Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My little lunchkins

I have had more fun playing with my new fabric ! I totally feel like a meany showing off stuff when you can't get the fabric yet, but it won't be long! Promise peeps! Speaking of peeps - this is such a good palette for Easter stuff, you'll just have to make it ahead for next year, since the fabrics won't be in stores in time this spring. But for now, these are some simple lunch totes I whipped up for Isabela and Eleni.

They were very excited. It also makes that dreaded lunch packing just slightly more fun when you can toss it in here. Today is "daddy day" which means Jeff gets preschool get-ready and drop-off duty. (I love daddy day. I love daddy too, but especially on daddy day, because it allows me to be like this. Not sure he loves it. But anyway.)

I was thinking of making oilcloth bags, which is perfectly suitable for lunch totes, but the girls had already picked out their favorite prints from the line...so hmmm what to do? Well, I investigated a bit, and maybe you all already know, but there is this cool stuff that allows you to iron on vinyl over any smooth surfaced fabric. It's totally easy to sew through and I found it at JoAnns where they sell all the interfacings and fusibles and such. So I just ironed a sheet onto the lining fabric after I cut it out and before I started assembling. Voila! Wipeable inside lining! It's a bit like turning your favorite fabric into oilcloth. And you could vinylize both sides of something. In fact you could fuse two fabrics wrong sides together with fuse stuff then you could vinylize both sides! Then you would have two sided stuff and wouldn't even need a lining. Then you could just cut it probably with pinking shears and not hem it! Ha!

Totally carried away. Do you see what happens? sigh.

So now that they are all happy and cute-y lunch-like, I can check one supermom task off the list for today.

One a day would be good wouldn't it?



  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Yeah, I got my Anna Maria fix for the day! Thanks for posting and love the bags!

    I'm a big knitter and got a sewing maching for my birthday in February and am loving it! I hope one day I can just 'whip up' adorable lunch bags!

    Thanks for all your creative inspiration!!! You are a blog favorite of mine!

  2. Jill-thanks! Have fun with your new machine! I think anyone who can knit can figure out a sewing machine! It's not quite as cuddley but very gratifying!
    have a great day, AM

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Those are adorable! I can't wait for your fabric to come out I am planning a hat, skirt and bag for myself and my great nieces with matching tee shirts and flip flops!

  4. Ok, Anna! You did it again! Totally amazed and excited us! What a great idea with the vinyl iron on stuff! Can't wait to whip down to JoAnn's again this week and pick some up! I was just there last night (for some super cute buttons for bags of my own)! Rats!!! Will show and tell my bags soon! Love your fabrics!!!! Can't wait to play with them, too!!!

  5. wonderful bags! i cannot wait to get my hands on some of that fabric!!
    i used the iron on vinyl for diaper bags and changing pads! it is brilliant!

  6. Hey Anna Maria,

    I love the lunch totes and look forward to your new line.

    I've used the iron-on-vinyl stuff before and agree with you how great it is. I made my sister a diaper bag and lined the inside with the vinyl so it would be wipeable.

    Do the employees at your Joann's happen to know what a fabric rock star you are?

  7. Anonymous12:31 PM

    really great idea on the vinyl! Totally cute lunch bags too!

  8. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Darling lunch totes!! I love the iron on vinyl idea.
    So many inspirations, so little time! Sigh.

  9. Anonymous1:07 PM

    SUCH cute bags!! Yes, you are a teensy bit of a meany for showing us all the delish new prints before we can get them. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! ;) Just can't wait!

  10. Those bags are super cute. Can't wait for your new line to be out! I am going to splurge and buy some new fabric for spring/summer skirts.
    Thanks for the vinyl tip too!

  11. Thank you for mentioning the iron on vinyl! I definitely need to pick some up to put on my patchwork baby bibs. I think they would look fantastic made with your new fabrics - I'm impatiently waiting until I can get my hands on some...

  12. Love the lunch totes. I wish I had girls...
    Thanks for the info on the vinyl! I have been making little zippered makeup pouches and wondering how to protect the insides from spilt lipstick, blush, mascara, etc.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  13. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Completely adorable. Such a great idea!

  14. Anonymous2:28 PM

    i am going to get me some of that vinyl! now! well not really now, but you know what i mean. the possibilities are endless and now you have me dreaming up all kinds of new projects!

