Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is it just me......

....or does King Leo not quite fit here? And am I wrong in thinking that maybe his expression is telling me just that? Clearly he has patiently sat at my feet (in paw's reach I might add) in the studio as I make all sorts of things that have nothing to do with him. Although a few things had to do with him. He actually doesn't even know he's a dog and very often treats himself to all the privileges of our human children, like silk pillows, popcorn and the living room couch. I was telling my Purlfriend all about it as I ordered the cutie fabrics for his new bed.

So keep enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze on the back porch Your Highness. I'm pretty sure you're number 31 on my list of things to do.

Where does your pup sleep? (or where doesn't your pup sleep?)

xox, doggie mommy


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    my puppy likes to push whatever I have on my lap (laptop, sewing, book) and lay there instead. Usually, she starts by pawing my leg and looking at me longingly...saying "mommy, can I sit on your lap?". When I say no, she comes around from the other side and nudges and wiggles whatever it may be, out of the way!
    Stubborn westie!!

  2. I'm allergic so we don't have a "real" dog, but my family wants one so much that we have a pretend dog named pancake who's adventures of the day are recalled every day after school. I hope my daughter will write books about him when she's older. Pancake sleeps on her bed.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    How cute! I sit at my computer in my pjs, just like you. He starts out at my feet for about an hour and then he will stand up, put his head in my lap to tell me he is going into the bedroom to lay across the bed and sleep.

  4. oh..and..i thought of you this morning!! a few weeks ago a girl hit the light pole across the street. she's ok, but the pole took a beating. so, today the Pole Replacers showed up. i thought, "oh how fun, i will get to watch!" then, all of a sudden a man in an orange vest and hardhat was head straight towards my house! i had to answer the door in my bathrobe!!! ahhhh!!! and..was without power for quite some time. i did give myself a good chuckle about the poor power man being subjected to my cozy robe!! :)

  5. Oh, dear, I hope that King Leo doesn't tear up whatever it is you make for him with that "cutie" rabbit fabric, trying to catch poor bunnies!

  6. better to terrorize a fabric bunny than a real one I always say. The bunnies will give him noble hunting dog dreams :)

  7. Anonymous12:27 PM

    you are lucky i don't live anywhere near you or i would come and steal him (and his "bed").


  8. Syd sleeps anywhere she can be close contact with a human being. This includes in bed with us with her head on a pillow. Yes, really!

  9. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I think Leo has found a spot befitting his royal tail. ;)

    Our dog (Avacado aka Ava aka Ava Biscuit) prefers to sit in my lap while I type. Thank goodness she's the size of our cat Broccoli or I couldn't manage around her!

  10. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Is it just me or do all dogs love popcorn? My dog Marely goes crazy when he smells popcorn!

    I'm not sure how I came across your blog but I sure am glad I did. You are very talented and very inspiring!


  11. Cute pup! I don't have a dog yet (yet being the key word:), but we do have two cats who sleep wherever they please. Although I find that they are interested in everything I make that isn't for them, they will have nothing to do with the cat tunnel (found in Amy Butler's In Stitches book) that I did make for them!

  12. We have one pup (Lola) that sleeps in between us most of the nite. Thanks to my husband...honest. She had/has the cutest bed. Most nights I don't mind until I need to roll over. Another(Tony)(they met at the Copacabana)who sleeps everywhere & anywhere and trys several spots each nite. Its like hes always looking for the "cool side of the pillow" Just like Mama

  13. Your dog is so sweet! Our dog used to sleep on the coach when we were gone and then look up at us with gulity but slightly defiant eyes when we came home.


  14. Anonymous7:03 PM

    my black lab has could careless for the laws of physics and will sit anywere even if he doesnt fit!

  15. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Our dog sleeps in her kennel at night but during the day, loves to sneek in and sleep her days away on our lounge chairs or at my feet, under the desk while I'm on the computer! She's little so she can fit almost anywhere!

  16. Anonymous3:01 AM

    currectly on the towel I use to wipe her paws. She is a real puppie pup (only 10 weeks) so she has only washable things to lie on so far. Waiting for her is a nice thick brown corduroy pillowleke bed.

