Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Portraits of Self and Self-Portraits

I had to enlist my favorite photographer again for some new images to give to a German patchwork magazine. She had me laughing the entire time but managed to get what is likely a more accurate portrait. Yes, my hair keeps getting shorter and weirder. We can thank Juliana for that too.

Above is a self-portrait of sorts that I made before I could round her up to do one in the traditional means. It was a fun experiment though to compose something of yourself without yourself. Of course I did cheat a bit including a painted self-portrait I made about 5 years ago. But that's telling too.

If I got one thing pounded into my art brain in high school and college its that one can never do too many self-portraits. Juliana may have gotten the real me through snorting, giggling and tearing up, causing me to slide out of view. It's good though to imagine yourself every now and then too, I guess. Which I think I do almost daily here, as it turns out.



  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Love your portrait!!!

  2. beautiful skirt!! and what a perfect photograph of you laughing. I always love those the best, the ones that give you away, there's beauty in truth.

  3. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Love the portrait! May I ask which german magazine?

    Greetings from there


  4. yes, tell me, tell me!
    I'll surely buy the magazine :)

  5. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Lovely painting and lovely skirt.
    : )

  6. Anonymous6:10 AM

    We should all have such inspired photos of ourselves. I like the self portrait photographed with the skirt -- two reflections of you.

  7. I'm loving those images.

    My daughter is 5, and it's so cool to see all the ways in which she is just. like. me. (And how she takes "me" and spins it into something completely her own, and 150% better).

    It seems like you have a daughter like mine. Somehow she is you, but herself, and original, but exactly the same as her mother.

    I am certainly rambling here, but hopefully some of my thoughts are clear. (I'm only half way through my morning coffee)

  8. The first picture is completely adorable! Is that your birthday dress?

    The self portrait is excellent! My dear, you are so talented in so many, many ways.

  9. Oh yeah, and that wallpaper. I like it.

  10. I love the photo Juliana took of you. What a talented girl!

  11. they are all great shots! Love the concept of taking a self portrait without yourself in it.

  12. Ohhhh Anna and Julianna.....you two are comical......stand up, laugh up comdians.....thanks for the laughs...i needed that! I love this post....the gorgeous self portraits and portrait taken by your Julianna! All just simply perfect. Isn't it fun to have a daughter just like yourself......my five year old is like her mommy as well....i can see her blooming into this darling little artist who would rather paint, cut, photograph, or sew than to do her homework! She's constantly taking off with my nice camera and sneeking little photo shoots of her own....i'll go to upload the photos and I usually have a few silly surprises....I am saving a few of them for her in her own file! So cute! ~ Anyhow, glad you girls are having fun, and Julianna, you have the best teacher a girl could ever want....so I hope you are appreciating your momma (through thick and thin)! :)

  13. I think your portrait is fantastic!.
    I'm writing you from Spain. I often read your blog and I love it!
    I`m graduate in Fin Arts degree too, and i can't belive how many thigs you can do at the same time: design, have 5 child, work at home, and 1.000 things more...
    Realy I'm impress. Congratulations for your work!!
    (sorry for my poor english:(

  14. Anonymous1:25 PM

    You're rocking that new do! It's so you. Or the "you" I imagine as I read your lovely blog--another self portrait of sorts.

  15. It sounds as though you two thoroughly enjoy each other's company! I had a relationship like that with my mom...best childhood ever!

  16. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Wow. Such a beautiful photo. You and Juliana obviously have such a wonderful relationship. I hope mine can be just as good when my two girls are teenagers. :-)

  17. Hi there everyone! lets see, I had a few German friends ask about the magazine, I believe its Patchwork Professional Magazine Germany.
    And what else...oh yes thats the birthday dress :)
    Thanks for all the nice words peeps!!!

  18. Anonymous10:17 AM

    What a wonderful photo! And a charming blog, too... this is my first visit :)

  19. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Wow! Very nice.

  20. I had to look twice as I thought it was a picture of Juliana! It's a fun photo of you and your fav photographer has amazing talent--you need to get her an agent!

    Congrats on all your accomplishments!

  21. I also ment to say how much I love your hair cut!

  22. This skirt is simply divineeeeeeeeeee!

  23. That photo is great! Love the contrasting colors. You look awesome with that new do!

    So, are you going to start sell those skirts or what? Not that you don't have enough to do but I just LOVE it!!!

  24. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Plese tell me how I can buy this skirt--NO KIDDING! I am in love with it!

    Please make more to sell!
    ANd I am first in line.


  25. I love this photo! It's in my favorite.
    I'm so glad to find you and yours blog!