Monday, April 16, 2007


Oh. My. Word. Is fabric getting really expensive or something?

Chocolate Lollipop
officially has a life of it's own, which does this designer proud. You guys are amazing. And smart too! I don't know how many comments I got that said I would need more than a Ball Jar. Duh. What was I thinking? I'll tell ya what I was thinking. I was thinking, oh this'll make for some good fun so I can work on my book for the whole week and not have to post again until Monday. That was until I hit around 400 something in comments and started thinking of cutting up all those strips of comments. Even my husband, Mr. Computer Programmer in the Biostatistics Research Department at Vanderbilt, looked at me like I was crazy when I insisted on the old-fashioned method.

I just figured, that's what I said I was gonna do, so it was the least I could do to cut those little suckers up after you sillies said so many nice things. Not that I prompted you or anything. But oh my gosh, I really did want to respond to each and every one of you! You had me laughing so hard at times. Telling me I stink. That was funny! (funny, right?) Reading all of them was a very necessary distraction from the hours spent starting my book. And the additional thoughts added to my heart for Juliana, too. Anyway, let's get to it.

Click on the picture! Click on the picture! You might make out your name on those strips!!!

But if you can't here are the winners posted with their links, comments, and time:

Jen said... I would love to use some of that fabric in a quilt! 11:37 PM

Liz Cadorette said...First things first -- I was behind on my blog reading and when I saw your easter post with Juliana's close call, my heart nearly stopped on your behalf. What a miracle and a joy that she was essentially unhurt and came home safely! I am a former volunteer EMT, and I know what a nightmare such events can be; I am so glad that she is all right, and here to take lovely pictures of her Mama! Secondly; not only am I still here, your blog (okay, and Heather's) are the first ones I click when Bloglines says you've spoken up on any given day. You inspire me to continue trying to get to the place where I am financially able to be the stay-at-home-but-still-working mom I have always wanted to be, and to live a truly creative, joyful life. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Here endeth the de-lurk. :) 11:41 AM

Lilorfnannie said... Lovely! Lovely *what*? Lovely Everything!! ---And, you're going to need a BIG jar!! 3:37 PM
Nichole said... Wow, so generous of you! I of course will have to throw my name into the hat along with all these other gals. What a way to get some blog comments! Thanks for all 100 of your inspirational posts. 9:13 AM
Please email me privately with your address and all your freaking out to receive your goodies.

So from Sunshine's very first comment to Bethany's very last this morning, I promise you were all in there. (Sorry if any of you posted after that, had to draw the line somewhere!) Suddenly the generous feeling of giving away four stacks went to not feeling so generous when I saw all those names. It's like having only one cold popsicle left in the freezer on a hot summer day and five sweaty hot kids who have to draw straws for it. Not that you're sweaty or anything.

But never fear, there is more than one Pop in my fridge, and I will likely have more giveaways. (It was just so stinkin fun!) Not to mention you'll be able to purchase them in a matter of weeks, more on that later.

Wow. Wish I could send stacks to all of you. Really.
Now I think a paper mache project is on order.
xoxo, AM


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Congrats to the winners!

    …boy, am I jealous!

  2. I am glad you had such a big turn out. Always makes a person feel loved when something they have created has such a big response.
    take care and many well wishes and healing thought s
    still going your way.

  3. Congratulations ladies on your winnings and Anna Marie, congratulations on your 100th post and the great response you received. Take care.

  4. Congrats to the winners! and Anna Maria you made me laugh with your post today...sweaty quilters and popsicles...that's a vision in my head! LOL

  5. I thank you even if i didn't win..your blog is always between my favorite..i am happy that you will do a book!!ciao ciao from Italia!!

  6. WOW! Lucky ducks!! I can't wait to purchase a fat quarter bundle of my own- do keep us posted as to when you fabric will be out in stores... and that book, I CANT wait!

    Jess- San Diego, CA

  7. Was Price Waterhouse Coopers on hand to validate the results? I demand a recount! ;p

  8. Ohhhh, seeing those gorgeous fat quarters tied up in bows makes me even more excited to get your fabrics in HAND!!!!! Love, Love, Love them, Anna! That was a fun giveaway you did! :)

  9. Anonymous10:55 AM

    That was fun..I hope we will be able to purchase your fabric in fat quarter bundles just like you gave away..Sweet..


  10. Did you get a hand cramp from cutting up all those comments!?! I kept checking back to see if you'd hit 700! I hope those girlies post pictures of their new creations using your fabric.

  11. Wow! What a sweet way of doing it. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  12. Dem' sho sum lucky gals!

    I can't wait to find it in stores!


