Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Break break

So I'm taking just a small step away from my blog/spring break to wish my beautiful sister Eleni a Happy Birthday!
Her birthday, most appropriately, is on the first day of Spring. Eleni is about nothing if she is not about delicate and beautiful new beginnings. She is a tender and warm soul. You can see that here in the painting I made of her with my Juliana about 5 years ago.When I made the painting I thought of the cushion she has always been for me, whether I was being brave or stupid. Like her red lap that supports the entire composition of the painting. Content to let me be the center of

attention, since she knew I needed it.
I thought of our inter-tangling pattern of having the same parents, the same makeup. How we are sort of a repeat of each other but individual like the the bend of the arms in each of the figures in the painting. I know just how Juliana must have felt relaxing in her sweet care and having her hair braided. It's the same sisterly embrace I have felt since birth.

That embrace, as most of us sisters know, doesn't always come in the form of an actual hug, sometimes it's a necessary distance or it's a talk on the phone for 5 hours. But always there and always loving and accepting.

Have a happy birthday Eleni, I love you.
And happy spring to all. xo,A


  1. How Beautiful!!! You are so fortunate to have eachother! This painting is sooo moving.......one can almost feel Eleni and Juliana moving about in the painting, coming to life! You really captured a likeness, Anna Maria! Yes, Happy Birthday Eleni!!!! She is lucky to have you, too!!! Lovely composition and colors, too.

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Oh my gosh, this painting is breathtaking. It moves the soul. Just beautiful!

  3. Amazing work. Really beautiful. I'm lucky enough to have 4 older sisters and they have each, at different time, played a very significant role in my life growing up. Isn't it wonderful.

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Your painting is lovely.

  5. Your painting is so wonderful. It is full of spirit. You reminded me of when my Aunt and Grandma would fix my hair. The bathroom was then transformed into the "beauty shop."


  6. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Absolutely beautiful. Perfect.


  7. What a great way to say happy birthday to your sister. A bond between sisters is like nothing else on earth.

  8. What a wonderful tribute to my "spring baby" from my "baby baby"!
    Love you both.

  9. I come from a family of all sisters and you described this relationship so beautifully!
    Your mom is really cute too! My son is a spring baby too..his birthday is today also (that's what we always call him).
    You are also just as talented in your writing as your painting! Love it all!!!!

  10. What a beautiful, beautiful painting. I am in awe of your talent and lovely words for your sister. A big Happy Birthday to her!

  11. Happy Birthday Eleni! What a beautiful painting and a beautiful post!

  12. what a wonderful homage to sisters! I love the painting.

    Happy belated bday to your sister.

  13. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Beautiful paintings, you are so talented and inspiring. Happy belated to your sister, and weird coincidence 3/20 is my b-day too!

  14. Happy Birthday to you too! And you really have the same name as well! As you may know the translation of Eleni is Helen :)

  15. Anonymous9:49 AM

    What a beautiful tribute. Your talent really moves me.

  16. Anonymous6:52 PM

    First of all, this painting is absolutely stunning, one of my favorite I've seen. Second, my daughter's name is Eleni so I enjoyed hearing about your sister who sounds special like her..must be the name, lol.

  17. Anonymous10:45 AM

    The minute I saw that picture it tugged at my heart....then I went on to read the comments regarding your sister and it made me well-up with tears.

    Is there anything you can't do?? What a talented individual you are! Really enjoy reading your blog.


  18. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Thank you for sharing your creativity. My sister resides in Nashville (works at Vandy)and though I know it's a large city I feel like "hey! a connection!" To read your lovely musings about your sister and know you're in the same town as my sister creates in me some (slightly geeky) feeling of connection
    Happy (belated) birthday to your sister.
    Jennifer (in Kansas kind of missing her sister)

  19. hi again! I know everyone's already said this, but this painting is BEAUTIFUL. you actually sit down and do all the things I wish I was doing. glad someone is out there getting it done. :) seriously, you are so talented. happy birthday to your sis!

  20. The painting is really cool.

  21. Lovely painting!!! the relationship between they both is so clear and you've done a great and very detailed work.

  22. You are an amazing artist! I'm lucky to have a great sister too, don't know what I'd do without her.

  23. whoa. that painting is yours? it is breathtaking. the color palette you used is fantastic...all the colors I love seeing together.

  24. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Love the painting and the sentiment.

  25. What a beautiful post and beautiful piece of art!!!

  26. Anonymous8:43 AM

    It was interesting to read your interpretation of this beautiful painting. I just learned of a book called, "My Sister, My Self" by Vikki Stark. It is all about the relationship with our sisters (I have two) and how our lives are affected by it. I haven't read it yet but it sounded intersting enough for me to have just ordered three copies for our annual sister retreat weekend coming up in May ...

  27. I'd like to paint like that.
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  28. I just found your blog and your work is absolutely stunning. Wow what a talent you have!!!

  29. Anonymous1:15 PM

    This is an amazing painting. Do you by chance have any interest in selling a print of it? I have two sisters and this would be amazing for them.

    Thank you - Valarie

  30. this is my first time to drop by your blog and i must say that you're really talented. i love your painting. ^^ happy birthday to your sister too! ^^ i just have a question. eleni is a greek name, right?