Monday, August 20, 2007

A sprinkling

is 6 years old today. Happy Birthday to Bela! And a Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jack. I'll never forget having birthday cake in the delivery room on the fun day that Isabela shared her arrival with Jeff's dad's birthday. My sweet school girl was greeted with a sprinkley breakfast this morning lest she forget it is her day. We'll save the home made yummies for later on. A puppy cake has been requested, of course. Bela is our resident dog lover, as you know.

It is so hot in Tennessee that the schools only have a half-day, and perhaps more half days this week. Although we've declared Isabela Day as the reason. We had our first rain in weeks during the night. It sounded so wonderful and comforting that I almost crawled out of bed to watch it. Almost.

We had a busy weekend with a little bit of everything. Yard work, swimming, hiking, shopping, thrifting, baking. Oh, I found those 5 little sunny plates for 25 cents at Goodwill. It fed my folk love for the time being. Also the boys now pride themselves on being able to make sunnysideup eggs all by themselves, and they are out of their minds thrilled if their sisters want one too. So I thought these a perfect set for the 5 of them as they feast at strange, often not-typical-egg-eating-times of the day. I think I need to buy some chickens. Anyone raising chickens?

Speaking of sprinkles, thank you soooooo much for sweetly sprinkling my comment box with all the advice, help, encouragement, and thoughtful words regarding blog services. I'm still thinking it over, though I know that some change will happen. I have fiddled a bit with the html in blogger to do a few things, and know that I could figure out more if I had the time. But thats just it. The time. I've learned (often the hard way) that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. My time is likely better spent doing other things, so I'd like for a more effective set of tools to be waiting for me when I'm ready to go. It seems like typepad and the wordpress service are comparable, just a different trade-off with cost and user-friendliness. I do like the idea of seamlessly integrating my blog with my website, which is in dire need of updating. Which leads me into thinking about just programming my own blog on the site, etc. And this is the way its been going in my head around in circles for a few weeks. I'll keep ya posted, pun intended. Anyway. Have a donut. You deserve it and its calorie free. Thanks peeps. xo,AM


  1. Happy Birthday Isabela and to your mama too.

    This blog is a pleasure to visit and I thank you for sharing the joys and challenges of your family life, as well as the amazing art you produce.

  2. Wish Isabela Happy Happy Birthday from this bunch in Lancaster, Pa!!!

  3. Feliz cumpleanos to Isabela! And that donut - man am I jealous! They don't make them like that (ahem ... at all!) down here in rural Mexico!

  4. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Happy Birthday Isabela! I bet 6 years has passed very quickly, right mom?

  5. A very happy birthday to a special girl!

    Oh, to be 6 again, and the wonders you see!

  6. The similarities are amazing.

    -Anna Maria Hoban

  7. Happy Birthday Isabella!!!! Lucky girl to have a colorful donut on a sunny yellow plate! I love the plates on the turquoise tablecloth! :) Wish it would rain, here! When we woke up this morning my husband commented on how stale the air smells and feels! Have a special day with your birthday girlie! :) Laurie~ xx

  8. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Happy Birthday Bela!

    I hope you have a great birthday!
    By the way that donut looks so yummy, I havent had a donut in months.

    I cant wait for the rain. I was raised in the desert and we havent had more then an inch in a year, but the new place? 30 inches a year! I dont have a clue how much rain that could be but I am going to find out!

  9. shared birthday's are even extra special! i share my birthday with our oldest daughter . . . in 12 days!

    the plates are great!!

  10. What sweetness! Happy Birthday Isabela! And that donut full of sprinkles....yummm. :)

  11. Isabela and I share a birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday Emily and mj!!!

  13. Happy, happy day to you Isabella! Do you think we will get any rain from this hurricane? Hot too in Ga!

  14. Happy Birthday sweet girl. We are in McMinnville, so Lexi is jealous of the half day thing. She has to go all day. It will be nice when this wave moves on out, huh? :) Have a great day!

  15. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Big birthday wishes for Isabella, so glad I popped have you been??? Will you be in Houston? Thanks for sharing blissful motherhood with us...these days are a blessing..all my love, Jennifer

  16. I just told my husband that Anna Maria said that I could have a doughnut for breakfast. I haven't had one in a loooooong time. So, we're taking the kitty to the vet at 7:30 and by 7:45 we should be at our local bakery... hee, hee.