  13. Love those fun colors!

  14. That was fun when you said to click on the picture and read the names! Fun I tell ya! Tell those people to let us know when they have sewn up their seams...I wanna see whatheymade.

  15. Wow -- what fun! Congrats to the winners. Personal recommendation for all those lovely comments -- put them in a bag. On a day when you aren't feeling so lovely/happy/etc. pull one or 10 out. Feel the love. Your own bag of warm fuzzies!

  16. How fun! So many comments! I'll just wait until that lovely fabric hits the stores and buy it all!

  17. waaaaaa... :) Just Kidding those girls are quite the lucky ducks, looking forward to when then come out for us to buy. This was lots of fun though! and I do love your blog.

  18. Anonymous12:52 PM

    lucky, lucky girls! ATET beat me to it, I was going to suggest the same thing - we all have those days! I can't wait until the fabric hits the store - woohoo!


  19. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Never seen a stack o' comments like it before.

  20. Guess what!?! will have the BEAUTIFUL yummy fabrics in June! Wanted to share with you all... I already know what quilt I'm making and who its for... Come on June- huury over!

    Jess- San Diego, Ca

  21. Hi there!-proboh, thanks for the fat quarter news :)
    I think your link may be missing a letter somewhere, here is the link direct to the

    Thanks!!! xoxo,AM

  22. Look at all of your supporters am, Isn't that Amazing? I am excited about your book and to get my hands on some of that fabric when it comes out. Congratulations again!

  23. I was too excited to spell (plus this new ergonomic keyboard is throwing me off). LOL

    Jess- San Diego, Ca

  24. Just the Eye Candy you offer on your blog is "popsicle" enough for this reader. Thanks for putting up the fun contest. Congrats to the winners!

    Can't wait to purchase some of my own Lolli.....

  25. Anonymous4:23 PM

    congrats on the winn girls have fun with your yummy fabric
    Beth Au

  26. Anonymous6:15 PM


    It was amazing to just know that my name was entered to get some of your beautiful fabric. I can hardly wait to purchase it when it comes out. I love the name you decided on and unlike a lot of fabrics yours instills such beauty. You have a great God-given talent for so many things and I adore reading all about you and your family. I only hope that I was half as great a mom to my kids as you are to yours and I hope to be an even better grandma to the two grandchildren I have right now. I love the ideas you come up with and all the little witty words and comments you make. They keep my day fresh and clear. I love the fact that you did it the old fashioned way because that is what you said you would me crazy but I would have probably did the same thing!
    Have a great week, Kathie

  27. a paper mache project..hee hee hee...great idea! (you are a funny girl)

    congrats to the lucky winners.

  28. I'm dwelling in my loss... but did a post about you today!! ;)
    I am hoping you include a pattern for your lunch bags in your book!!
    (By the way, we are FREEZING here in PA, so any reference to popsicles doesn't sit well at all!)

  29. You have a very nice blog that I have just found. I am mostly knitting, but have reascently been inspred to take up sewing, too. You give me more inspiration as well!

  30. congrats to the winners, I feel sorry for myself :( I soo wanted to win these lovely fabrics, I just hope that when they are in the shops they will be able to ship to saudi arabia

  31. Now, THAT was fun! Congratulations to the winners. I can't wait to be able to purchase some of your fabrics. They are just .....sweet!
    Thank you so much for the fun contest.

  32. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I think it so generous of you to share your fabric. I'm sure the winners will enojoy it.

  33. Anonymous4:04 PM

    You probably would have gotten more comments but for a technical problem. I tried to post several times, and it just would not take!
    Expect the same thing happened to others.
    Lucky winners.

  34. So Sorry Sherry and anyone else this happened to!
    Next time around I'll try to remind everyone to email me personally to throw their name in the hat in case blogger is being a bozo.
    :) thanks for letting me know.

  35. Anonymous4:29 PM

    That was so sweet of you, lucky girls.

  36. congrats winners! Although I am totally jealous

  37. oh my. i am so heartbroken when i didnt see my name :(. that stack is tall! it's ok, i will make sure to try again :)

  38. such a generous soul, you are...

  39. 642!!??
    Oh my....
    Lots of crafty people out there..
    Congratulations on the winners!!!
    Boy, I jealous!!!
    That was fun....and stressfull...and anxious...and...ok...we´ll try again next time!!!

  40. Anonymous7:58 AM

    What fun, fun, fun! My creative daughter just introduced me to you site. Can't wait for the fabric to be in all of our hands. Treed

  41. Congratulations to the lucky ones!
    hmmn, sticking out my neck looking forward to the next give-away! :P