    Looking forward to seeing your creation. Chairs and couch are strictly forbidden here.

  17. I have a cat who behave like a dog and follow us around all day long(when at home).When my hubby sleeps on the sofa,she fits in between his body and the sofa..and then slowly stretches the paws(and claws)pushing him away..and he has to change the side of the sofa to give space to her..!!

  18. Anonymous4:49 AM

    My puppy like to sleep on the foot pedal of my sewing machine. It is a great place to be because you get to give mummy a filthy look every time she want to sew a seam, stalk away in high dudgeon and then come right back and sit where you rightfully were in the first place. Only to get trodden on again.:)

  19. Anonymous8:16 AM

    She looks like she is living the life. Now where is her lemonade and slice of cake?
    Ollie loves warm spots and will pick my sons closet, almost everytime (warmest room in the house). We have even found him curled up under a blanket that was on the floor. However he is still of mean chewing machine kind of puppy and not left unattended, So a crate is where he's put. He likes it, which is a good thing. I bought a cute wicker dog bed of a yard sale and it just needs a cushion made for when he doesn't chew so much. I think my dog bed is on my list at about, oh 150..LOL

  20. King Leo is very cute!

    I have three dogs and they sleep where ever they want. They let us sleep with them in bed at night.

  21. Debbi-you have such nice dogs, they even let you sleep with them! Wow!
    ;) AM

  22. Our big dog LOVES curling up on our old, worn hand-me-down chair that we saved even though it doesn't quite match our new furniture. I'm always amazed at what a tiny ball he becomes when he's all snuggled on his chair!

  23. Anonymous5:44 AM

    To the first person commenting, Sarah: We have two Westie Rescues! They can get whatever they want just by looking cute which they do 100 percent of the time! Annie and Mackie sleep on our bed, sometimes using our arm or leg as their pillow. LOL Lots of pictures of them under "fur babies" on my blog. (sorry, proud Fur Mom could not resist sharing pics!)

    Can't wait to see your dog bed, Anna Marie! Always love your work!

  24. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I just love this post. My pup Aspen doesn't quite get that at 3 years of age she is no longer a puppy. She is a full-grown yellow lab and still tries to hop onto peoples laps to be pet :D

    She is very well trained but this is just something we didn't pay enough attention to. I should post a picture on my blog how she tries to huddle beneath the small leg space of my desk and attempts to crash in the small maybe 12x20 inch space housing the computer and my legs :-D Not very comfy but when hanging out in my jammies or bathrobe it keeps my feet worm ;-)

    On another note... has your dog been checked out by a vet for thyroid issues yet? I have heard many accounts of a labs nose turning skin color being an indicator. Or has it always been this way?

    Please keep up the blogging. I am looking forward to our interview and Chocolate Lollipop

  25. Hi Ina-we just had him for his checkup and no mention of his nose coloration. I did just recently look that up and find that there is something called snow nose where labs will get a pink nose in the winter and then darker throughout the summer. We did notice it fading in the colder months. Funny! I call him bunny sometimes because of his pink nose :) The source I got the information from cited no known reason or danger in the pink nose. I will double check with my vet, so thanks for mentioning it!


  26. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Oh puppy is 9 years old and a black cocker, beagle mix. Her name is Pixel (from my life before children and my own business..I was a computer animator) anyway, she sleeps at the foot of my bed...and during the day, anywhere she wants, until I find her, curled up on the couch, in a bean bag, my daughters stuffed animals, a pile of clothes...

  27. King Leo is beautiful! What a precious face. There is nothing better than the unconditional love of a dog.
    I have two very LOVED beagles...Chloe and Lucy....
    They both will sleep with us on our bed....Chloe recently has decided to sleep on two fluffy comforters folded and stacked on the floor....the bed is a little too high for her to jump up on anymore....and I miss having her...even though they both think the bed belongs to them and kick us to move over....hee them!

  28. Lulu, my long haired doxie, sleeps wherever she pleases. There's a corner in the living room she really likes to use in the morning. Two windows come together and I put a little ottoman there so she is at the perfect height to survey her backyard.