredible! Well, you have lots of people out there rooting for you and waiting to see what you will think up next, and I have to say I'm super excited to be one of them!

  11. Lucky Ladies (or gents)
    And you mean you could spare 800 stacks to giveaway , hahahahaha

    I'll hang in there for next year...............

  12. Lucky People yes, I found your blog today, and added it to my google reader at once! What a smoking, cool & beautiful cake!!! wow! I would love to se a step by step picture serial to that cake!

  13. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! That's generous of you to add more stacks! :)

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  15. Off to email you right away:)

    I can hardly believe I actually won! You are so sweet to have picked more than 1 name. I really thought my odds were pretty bad there:)

    (I posted that first comment with the wrong profile... oops, sorry about that:)

  16. congrats to the winners!
    i can tell i'm lucky having a fq-collection of your fabric already. now, i'm off to pet them a bit! ^-^

  17. Congrats for the winners, i hope be more lucky next contest.

  18. Congratulations to all your lucky winners! I hope they let us know what they make with their gorgeous prizes.

  19. ohhh yes, it would be fun to see what the winners do with their fabrics. That's a great idea!

  20. that was really nice of you.
    congratulations to the winners, im sure you are all really excited. :) xoxoxo
    as for me ill be waiting for next contest that's for sure. ;)
    big kiss to all.

  21. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Wow, lots of happy people out there as the winners! I adore that jacket/coat in the photo. Very sweet, is that something you made? I am in love with it.


  22. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Cograts to all the winners! Enjoy the delicious fabric. Hmmmm, now if only we can now see a drawing for that colorful and fab jacket.

  23. Congrats to the winners--I am totally jealous!

    That jacket is fabulous by the way. Can't wait to see your thrifted goodies.

  24. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Congratulations you lucky gals you! How fun!

  25. Congrats everyone! I can't wait to see what you make.

  26. Anonymous2:02 PM

    That's really nice of you! What a great give-away and so generous!

  27. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Well I am too late for the party (long business trip with no access) but I'm here to say Thank you for a fabulous year...I'm looking forward to another year of inspiration...oh and I guess I'll just have to cut into my stack of chocolate lollipop halfs!

  28. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Oh my gosh! I can't believe I won.
    I'm so excited.

    Ana, thank you very much! I really Love seeing all the things you create with your cloth. It's very inspiring.


  29. The coat in the first photo! I'm drooling. Is that you?

  30. Anonymous2:46 AM

    How did I miss these delicious little cakes. My babies were sick with a fever, so I have been reading Halloween books about a tiny ghosts and some singing sister witches, instead of blogs. I was off your site for a few days and somehow missed these delicious little cakes. Impossible. Perhaps, you will consider a great layer cake giveaway for Halloween, Christmas or Valentine's Day. One can dare to dream. Happy Anniversary. Love your stuff.


  31. Thats Juliana in the photo trying on the vintage floral shirtdress, she also got another that needs a little shoulder tuck to fit better. We'll share more soon :)
    Sorry to anyone who missed out on a chance to win fabric, I of course hope to do it again!

  32. You must have set a record for 'comments'. That is quite the number! Sweet of you to share with others.
    Joni (of Yummers)

  33. what could ever be cuter than what she has on in the photo? darling! and congrats on all the comment-love and giveaway. cool for everyone! xoC

  34. Lucky, lucky ladies -- and oooh, that thrifting looks like it was fun! I can totally understand not being able to stop with just one (just ask my husband when he sees me coming in with fabric -- or his eyes rolling when I say I'm going to the quilt shop for "just one thing" -- he knows me too well).

  35. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  36. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Finally! Someone else who thrifts for floral fabric! You are my new idol.

    I am loving all your designs. Just beautiful.


  37. Hi Anna!
    I'm portuguese and I LOVE your Chocolate Lollipop prints!
    They are amazing, beautifaul, colored and so fun!
    I'm a mostly a felt crafter but but I mix some fabrics in some of my little creations.
    And your collection is the one I use more (although it hurts to cut them... :o)

    Kiss and good work,