  17. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I had no idea you lived in Nashville!! I live in Nashville, well sorta. We were born and raised in Nashville, we moved 5 years to Rutherford Co. I love your fabric and designs! Proud to know that a famous quilter girl is from here! Have fun at the show this week, I know I will :o) :o) Amie

  18. A happy belated b-day to Bela -- everyone deserves sprinkles on their birthday!

  19. I hope your birthday was wonderful,

    Kind Regards,


  20. Happy birthday! her donut reminds me of a parenting dilemma i am currently grappling with. my 3 year old is addicted to sprinkles on her breakfast food. oatmeal with sprinkles, yogurt with sprinkles... it an every morning thing now. i am not quite sure what to do. should i embrace it (well she is eating her food now, after all), or limit it to special days? not sure but glad to see someone else's kids are sprinkly too!

  21. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Happy Birthday Isabela!

    At our house my oldest daughter shares her birthday with her uncle and my second youngest shares hers with her Daddy.

    The plates are too cute! Good find!
    My son learned to make sunny side up and was excited too...and felt proud to make his sisters one also....for about 2 weeks..LOL..then he only wanted to quickly fill his tummy and get out of there.

    We raise town. We have five (one for each childs own).
    We get tan eggs and almost turquoise eggs everyday with beautiful thick orange yolks..oh!..and nothing gets wasted around here because the scraps can always go to the chickens (or girls as I affectionately call them).

    I havent had time to read through the blogger comments but need to as I have been working with a guy from my church to fix up my website and would also like my blog attached to it like I have seen so many doing...much easier to have everything all in one place for folks to see. :o)

    Have a great Isabela Day Maria!
    Your friend,

  22. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I'm so glad to find out someone else is "holding back" their August baby. I was a mess about what to do with my son, who just turned 5. In our area, they recently moved the cut-off date back to September 1st. He didn't seem ready for Kindergarten, especially when the day is so long now! So I found a different pre-school to send him to that is 5 days a week for a few hours. I hope it'll make the transition easier. I just couldn't see having him start out his schooling years feeling behind. It was a hard decision for me though.

  23. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Really, if eggs are big in your family--get some chickens! A few months ago I casually mentioned to my husband that our nature book (which was written a century ago) suggested having the kids observe one small chick to understand bird behavior. Well, we now have a pink chicken coop in the back yard and 3 young chickens. The kids are nuts over them. They are quite cute, very funny, and so far easy to care for. I think I'd keep them now even without the eggs. But the eggs will be great, too!

  24. A great big Happy Birthday going out to Isabella!

    My lil man turned 7 on the 20th today, too :) I blogged about his birthday this week--if she likes blondes we might have to get them together in about 20 years ;)

    Yummy breakfast for the birthday girl--chocolate sprinkle donuts are a fav of mine, too!

  25. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I have chickens and love them! The eggs are better and healthier than store bought. The garden loves the "compost". Less bugs in the yard. Chickens have funny personalities. We turned an old playhouse into a coop and they eat any leftovers, so aside from buying grain every now and then they are cheep (punny).

  26. Happy Birthday!

    As for chickens, we have four "city chickens" and love them! They are three years old, so have slowed a bit in their laying, but we get about 2 eggs per day, which is perfect for us. Ours stay in their coop/henhouse all the time, since we recently moved and our landscaping is a bit too fragile for them to be out all day, but by this fall the young plants will be hardy enough that the hens can be out and stretch their legs.

    Chickens are so fun, and so great, and I never worry about wasted food or an overabundance of garden produce, because it all gets "recycled" into eggs!

    And I think chickens are less work than cats. And waaaaaay less work than a dog. (We have a cat and a dog. And some fish.)

  27. Happy birthday Isabela! Love the puppy cake and breakfast donut.

    We had chickens. Don't get any thinking they are 'just chicken's' because they have personality and you will fall in love! Great experience for the kids. I would love to raise them again. We had to find a loving home for ours when we moved oversees.

    Hope you enjoyed your special day, mom and daughter:)