Monday, May 07, 2007

Dechox program

Home again. What a supercharged and dreamy market that was! I am so so so tired. All for good reasons. Let's run down a few....

Chocolate lollipop is selling like ...chocolate * My Schoolhouse class was a packed 15 minutes of babbling fun (I was the one babbling everyone else was perfect)* I made fast friends handing out these * Westminster's adoption process of Free Spirit Fabric is now complete and we couldn't be in a happier home since the buy * Having days to chat on and off about work and life with the likes of Amy and David, Denise, Robyn, Valori, Joel, Tina, Kaffe, Jennifer, Erin, Tanya...and so many more.

With dear Heather, of course chatting simply wasn't enough. Overtalking each other with bubbly energy and excitement practically around the clock made for a little extra time in front of the makeup mirror each morning to try and erase the damage from lack of sleep. Things like sleep and meals just started feeling overrated. Things like cookies and cokes during a thouroughly modern outing seemed a better idea.

The trip was not without good meals though. We had a lovely evening on Friday with our purlfriends, Jennifer and Joelle. Two very beautiful, warm and wise girls who appreciate a good steak like me!

On saturday we sat at a giant table that was surrounded by some wonderful women in the industry and hosted by Holly. It was a delicious dinner that felt more like a quilting bee where we all shared our stories and experiences, successes and goals. Gina was kind enough to drive us to the hotel afterward, but we stayed in her car and talked to her for at least an hour whether she liked it or not.

After 5 days wrapped up in what seemed like one it was time to pack up and head eastward to my green Tennessee. I also had to pack all the excitement, inspiration, and ideas into a part of my brain where once home they could be unpacked as meaningful thoughts on how to move forward in my design path. I am thrilled with the new opportunities that are popping up. Thrilled I have you to share them with. SO many pals came up to me to say they read me here so HI ALL YOU GUYS!

Walking through the airport and looking for a little gift for my sweeties I felt like I was being followed by chocolate and lollipops!

The kids had tried so hard not to beg as I was wrapping up all the choc-pops to hand out at the show. And no matter how delicious and fun the fabric and the real chocolate have been, I think a little dechoxing is in order. I picked out a palette of palette cleansers for them. They sort of remind me of the greeting the kids put out for me after the last quilt market. This time it was almost midnight when I got home and they were all tucked in. I kissed and cuddled each of them just hard enough to wake them for a little in return. A few of them gave smiles in their sleep like they were dreaming about seeing me for the first time in five days. Nothing sweeter than that.



  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Hey Ah-nah! :)

    It was so great to meet you-you are an absolute doll. Meeting you was one of the best parts of market for me, ALL things considered.

    Can't wait to see you again!


  2. Welcome back, we missed you! Glad you had such a fabulous time. Man, your trip sounds like a dream! Oh how I would have loved to be there rubbing elbows with such creative minds!

    Glad your back!

  3. Welcome back! It sounds like you had piles of fun. I think it's time for me to organize a little girls' trip...

  4. Annnnnna! So glad you are back! We missed ya! Sounds like you and the girls had a blast! Can't wait to see more pics once you can put your feet up for a bit (if there is such a thing)! :) Love the quilt portrait of you and Heather! :)

  5. Glad you had a great time and glad you're back! Sounds like a good day to take a nap!

  6. Welcome home,
    Can't wait for next week when I can get more of the low down first hand!

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Hi Anna Maria,

    Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you in person and congratulations on Chocolate Lollipop! What a wonderful schoolhouse you gave, your warmth and enthusiasm came through just as it does in Chocolate Lollipop.

  8. Wow! What a fun, event filled and informative trip! It must have been fabulous to have been in the company of so many talented and interesting people such as yourself. Can't wait to see more pictures of your adventure!


  9. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Miss you : ) Have you gotten any more tap-dancing out of your system? That's still on my list.

    Ah, it's nice to be home.

  10. Anonymous10:50 PM

    What a fun time! Sounds like a blast to be around so many creative people!

  11. We HAVE missed you! What a fun time you must have had. Your and Heathers quilts really compliment each other. Glad you had a safe return!

  12. Anonymous11:34 PM

    *sniff* I'm still of the verge of tears. I'd been planning for MONTHS to attend quilt market, and last minute had a blasted home building emergency that left me unable to go. I was sooooo hoping to meet you in person. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time. Hopefully next time I can experience the excitement of market.
    All the best to you~

  13. Anonymous3:47 AM

    It all sounds really exciting - but hard work too. Glad you are home safe. I love watching my children sleeping too.

  14. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I'm so glad you had an awesome, wonderful, whirlwind of a time Anna! Missed you though, so selfishly, I'm glad you're back! Can't wait to hear more about it!
    Great pics!

  15. Glad you were a great success and glad you're back to the blog so we can all hear about it and see the beautiful photos! Hooray!

  16. Welcome Home! Thank you for sharing about your trip. Sounds like SO much fun!!! I'm trying to find a shop in SD that has your fabrics- still checking around! Anyone know where??

    -Jess San Diego, Ca

  17. Anna Maria, Sounds like a great trip. I'm glad it went well and you enjoyed it. I'll see Gina soon to hear all about it too! Take care, VivianLove

  18. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Your lovely photo of the two quilts makes me want to take up quilting. Both of you design gorgeous fabric.

  19. Wow how fun! wish I could have been there! Glad that you are back!

  20. Anonymous12:57 AM

    sounds like everything went really well for you and Heather both!
    great pics of everything :o)
    now you get to exhale a bit?

  21. sounds so exciting. glad your back!

  22. Heather commented on her site that you were in the rug business??? Are you not telling us something?!

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  24. Oh, Anna, where did you find that lovely rug pictured with the rock candy above? Dreamy....

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