Monday, April 30, 2007

All chocolate all the time

I promise (fingers crossed behind my back) that this is the last chocolate themed post! You must have that sticky sweet feeling in the back of your throat by now, certainly! Just thought I would give you one more cavity, with well, eye-candy. For real.

I'll be giving a little class at Quilt Market called 'Chocolate Lollipop and the sweetness of sewing'. It's customary for designers and other industry folks to chat up their new line to a group of buyers or any other topic buzzing around the quilting and sewing world that they choose. I'll obviously be talking about the new line, but also about the surge in sewing over the past few years. In particular, I have a theory about how much we need the hands-on luxury of things like sewing, knitting, and other slow paced endeavors to balance our hi tech and fast paced lives. And I'll be talking about all this to a bunch of people who have just been handed one of these lollipops, so maybe they'll agree with whatever I say, whole-heartedly.

Anyway, this is my adieu until next week. I did find a spare hour to make some more chocolate topping for me, above. That was fun, it's been a while.


Here's a few links to where you can now buy my fabric if you should have a craving! If you do, you must report back here immediately! Have fun and can't wait to see what you've concocted, you geniuses:

and very SOON in Australia:

Have a great week, I'll be armed with market photos upon my return! xoox,AM


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    hey anna maria! Have fun- maybe I'll be seeing you there next time! (still no news- maybe you can sleuth for me!)

  2. Have fun at Market. I can't wait to get my hands on some of your new fabrics!

  3. ohh, have fun, Anna!! Wish I could be a mouse in your suitcase, too.....I'll be thinking of you all.
    Love all your pretties!!! Love, Laurie~

  4. AM: Kalo Taxithi! Knock em dead, baby. me filakia. cp

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Yummy! Have a fantastic time at quilt market, I know you'll wow those buyers with your designs and your chocolate!

    I was going to be there but the plans fell through. Bummer, I was really looking forward to popping over and saying hi!

    Have fun!

  6. Oh girl I am in love with the new fabrics! I want to make you a pendant with them.. if you would likeone let me know... complimentary bc of your inspiration! :)

  7. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I think I can speak for all of your blog readers when I say, we don't mind all of these chocolate posts at all!! It's just beautiful!!
    I'll be attending quilt market, so maybe we'll get the chance to say a quick *hi*. :)

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Anna, have a great time at Market So wish I could take a class instructed by you! Your designs are so great

    BTW - I finally strated a blog and put you as a link in my FAVS - hope you don't mind!

  9. I'm super excited to see your new fabric at jcaroline! I'm not much of a sewer but I LOVE beautiful patterns and colors, and yours scream "display me!" I'd wallpaper with it if I could. :)

  10. Anonymous1:45 PM

    (another Jill!) I'm so glad the fabrics are available! Now, I just have to decide...

  11. You are AMAZING! So talented, creative and where do you find the time!!??!! Have a great time at Market, we can't wait for the pictures!

    -Jess San Diego, Ca

  12. I can't wait to see the photos. wish I could take one of your classes.

  13. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Have fun at market! I'm working my way through my initial Chocolate Lollipop purchase and am already plotting the next round. LOL!

  14. Anonymous2:51 PM

    When will it be in the UK?

  15. Anonymous3:27 PM

    No AM blogging for a whole week??!! I'm certain to go through withdrawal - why that's like no chocolate for a week! I can hardly wait to purchase your fabric - hopefully it will hit stores in my little corner of Iowa soon. Good luck at Quilt Market - you'll knock 'em dead!!!


  16. Have a great time out there. We'll all be waiting anxiously for the news and photos.
    Oh, and I love that chocolate top!

  17. ummmm, i don't think there is any such thing as "too much chocolate". nope.

    love that shirt. cute, cute.

    hope you have a fun class!

  18. Everyone loves your fabric and I'm sure they are going to be enthralled with what you have to say about the resurgance (sp?) of the hand made crafting going on lately. I agree, it is a wonderful way to slow your other wise fast paced world down and get back to the basics. I know for me, I find peace and joy in what I matter how good it is or who likes's made by me it's a true stress reliever!

    Enjoy your trip and report BACK here soon!


  19. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Adorable idea! I wish I could attend the talk! I'm launching my own online boutique soon and would love to purchase fabric whoel-sakle from you. I will scope out your sit more and see if you have a link about that. Best!! -Sara

  20. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Have fun at the market! I just placed an order of chocolate lollipops can't wait to start making some bags!


  21. I wish we could come to your class at Quilt Market but, l guess dinner on Friday will have to do...

    I wonder where our Chocolate Lollipop is?


  22. How awesome!!! I love it.

  23. You know Anna can never get enough chocolate; especially your Chocolate Lollipop goodness! (It's not fattening and it is so pretty!)
    Can't wait to go shop and get some of that chocolatey goodness. Have fun at Market. Your top is so pretty.

  24. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Yippee! I finally ordered some of your lovely fabric. I'm so glad you left the links about where to buy online. It made the process so much easier :)
    I wrote you a few weeks back about using your fabric for some of my work and now I'm off to do just that!
    Thanks again.
    AM (Andrea McKeen)

  25. What a wonderful day ... Chocolate Lollipop is available! Seriously, the news made my day! Just ordered a stash from one of the vendors you linked to in the blog. I'll be sure to post photos to the Flickr group. In the meantime, my current project involves some Bohemian accents. Hope you have a grand time at Quilt Market!

  26. ARGHH!!! That top is STUNNING! I haven't seen anything that gorgeous in a long time!

  27. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Have a great market, Anna Maria. I don't get to go this time. Gooo dazzle em!!

  28. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Have fun at market! I wish I was going too.

  29. Are you going to the one in Utah it would be fun to make arrangements to meet. As I only live 45 minuets from Salt Lake.

  30. I so agree with you. It is also fun to make something unique that only you have. Many of us like to go to Old Navy and have an inexpensive whatever to wear around, but it's also so fun to have something that you won't see on every other person... you know to be unique is fun. :)

  31. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and was trilled when I saw that the new fabrics where out for sale. So I rushed over and ordered some fabrics. They have it on some other places than the ones you have listed. I ordered some fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop because they had very fast delivery. I got it in Norway in about a week. I ended up ordering 3.5 yards of your fabrics in 6 different patterns.

    I was wondering about that beatiful octagon quilt. Is that a pattern for sale somewhere? The other thing I am wondering about is when I can buy your book?

  32. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Chocolate EVERYWHERE!!!

  33. Knittacia, Hi, I/m Anna Maria's mom.

    She is at quilt market right now, so won't be responding for a while, so I'll try to answer for her:

    The pattern is available; I believe it was from an Australian magazine. If you e-mail her next week, I'm sure she can give you details. Her book will be available sometime next year.

  34. I just received my order today. They are even more beautiful in person.
    It's going to be hard to cut into them. I may have to get an extra set.

  35. Tag...your it! See my blog for details! ~Jamie

  36. I hope it will be a nice market!!i like your shirt!!bye from Italy.

  37. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Anna Maria it all looks so wonderful! I can't wait to buy some of your yummy fabric. I am de-lurking to say hello and tell you that I have tagged you! :) Jen

  38. I love chocolate and chocolate color!!! I like your blog and your style! I have added your link in my blog
    Ciao Anna

  39. I just got a little charm pack of Chocolate Lollipop- so sweet (pun kinda intended)! I've already appliqued a bit of it- I added the photo to the Flickr pool. Now I'm eyeing up the prints for some summer top and skirt sewing.