  15. Anonymous2:35 PM

    What a great idea and thank you for the tip on the iron on vinyl. I'm already dreaming up all the ways to use it. Love your blog and can't wait for your new fabrics to come out. Thanks!

  16. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I have totally been driving my FreeSpirit rep mad! I insisted that he order the entire line for my shop the VERY DAY that he's permitted to begin taking orders!

    I cannot wait to play with the Chocolate Lollipops! It feels like it is going to be an eternity before it comes in! Oh, well, all the patience will pay off in the end....it is fabulous!

  17. Oh my beautifulness!

    I adore your new line and now I have tote-fever. (Maybe I can talk my friend into dragging our kids to Joann's this afternoon. Instead of letting them play while we watch...we can play while they watch.) :)

    You really are a color/fabric/creative genius. Thank you for sharing!

  18. The first thing I saw was the rick rack straps... adorable! I would buy one from you right now if you sold them... my daughter loves brown (matches her eyes and hair..which we refer to as "chocolate").
    And I have been perusing fabrics for curtains, etc. and am so upset that your new fabric is not available yet...it is hard to wait and NOW YOU MADE IT EVEN HARDER! (i'm not shouting, just emphasizing!)
    I want that lunch bag :))

  19. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Love those little tote bags. They're adorable.

  20. Too cute AM! I love them!

  21. Love the bags. I was homeschooled but when I was in "mommy's day out" at church I did have a Disney lunch box. Wish I had these cute bags to put my lunch box into. :-)


  22. Thanks for the tip on the clear vinyl, I've seen it but didn't know of anyone who had used it. Since I need to go to Joann's anyway for some buttons -- guess I'll just have to pick some of the vinyl up too.

    I love your fabrics, creativity and your blog. I can't wait until I can get some of the new line -- (humming to myself) lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly pop. Anyway, thank you so much for the wonderful inspriation.

  23. Oh yes, that stuff is great. I used some many years ago for a project at design school. I laminated white silk organza to make a short trench coat. It was paired over a super short white pleather zipper jumpsuit so the entire effect was very Blade Runner like. :-)

    I really, really like the dark ground multi colored polka dot fabric! Gotta find some of that.

  24. Anonymous6:34 AM

    What a tease! Can't wait to see your fabrics! And thanks for the tip on iron-on vinyl!

  25. Anonymous7:30 AM

    These lunch totes are adorable. I'm inspired to try and create one for my daughter, though sewing is not my best medium. Are you going to create patterns for the totes?

    I love the detail in the green and white handle.

  26. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Those have to be the most cheerful lunch bags I have ever seen! I may have to add them to my list of projects. I've always wanted to try the iron-on vinyl, but wasn't sure if I could sew through it, so I'm glad to hear it's not a big deal. Thanks for sharing such a fun project!

  27. Hi Anna

    Love your blog. its so inspiring that no matter how busy we get we should always find time for pretty things. Which fabric did you use to make the top bag in this post. It would be perfect for my daughters new duvet. Thanks

  28. Hi Ms. O!

    Thanks for your nice words. I made the top tote from one of my new fabrics which will be available sometime in May. It's called Chocolate Lollipop and that specific print is called "pop print/brown"

    It would be adorable on a bed!
    have a great day, xo,AM

  29. Love the bag . . .love your blog. So much in fact I have listed you as a "Blog I love to read" on my blog. :)
    Can't wait to get my hands on your new fabric line!


  30. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Oh...what beautiful children and fabrics you have! I love your blog...am a newbie reader. You make me want to learn how to sew!

  31. Anonymous1:07 AM

    I love the lunch totes, but must really say a big thank you for the heads up on the iron on vinyl, just ordering some now....

  32. Oh what fun!! Love those lunch totes, and what a great idea for lining them!

  33. This is torture!!! I wish they where available already! I'll try the fusible stuff and make an apron for your flickr gallery.

  34. Gabi-I can't wait to see the apron! Think of the time between now and the fabric being available as your project planning time :)
    Have a great weekend!

  35. i love, love your work!!
    these lunch bgafs are great!

  36. Wow! I lovelovelove this idea. What is the cool stuff called that allows you to iron vinyl onto smooth surfaced fabric? I've always felt like some of the fabric I have would look so great as an oilcloth. Thank you!

    Please do let me know. I am found here: http://monkeyporkbun.typepad.com/

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